The Energy Medicine Handout Bank Innersource Article

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How To Start An Energy Medicine Study Group

  1. Group size can range from 2-200

  2. Location (home, office, church, library, YMCA, metaphysical bookstore, health food store, health clubs, schools) Facility (comfortable, chairs, room to move around, can your demonstrations be seen, temperature control)

  3. Frequency of meeting (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  4. Length of class (1-3 hours, All-day, half a day)

  5. Marketing and Promotion (Flyer, Healthcare Magazines, Email Lists, Church Bulletin, Energy Medicine Directory Study Groups)

  6. Know your audience (practitioners, lay person, beginning/advanced, or mixed group).

  7. Topic Ideas/ Videos (starting with Donna’s videos, Energy Medicine Book. Contact Innersource for wholesale pricing)

  8. Demonstrations (show a video, bring people up front and demonstrate)

  9. Lectures, Case Studies, Examples, Sharing Personal Stories

  10. Open with 5-Minute Routine (repeat after breaks or when group starts fading)

  11. Practice, Hands-On Time (can it be done on self or does technique require a partner)

  12. Q&A (Repeat questions, get feedback, summarize and review)

  13. Handouts, Sign-In Sheet, promotional flyers

  14. Visual Aids (easel, overhead projector, video, computer, charts, props)

  15. Product Sales (videos, charts, Energy Medicine book, Energy Medicine Kit)

  16. Be Prepared and Know Your Material

  17. HAVE FUN!!!!!

From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute