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The Black Pearl Sanctuary
© 2005 Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.
(30 minutes minimum)

This technique nurtures the blood, takes triple warmer off of alert, and brings the hypothalamus (“The Black Pearl”) into a state of grace. The force of blood’s gravity balances energy inside and outside the body. It brings you into a deep sense of safety so your spirit can soar….

1st: Lying Face Down:

  1. Connect top of spine & sacrum w/hands
  2. Spinal Flush (massage Neurolymphatic points)
  3. Rock sacrum (releases Triple Warmer)
  4. Pull energy down body & off feet.

2nd: Lying Face Up:

  1. Hook-up: 3rd eye and navel—push in, pull up!
  2. Belt Flow

For the following, sit at the client’s head for the neurovascular treatment. You come into  the sanctuary of the Black Pearl (Hypothalamus) as Triple Warmer gives up the fight.
All holds require at least a minute; longer can have a more profound effect.

  1. Stretch forehead outward with firm thumb pressure to temples to open 3rd eye.
  2. Gently scratch and rub scalp, including crown.
  3. Rub on base of skull at occipital ridge from center to side and back again.
  4. Power Point Pull, at center notch on top of neck with one hand. Connect with 3rd eye using middle finger of other hand. Hold both simultaneously.
  5. Place “3-finger notches” on spleen points above ears on both sides.
  6. Palms & fingers to sides of head in the “Amygdala Mode” : Palms flat, 2nd and 3rd fingers in front of ears, 4th and 5th in back of ears on TW (Vulcan sign).
  7. 2nd & 3rd fingers under cheekbones and thumbs on frontal neurovasculars.
  8. 2nd & 3rd fingers on stomach jaw bone points & thumbs in temples.
  9. 2nd & 3rd fingers on TW temple points and thumbs on liver neurovasculars.
  10. Place a 3-finger notch on the baby soft spot and a 3-finger notch at heart chakra.
  11. Pull energy down the body & off the feet (squeezing the sides of the feet).
  12. “Figure-8” ‘em.
  13. Hold the Kidney-1 point (or “wave” it if that intuitively feels better).
  14. If person is very toxic, hold instead the Kidney sedating points as TW will now release a great deal of chemicals via the blood. Then do an energy balance.

This technique was independently developed by Donna Eden and by Sara Allen, who named it the “Black Pearl” based on a meditation taught to her by Master Stephen Co.

From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute