Meet Alexie, Bennett, Research Coordinator

Hello! I’m Alexie, the new Research Coordinator for Eden Energy Medicine. My role is to coordinate our efforts as a community to build an evidence base for the efficacy of Eden Energy Medicine. This part-time role involves:

  1. The development of research on EEM, including supporting the initiatives of our practitioners and seeking grants.
  2. Encouraging our practitioners to write up their successful cases.
  3. Generating excitement about research by, for instance, bringing new energy to the Energy Medicine Research Network Facebook page.
Reach out!

If you have any ideas for research projects or data that we can help you organize, I’d love for you to reach out to me at

Case studies! 

You can help provide evidence of EEM successes by simply writing up a case study. I’ll be sharing with you a clear, best practice approach to writing good case studies.

Research links!  

Do you, or anyone you know, work in the healthcare profession? If so, would you/they be interested in collaborating on EEM research? Or do you know someone who would be willing to share their talents and time in generating grant applications? Maybe you have some experience conducting research and would like to find a way to assist us in our efforts. If your answer to any of these questions is yes, feel free to send me a note at


Check out the Energy Medicine Research Network Facebook page and get involved in the discussion! I’ll be posting some interesting material: science, evidence, new developments. 

Feel free to post your own findings there as well!

A Little Bit About Me…

I live in England and have been studying Eden Energy Medicine for 10 years. I’m currently doing Level 3 and am authorized to teach 1-hour classes. I love being part of our community!

I have three degrees in science and engineering and over 20 years working in ecology, environmental sciences, and project management for the English Government. 

Madison King, my Foundations teacher, recommended me for this position by kindly saying, ‘Alexie has a unique talent of understanding complex scientific concepts and research and explaining them in a way that one gets it with ease.’

I look forward to connecting with you. Together we can build the evidence base for Eden Energy Medicine. This will enable more people to experience Donna’s powerful tools for wellbeing!

Alexie Bennett, MSc, EEM-CP
Eden Energy Medicine Research Coordinator