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September 2005

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01. Message From the Editor
02. Energy Techniques for Working with Meridians
      02-1.   Lung
      02-2.  Large Intestine
      02-3.  Gall Bladder
      02-4.  Liver
      02-5.  Triple Warmer
      02-6.  Circulation Sex
      02-7.  Small Intestine
      02-8.  Heart 03. Seeking Participants To Test New Energy

04. Upcoming Classes and Study Groups
     in Energy Medicine
05. Past Issues of ECR

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01. Message From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly
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There’s such a beautiful simplicity to energy. It’s either flowing or it’s blocked. It’s in balance or it’s imbalanced. Balance is the goal. So when we identify an imbalance, we dip into our energy toolbox for a technique or exercise to bring the energy back to balance.

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I roomed with a woman at a Donna Eden conference who helped me see how simple and natural this process can be. She has been dealing with multiple physical issues for many years. When she experienced how Donna’s energy techniques offered her the relief she’d long been seeking, she built into her daily life an ongoing pattern of self testing and correction. Throughout each day, when she feels out of balance, she touches places on her body that might be in imbalance such as K-27, ileocecal valve, or a meridian’s neurolymphatic point, and then does a muscle test. When something tests weak, she corrects it on the spot. A quick retest tells her whether she needs to do more. I watched, fascinated, as she moved all over her body, testing and correcting, until everything tested strong. It was a graceful dance. Within minutes, the process was completed and she was ready – and able – to move on with her day. “Energy has given me back my life” she said. By using energy techniques on a regular basis, she is reversing deeply entrenched patterns and teaching her energy new ways to be.

The lesson I learned has really stuck with me. Before watching her process, I thought of energy balancing as part of my morning check off list: Brushed teeth? Fed the dog? Done my energy exercises? Seeing her in action made me see how limiting this was. It’s wonderful to do a daily balancing, but what about the rest of the day? My energy is always communicating with me. Why listen only once a day?

The muscle test she used for testing is the quadriceps, the major muscle on the front upper leg. It is perfect for self-testing because it can be tested with one hand, leaving the other hand free to touch parts of the body or to hold the food, vitamins, or medication that you want to test.

If you’d like to increase your skill in self-testing and want more information on how to use the quadriceps muscle, write to me at I’ll be happy to send you instructions.

This issue of the Energy Community Report completes the topic that was started in the last issue – energy techniques for working with meridians. All of the material on meridians was taught by Donna Eden.

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02. Energy Techniques for Working on Meridians – Part 2

All page numbers are references to Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.

02-1. Lung Meridian (LU)

Some medications are 400X more powerful when taken during lung meridian time (3AM – 5AM). This is the time when lungs are at their strength, so they are moving oxygen all throughout the body.

Lungs are at their nadir between 3PM and 5PM. This is when many cultures have their siestas. It is also the worst time of the day to absorb new information.

Exercise: To open the lungs, interlace your fingers behind your back, turn your palms outward and stretch. This exercise strengthens the heart chakra as well.

Exercise: Flushing lung meridian (pp. 117, 107) moves a lot of toxins out.

Exercise: To strengthen and open up the lungs, begin as if doing the zip up (pg. 82). When you get above the breasts, rake your fingers across your chest towards your arms. Repeat.

Exercise: Take a deep breath and hold it. Keep track of how long you can hold it. Now massage up and down the sternum. Hold your breath again and see how much longer you’re able to hold it. Massaging the sternum gives you breath. If the sternum is sore, you’re not using your full breath and the results of this exercise will be more dramatic. The Olympic Team does this exercise to improve their breathing.

Exercise: Kidneys and lungs work well together to help move energy out. This simple exercise opens up the lungs and hooks up your heart and kidneys.

  1. Put your palms flat on your back, over your kidneys.
  2. Inhale, pull your bent arms back as far as you can, look upward, and hold your breath.
  3. When you exhale, release it all.

02-2. Large Intestine Meridian (LI)

Exercise: Sedate large intestine (pg. 123) for low back pain. This relaxes that area.

Exercise: Large intestine and lung sit on the same element (metal) (pg. 210) and things will often show up on large intestine if you’re getting a cold. Push on the outside of your thighs from hip to knee and see if it hurts. If so, massage the large intestine neurolymphatics (pg. 85).

Exercise: Work with large intestine and circulation sex meridians for hip problems. If there’s hip pain, hold the sedating points for these meridians.

02-3. Gall Bladder Meridian (GB)

The emotion of gall bladder is anger. It can also be seething energy inside when there isn’t enough assertion.

Exercise: The Wood element (gall bladder, liver) has to do with standing firm, taking your place in life. The following exercise is a takeoff on Expel the Venom (pg. 219). It deals specifically with these emotions, which are imbalances in Wood element:

  1. Stand tall. Turn your palms face up and make fists with both hands.
  2. While inhaling deeply, s-l-o-w-l-y move your fists out in front of you and up to the level of your face as you s-l-o-w-l-y bend your knees and then stand up.
  3. While exhaling deeply, follow the same path with your arms to slowly bring your fists to your waist, with the elbows bent and straight back, while you bend your knees and then stand up.
  4. Repeat twice.
  5. Flatten your hands on your sides and move them down your legs. When your arms are straight, massage deeply the gall bladder neurolymphatics points which are roughly under the middle finger of each hand.

This really helps the energy learn how to be more assertive and balances anger. Repeat this exercise regularly and these emotions will shift in you.

TMJ issues are usually gall bladder. One-sided headaches are gall bladder.

Exercise: Migraines are usually on gall bladder meridian. When dealing with a migraine, hold the main neurovasculars on the forehead (pg. 217) and, at the same time, the gall bladder neurovasculars at the baby soft spot on the top of the head.

02-4. Liver Meridian (LV)

Liver meridian directs the blood and energy in the body. You can “direct” liver with your mind, with intention.

Work with liver when there are issues around being hard on yourself and stuffing your anger.

Lemon is fabulous for wood element (liver and gall bladder), especially if the liver is off. It will literally squeeze the liver and help it detoxify. Raspberry is good for the liver too.

Exercise: Liver meridian is constantly dealing with toxins. One of the ways to help clear them is to clear the liver line on the foot (pg. 107). Push in on the area of the foot between the first and second toes. Is it sensitive? Massage up and down that line as well as on the inside edge of the big toe.

Exercise to strengthen liver:

  1. Sit on the floor or on a healing table with your legs on the table. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor or table.
  2. Imagine a rush of energy coming up your body from your big toes to below your breasts, circling down. Repeat the cycle again. This is the pathway of liver meridian. Imagine this occurring in the general area; you don’t have to stay within the liver meridian line as liver jumps the walls of the meridian. Repeat a couple of times.
  3. Now lie back, straighten your legs, and imagine the cycle a couple more times.

You can get the benefit of this exercise by just imagining the rush of pulling the energy up, like a river moving up through your body and then down again.

Donna demoed how this exercise affected the magnetics of the acupuncture points, i.e. this resolved frozen acupuncture points. These are points that test strong on both sides of a magnet because they have lost their polarity. After this exercise, the points got their polarity back without having to treat each point individually with a magnet.

02-5. Triple Warmer Meridian (TW)

Triple Warmer meridian is probably the first energy that kept us alive as a species as it’s the fight-or-flight response. It networks every energy in the body, except heart energy. If it senses you’re in danger, it sucks energy from everywhere except the heart. It’s as if an army gets conscripted and the energies can’t keep their old job. They have to come and fight. We live in a world where that’s generally not what it’s about anymore, but triple warmer thinks it is because it was programmed millions of years ago.

The triple warmer response is a very expensive response in terms of your body’s resources. It not only takes a lot of resources, it also puts a lot of chemicals into your body that have to be burned off. If you don’t complete the impulse to fight or flee, they don’t get burned off and they are like poison to your body.

Exercise: Other meridians that tested weak will often test strong just by sedating triple warmer (pg. 236), as sedating takes that excess energy out of triple warmer and the energy can then balance out.

Exercise: If you have chronic stress or otherwise know that your fight or flight response is often engaged, smooth behind the ears (pg. 235), hold the triple warmer sedating points (pg. 236) and/or trace the triple warmer meridian backwards frequently (pg. 105). You can never hurt yourself by doing this. If you don’t need it, nothing happens. If you do need it, the results can be amazing. Each of these removes excess energy from triple warmer, helping to calm its vigilance so it will work better for you.

Exercise: Rub the mastoid bone all along the triple warmer meridian line behind the ear in either direction. You might notice tenderness there.

It’s rare for triple warmer to test weak. When it does, you want to get it turned back on. Triple warmer is on the fire element and the weakness indicates the fire is going out. The following exercise balances either a weak or an overactive triple warmer. It helps all 4 fire meridians (triple warmer, circulation sex, small intestine, and heart) work together. It is a good exercise to do for heartache and confusion.

Exercise: Fire Element Balancer

  1. Put one hand over either the thymus gland (pg. 51) or your heart, whichever feels better.
  2. Put your other hand straight out to the side, elbow relaxed, palm facing forward.
  3. Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  4. Now use your mind to follow the heart meridian line (pg. 102) from its starting point on your torso, down your arm and off the baby finger. Let any sadness, torment, confusion or worry go down the arm and off the little finger.

Repeat on the other side.

02-6. Circulation Sex Meridian (CS)

Circulation Sex meridian is the pericardium of the heart. Heart is the only organ in the body that doesn’t have to protect itself. The main job of circulation sex is to protect the heart. It is also governs the hormones and circulation.

Exercise: Holding the circulation sex sedating points (pg. 122) is generally good for the body. It relaxes tension in the circulation. It’s good for hormones. It relaxes the root chakra and makes space in it, allowing energy to rise.

Exercise: Put your hands on your waist with your thumbs in front and fingers in back. Drop your fingers to the upper butt and massage. These are circulation sex neurolymphatics points. If they are sore, sedate circulation sex (pg. 122) and rub the outer edges of the pubic bone, which are also circulation sex neurolymphatic points. This relaxes the pericardium which is good for the heart. After doing this, rub the sore neurolymphatics points again. The soreness should be gone.

Exercise: Put your middle finger in the area right behind the nipple. If there’s tenderness, massage deeply to clear. You may need to do this a number of times. These are circulation sex neurolymphatic points that gather toxins and keeping them clear is a great step towards breast health. It is good for breast cancer prevention and is important for men as well as women. It also helps the heart.

02-7. Small Intestine Meridian (SI)

Small Intestine meridian’s job is to absorb. It decides whether it is going to keep what’s being digested or get rid of it. At its best, it discerns quickly. If you’re having problems with small intestine, you may not be able to discern quickly.

Exercise: If your digestive tract is sluggish, work on small intestine neurolymphatics (pg. 84) on the inside of the thighs and all along the bottom of the rib cage. This helps bowels move.

Exercise: Work on both small intestine and stomach meridians to get the whole digestive system moving.

Hip problems can be caused by weak lower abdominals. Back problems can be caused by weak upper abdominals.

Exercise: Work on small intestine for abdominals. Also, the Crown Pull (pg. 77) helps abdominals.

Exercise: Work on small intestine for any knee problem or weak legs above the knees. Then hold the gall bladder neurovasculars behind the knee (pg. 274).

02-8. Heart Meridian

See the April, 2005 issue of the Energy Community Report at for heart and heart meridian exercises.

Exercise to strengthen spleen, liver and especially heart:

  1. Bend one elbow in front of your body.
  2. Cross your other arm under it and place the bent elbow in the bend of the other elbow so both hands are pointing up.
  3. Use the outer elbow to pull the inner one towards your body, so it moves toward the opposite shoulder.
  4. Hold.
  5. Reverse.

Exercise to strengthen lung, heart, and spleen meridians:

  1. Cross your arms and put your fingers under the opposite armpit with thumbs on the chest above the armpit.
  2. Take a few deep breaths while holding that posture.

This crosses your energies over the thymus gland. Your thumbs are on lung meridian. Your fingers are sitting on spleen and also touch heart. This is great for the energy of your chest cavity – your breasts, your heart, your chest.

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03. Seeking Participants to Test New Energy Website

The Energy Community Report will soon unveil a new interactive website called the Energy Collaborative. Similar to this newsletter, the site will include energy topics of interest to our community. In addition, individual subscribers will be able to teach or take energy classes, cross-reference energy information and techniques, contribute user stories, conduct research, and participate in study groups.

We are looking for some energy enthusiasts who would like to participate in the final design and testing stages. If you’re interested, email Kaelin at

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04. Upcoming Classes and Study Groups in Energy Medicine

Study Group in Southern Florida. A very active study group for energy medicine enthusiasts is currently meeting in Boca Raton and draws members from Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. They welcome anyone who has attended Donna Eden training.

Meetings are held on Sunday from either 10 – 1 or 3 – 6.

For additional information, contact Alice Kemper at

Donna Eden Advanced Class: Colors, Auras, and the Psychic Realm
October 27 – 30, 2005 in Ashland, Oregon: This is a class about attuning yourself to the invisible realm of subtle energies and energy fields in which we all operate. For complete information on the class, exciting pre and post conference classes and prerequisites, visit, and go to “Classes.”

Conference Works Classes. These weekend classes have been an amazing hit in opening people to Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. They are drawing 200 to 400 people to each event, yet they are intimate and people love them. Coming up are St. Louis (9/30 – 10/2), Irvine (11/11 – 11/13), and Cape Cod (12/2 – 12/4). Encourage your family and friends in these areas to get themselves there. Again, see

To publish your Energy Medicine classes or study groups in the Energy Community Report, send the information to

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05. Past Issues of ECR

Past issues of the Energy Community Report are available on the Energy Medicine Institute website at

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