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The “Energetical” and the Energy Medicine Evaluation

Jeff Harris, M.D.

To explain one approach to energy medicine, I want to compare it to my training as a physician. Most people understand what is meant by a “Physical” at the doctor’s office. The Physical consists of taking an extensive history and then performing a physical examination. The history includes multiple components: a chief complaint; history of the present illness; past history; family history; review of systems; social history; habits; marital and occupational history. Similarly, the physical exam includes many components: a mental exam; general inspection; and evaluation of all the physical components of the body: skin; head, face and neck; eyes; ears, nose, and throat; thorax and lungs; breasts; cardiovascular system; abdomen; genitalia; extremities; nervous system; and musculoskeletal system.

During my training as a medical student, I was taught a 55 step physical exam which covered the basics of a physical exam – a little of everything. Then, as I rotated through different medical specialties and gained experience, I learned additional tips and tricks and added them to my exam. The physical exam has certain core components that are always done, such as listening to the heart with a stethoscope. Then there are things that are done when appropriate, such as checking the pulses at the feet. The exam is different in every patient and is individualized to their situation. After the exam is finished, lab, radiologic, and other tests might be ordered and appropriate therapy begun.

In the practice of energy medicine (as taught by Donna Eden), the experience is somewhat similar except here one gets what I am going to call an “Energetical” rather than a Physical. The Energetical is the approach I use for patients who want an energy medicine evaluation.

Because most people currently use the physical paradigm, the typical patient comes in with physical complaints. The energy medicine practitioner knows that a physical problem can be caused by a wide variety of different energy problems. Thus, there may be less emphasis on the history and more emphasis on assessing energy imbalances. Like the Physical, there is a core evaluation that is modified by findings in each individual.

My main purpose in taking a history is to be able to communicate with the patient about their concerns. Because a physical problem may be caused by an energetic problem in a totally different system (for example, problems in the Bladder system may be caused by Large Intestine problems or Stomach problems or chakra problems or …), I don’t focus on the physical aspects – I focus on the energy aspects.

The Energetical consists of taking a history and then performing an examination of the different energy systems. Here is the general approach that I typically follow in an energy medicine evaluation:

1) Take a history of patient concerns.

2) Check for and correct forms of energy disorganization that may both contribute to the energy imbalance as well as confuse the results of the exam.

3) Assess the balance of the following energy systems: meridians, triple warmer, chakras, Celtic weave, five elements, aura, and radiant circuits.

At this point, the energy “diagnostic” part of the evaluation is over and we move into energy balancing work.

4) Perform initial corrections.

5) Based on findings above, decide on what energy system(s) to work with and proceed to balance those systems.

6) Close session with energy work designed to help integrate the work that was done.

7) Assign energy “homework” to assist and maintain the work that was done.

There is a very understandable flow to this work that may be modified by findings or intuition as needed. Another term that is used for this process is “Energy Tracking.”

The followup evaluation is an important part of energy work. Here one can see what worked, what didn’t work, and what else has come up. Working with energy systems has sometimes been compared to peeling an onion: you may remove one layer of problems, only to find another layer beneath it. Tracking down and relieving the source of the problems is part of the art of energy medicine.

As taught by Donna Eden, energy medicine is a wonderful, empowering approach to maintaining wellness and dealing with acute and chronic health concerns. Both a treatment approach and a powerful self-help system, it may help relieve problems that conventional approaches have given up on long ago. The Energetical is the entrance to this work.

From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute