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Healing the Rhythms at Deeper Levels: Synopsis from the work of Donna Eden
by Mary Alice Gettens ©2004

The 5-Rhythms Workshop in Portland, OR (January 2002)

1. For re-establishing the Rhythms at a deeper level, shock, and post-traumatic stress

This energy routine assumes that you have already balanced over-charged  meridians, using the Wrist  Pulse Test and the 5-Rhythm Chart, and that the client’s  Spleen meridian is strong.

  1. Test for strong wrist pulses (baseline test), using the Wrist Pulse test.

  2. Test Spleen meridian (baseline test).

  3. Spin your hand in the aura above the client’s crown chakra, clockwise for female or counterclockwise for male.

  4. Retest wrist pulses. If weak, go to Solution.

  5. Test Spleen meridian. If weak, go to Solution.


  • Client needs to be lying down.

  • Using the index, middle and ring finger of one hand, the client firmly holds the 3 wrist pulses on the other arm. These are the same pulse points used in the Wrist Pulse Test.

  • You stand on right side of the client and hold the client’s spleen (on left side of body near waist) with your right hand and her crown chakra with your left hand.

  • After an energetic connection is made, have client firmly hold wrist pulses her other arm. You continue holding the spleen and crown chakra. Wait for another energetic connection before you and your client release your hands.

  • Retest, using steps 3 – 5 above.

Weak tests (Steps 3 – 5 above) indicate a need for a greater connection to  something larger than the  self.

2. For treating really old stuff, when you seem to be held back and are having trouble moving forward with your life, and for helping move someone past a plateau in her healing.

This energy routine assumes that you have balanced over-charged meridians.

  1. Test the 5 Rhythms on the back of the body. Draw Star Diagnostic on person’s back, using swipe from a center point about 1″ below waistline in back. Use the client’s leg muscle for the test by having her bend her knee, and you press backward against her ankle while she resists.

  2. Note the Rhythms that are weak.


  • With one hand, lightly hold the meridian neurovasculars on the head that correspond to a weak Rhythm (e.g., the Kidney and Bladder neurovasculars correspond to the Winter Rhythm, etc. See page 210 in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden). With the other hand, hold the sacrum in a firm press. Wait for sense of completion. Repeat with other neurovasculars, until Rhythm is strong.

  • Retest.

This energy routine may bring deep emotional release. If the person cries or “falls  apart,” continue  holding the sacrum and neurovasculars until release passes. In this  case, rocking may also help.


From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute