Adobe Acrobat PDF
Troubleshooting Tips

If you click on the Download link and the download starts, but then actually stops (not just takes a long time), you may have lost your dialup connection and should try connecting again. (Normally you will get a message saying you have lost your connection).

Depending on how your Acrobat program is set up, once the .pdf file is downloaded, you will either:

1) See a window asking if you want to View or Save the file to your Hard Drive.

Save the file to your hard drive first. (It will appear on your Windows Desktop).Then double-click on the file Icon on your desktop to view the file. If you do not save this file first, view it, then close Acrobat, you will have to download the .pdf file again.

2) Acrobat will automatically open with the .pdf file loaded into the Acrobat program ready for

If you want to keep this file, be sure to do a File/Save, or you will lose the file when you close Acrobat and will have to download it again.

If Acrobat opens but the .pdf file does not appear even after allowing enough time for the file to load:

1) Check your Windows Desktop to see if the file has been saved there.
    If so,

a) Double-click on the Icon to see if the file will
    load into Acrobat. If this doesn’t work, go to “b)”
b) From Acrobat, choose File/Open, and try to open the
    file from within Acrobat.

2) If you still can’t open the file, you may not have sufficient memory (RAM) on your machine to open a 2-3 MB file. Try closing all programs (if you are running a virus protection program, temporarily suspend it), reboot and open the file with no other programs running other than Acrobat. If this doesn’t work, then you just don’t have enough memory for opening the file.


Due to different browser types, browser settings, or “association” with the file type (especially in browsers provided by AOL), you may have to manually save the file first to your hard drive, then open Acrobat, then load the file into Acrobat from the Acrobat program itself.

In Internet Explorer:

a)  RIGHT-click on the “Download” link
b)  On the menu that comes up, select “Save Target As”
c)  Save this file to your desktop
d)  Open your Acrobat program
e)  From the Acrobat program, open the .pdf file

In Netscape:

All same as above except:
RIGHT click on link & choose “Save Link As” instead of “Save Target As”