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(Update to the “Grid” Discussion in Energy Medicine)

Donna Eden
© 2004

The grid is like the “bones” of the body’s energy system. It is your most “solid” energy. While this energy has movement, it does not flow like the meridians. If a meridian is like a river, a grid pathway is like a moat, a fixed channel. Grid energy swirls and circles and even moves, but the movement is very slow.

Cloacal energy travels on top of the grid pathways, kind of like the top level of a chakra, but unlike the top level of a chakra, which is part of the chakra, cloacal energy is an altogether different energy from grid energy. Because they travel the same pathway, however, it is sometimes hard to distinguish one from the other. Cloacal energy is more fluid. Grid energy is more fixed. Cloacal energy is more superficial; grid energy is more deep.

Cloacal energy supports the grid, like the pericardium meridian supports the heart meridian. Also, in the way that more white blood cells are generated when there is an illness or injury, more cloacal energy is generated when the grid has been damaged.

And when a grid goes “out,” it has been damaged. This does not happen easily. It is an aftermath of shock or trauma. Nor does it repair easily. The damage resembles a roadway that has been broken by an earthquake. The pathway is separated. One end does not touch the other end, and the ends look jagged to me. The grid energy is still there. But it cannot flow along its pathway, even at its usual glacial pace. It may still swirl and move, but it cannot bridge the gap, and the energetic foundation of the body is disturbed. Various health and emotional problems that seem to defy correction may trace to a disturbed grid pattern.

Because cloacal energy is more fluid, it can jump the gap and tries to be a bridge. This is a healing impulse, but cloacal energy does not go deep enough to mend the damage.

Inexperienced practitioners often think they are working with grid energy when they are actually working with cloacal energy. They help the cloacal energy to bridge the gap and will declare the grid healed when they feel it make the connection. And the person may feel better for a time. But soon enough, it is discovered that the grid is still out. Skilled practitioners, on the other hand, readily recognize the difference in feel between the faster cloacal energy and the slower, deeper grid energy. There are times to focus on the cloacal energy, such as when the body is not ready for grid work, but it is often misplaced effort to put too much attention on the cloacals when the body is ready for a grid treatment. While the grid treatment will take care of the cloacals, the cloacal treatment will not take care of the grid.


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