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  1. Write your local newspaper a note that says, in essence, “I have not found any coverage in The Hometown Times of the indefensible position of the American Psychological Association in attempting to ban unconventional therapies that have been helping veterans with PTSD. Please review the press release that has led to more than 80 articles on the topic in news outlets such as Reuters and, available from” In your letter, be sure to indicate that you are a local practitioner who is available for an interview to discuss the issues involved.

  1. Write each psychologist in your community a note that says, in essence:
  2. “I am writing to our local psychologists to be sure the psychological community in Hometown is aware of the American Psychological Association’s indefensible position in banning its Continuing Education providers from being able to offer psychologists courses in Energy Psychology for CE credit. At a time when the mental health community has been stumped about how to adequately treat the hundreds of thousands of returning veterans with PTSD, closing the door on an innovative approach that early evidence suggests may be the most effective and most rapid treatment available is unconscionable. Please review the situation, spelled out at and the links it provides, and take whatever actions you can to influence the APA to reconsider its embarrassing stance. The President of the APA, Dr. Carol D. Goodheart, Ed.D., may be reached at The CEO of the APA, Dr. Norman B. Anderson, Ph.D., may be reached at”

    The “Psychologists” listing in the Yellow Pages will give you the names of local psychologists, and if their e-addresses are not there, local therapist directories or Googling them to find their website will often bring you to their e-address. Snail mail also still works.

  3. Support non-profit organizations that are extending the reach of Energy Psychology, such as the Iraq Veterans Stress Project, The Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology, The Association for Thought Field Therapy Foundation, and The Energy Medicine Institute.

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Energy Medicine Institute Activities in Behalf of Energy Psychology SPC3.GIF (813 bytes) Bringing Energy Psychology to the Attention of Congress Letter from 3 Congressmen Resulting from Visit Second Visit to Washington

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