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Allergy Treatment: A Synopsis From the work of Donna Eden
by Mary Alice Gettens
Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden


1. Place allergen on midline of body,
    near solar plexus.

Self-treatment: try placing allergen under waist band of your pants, to hold it in place while you complete the treatment.

2. Sedate Triple Warmer, using
    Acupressure Sedating Points.

    (pg. 122) 3. Test and turn off all alarms. (pg. 113)

Self-treatment: try using the Small Intestine leg test to test your alarm points. Try testing & turning off Triple Warmer first.

Turning off alarms requires a firm press and a quarter turn in one or both directions.

4. 3 Thumps (pg. 63) 5. Tap: (pg. 238)

  1. ST1 (under eyes)
  2. BL1 (3rd eye)
  3. TW3 (back-of-hand spot)

Try using the following tapping method: Tap 30 seconds, stop for 10 seconds,  tap again for 10 seconds.

6. Crown Pull (pg. 77) Helps lock in corrections. 7. Massage occiput, along base of the
    skull, especially the Chinese
    Headache Points.

Massage at least 2 minutes: wait for sigh or yawn or sense of completion.

8. Ask person to turn over. Place
    allergen under her stomach. First do
Spinal Flush (pg. 79), followed by a
    Sacral Press.

Self-treatment: try massaging the following neurolymphatics on the front of the body, in lieu of a Spinal Flush – Central, Governing, Large Intestine. (pg. 85)

To Sacral Press, press gently but firmly down on the sacrum using one or both hands for 2 – 3 minutes, releasing after a sigh, yawn or sense of completion.

9. Retest all alarm points, to make sure
    that the body now tests strong.

Also consider using the Spleen Test (pg. 49).

Other Comments.

  • I use yes/no energy testing to guide me when I’m dealing with allergens. Some questions that I ask:

  1. Will the body accept an allergy treatment today?

  2. Can I treat the allergen in the room that I’m in?

  3. Can I place the allergen on the body at this time? (If no, I then test for how far away I need to place the allergen before I begin treatment.)

  4. How many allergens can I treat for today?

  5. How long should I avoid an allergen after treatment?

  • I have sometimes placed a serious allergen in another room for the treatment. After the first treatment, I ask the body if it will accept another treatment for the same allergen with the allergen placed closer to the body. If the answer is yes, I then move the substance closer, guided by yes/no energy testing, until such time as the energy tests indicate that I can put the substance on the body for treatment. For these serious allergens, I use 2 or more treatments, sometimes on the same day or sometimes on different days depending on the body’s wisdom.

  • I have had a lot of success with allergy treatments by identifying the “priority allergen”

  • – i.e., the allergen that the body indicates is the most important one for treatment at that time. This approach needs some intuition, verified by yes/no energy testing.

  • You may need to treat an allergen more than one time.

  • Some alternative allergy treatment practices recommend avoiding an allergen for 25 hours after treatment. (I believe that a good healthy dose of common sense is called for here. I have had a serious, near fatal reaction to alcohol. I don’t plan on drinking alcohol ever again, regardless of treatment or energy testing – it just isn’t worth the risk to me.)

  • I believe that it is wisdom not to self-treat for a serious allergen. If in doubt, ask for help.

  • From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute