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© 2005 Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.

An energy Donna calls the “equator” surrounds the belt flow. It sometimes looks like another auric band sitting between the 2nd and 3rd chakras, but it is really the outer dimension of the belt flow and has the energetic of a radiant circuit rather than an auric band.

The belt flow connects the energies between the upper part of the body and the lower part. The equator assimilates and integrates information between upper and lower. Information from the root chakra can be assimilated into the crown chakra, for instance, or information from the throat chakra can be assimilated into the solar plexus, etc. The equator assimilates recent experiences into the storehouse of the past, and most importantly, it discerns what is deep and enduring from what is superficial.

When the belt flow connection is chronically weak, the body’s top and bottom energies don’t connect. An energy builds up in the belt flow equator, as if in an effort to keep things connected. But it becomes difficult for information to flow freely through this pudgy equator. So life’s lessons can’t be fully assimilated and integrated at either an energy level or a psychological level. In that case, you don’t feel whole or complete, and you are burdened with the sense that you can’t reach your depths.

The color of the equator is usually green (perhaps because green sits in the middle of the color spectrum):

  • It is a clear emerald green when the belt flow is strong. It looks like rain in a distance, going up and down, connecting the chakras.

  • If the belt flow is habitually out, however, it looks like a spare tire of thick pea soup around the center of the body.

To restore the equator from pea soup to emerald green:

  1. Strengthen the belt flow.

  2. Stretch the abdomen.

  3. Trace small circles around the body at the belt, then figure 8s around the belt, first sideways then up-down.

  4. Tap the meridian endpoints to help the meridians stay connected and send the energies that are stimulated across the belt flow line.

From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute