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A list of the most recently posted articles; latest article at top of list.

Meridian Tracing with the 24-Hour Meridian Flow Wheel
by Susan Shanley, LCSW Meridian Tracing with the 24-Hour Meridian Flow Wheel: Affirmations to Anchor Positive Attributes of the 14 Meridians. Printable .doc file 2 pages

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Generic Letter to Insurance Carriers about EM
by David Feinstein, Ph.D. A generic reply to inquiries about Energy Medicine from insurance carriers. Contains information regarding Energy Medicine, related therapies, diagnostic code, and links to journal articles. Printable .pdf file 1 page Author Information

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Energy Testing: Precautions A list of precautions to take when energy testing. Printable .doc file 1 page

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Energy Testing Substances: Intention and Quantities
by Donna Eden Energy testing has always combined art and science. Expecting or hoping for a particular outcome can interfere with an accurate test. Printable .doc file 1 page Author Information

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On Following Instructions Precisely
by Donna Eden

In mastering a system, you need to learn the established procedures yet trust your instincts more than what is written.

Printable .doc file 1 page Author Information

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How To Avoid Legal Problems With Your Website
by Midge Murphy, JD, Ph.D. (Energy Medicine) Risk management steps for energy medicine practitioners. Printable .doc file 1 page

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How to Start an Energy Medicine Study Group
by A list of pointers on how to run a study group. Printable .doc file 1 page Innersource Article

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