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Quickie Energy Balancer (15-30 minutes) © 2009 Donna Eden

Stands alone, or as a prelude to any other energy healing

Lying face down:

  1. Connect with hands at top of spine and sacrum
  2. Spinal Stretch and Spinal Flush
  3. Rock sacrum (releases Triple Warmer)
  4. Pull energy down body & off feet
  5. “Figure 8” ’em

Lying face up:

  1. Hook-up: 3rd eye and navel – pull up!!
  2. Massage K-27s, plus Governing and Central Neurolymphatic Reflex points
  3. Power Point pull at center notch, top of neck
  4. Belt Flow
  5. Pull from forehead to temples
  6. Crown push/pull at top of head
  7. Hold Neurovascular Reflex points on forehead (gently)
  8. Pull energy down body and off feet (squeezing “bunions”)
  9. “Figure 8” ’em
  10. Wave (pulse) K-l, or if needed (as many toxins release) hold Kidney sedating points
    (Kidney 1 and Liver 1, then Kidney 3 and Spleen 3)

From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute