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© 2005 Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Note 1: These colors may appear in any layer of the aura, but these meanings do not apply to the life color, whose colors have very different meanings (refer to Donna Eden’s “Life Color” CD available at

Note 2: These are generalizations based on observation. The specific meanings may vary according to the situation. For instance, the person’s life color may influence the meaning of a color that shows in the aura (e.g., blue in the aura of a person with a blue life color may not reflect the sense of calm described below, but may instead reflect an excess of blue that is actually agitating and uncomfortable). So while the meanings described here do reflect general principles, they are in no way absolutes.

Blue: Reflects calmness. Reflects nurturing, affectionate, and loving energy. It is often in the aura of a healer while doing healing, or a meditator, mom, or nurse in action. Artists also often have blue in their auras when they are creating.

Very Dark Blue: Indicates that will power is being exerted.

Sapphire & Azure Blue: Often seen when healing is occurring.

Light Blue: Reflects religious or spiritual qualities.

Cobalt Blue: Cobalt blue in the aura transfixes others. When an area is anesthetized from strain, stress, or pain, it may also show up in this color.

Blue-Gray: Reflects strain or feelings of heaviness.

Murky Gray: Depending on the shade, may signify depression, confusion, or illness.

Red: May reflect passion and vitality, athleticism, or sexuality. May also reflect anger or seething irritation.

Orange: Thoughtfulness. Optimism. Pride and self-esteem. Uplifting. Can “give” insights to others telepathically.

Yellow: Of the mind. Communicative. Readily absorbs and conveys information.

Yellow with Golden Tones: Indicates well-being, often with a quality of “cheery with wisdom.”

Golden: Radiates peace and positive energy.

Green: Balances the energies around the person. Often means “coming home to self.”

White: While white is thought of as a symbol of virtue in Western cultures, and it can indeed signify purity, it has two sides. It can also reflect qualities such as being sterile or aloof. Similarly, white in your aura may insulate you against intrusion, or it may expose you. Aura energy often turns white when the person is near death.

Purple: Signifies a spiritual or intuitive nature. When someone is earnestly praying, you often see purple or lavender in their field. It may also signify that the person is a seeker or healer.

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