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April 2005

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01. Message from the Editor
02. Feet and Ankles
03. Gaits
04. Glasses
05. Heart
06. Neck
07. Sleep
08. Teeth
09. Throat
10. Upcoming Classes in Energy Medicine
11. Past Issues of ECR

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01. Message From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly
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Why is it that the more we need energy work, the less likely we are to remember to do it? Stress and overwhelm both respond beautifully to a little energy balancing, but the conscripting triple warmer does when the fight-or-flight response goes into action affects more than the energy systems. It also does a job on our intention to stay in balance and our memory that we have an overflowing tool box of energy techniques.

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How about addressing this by beating triple warmer at its own game? Triple warmer governs habits. It works diligently to keep habits intact to ensure survival. And what would we ever do without habits? Imagine having to learn how to drive a car every time you drive, to consult a map when it’s time to go home, to call your first grade teacher when you want to read the paper. The beauty of habits is that they become rote. They just kick in.

So why not build a habit of energy responses to your daily challenges?

Feel the stress rising? Wrap one hand across your opposite arm and hold that powerful TW point above the elbow. Fatigue building? Rub K-27 and while you’re at it, tap the spleen and thymus points for a quick balancing hit to your immune system. Want to be sharp for that meeting? Do a Wayne Cook posture or just sit back in your chair, cross your ankles and wrists and breathe calmly for a couple of minutes. Head feel like mush from too much thinking? Treat yourself to a crown pull.

Once you’ve developed a habit of energy self-care, it’ll kick in regardless of what’s going on in your life. And now that you realize how powerful these simple energy techniques are, isn’t that your goal?

This issue of the Energy Community Report is taken from Donna Eden’s workshops and all information was taught by Donna herself. Page numbers are references to her book, Energy Medicine, where you can find additional information on the topic.

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02. Feet and Ankles

Wood element (liver and gall bladder) controls the form of things that go awry in the body, especially in the toes and fingers. Try holding the liver sedating points (pg. 123) for problems in these areas.

If the foot pain is on a meridian, hold the sedating points for that meridian (pp. 120 – 123). If it isn’t, clear the gaits (described below).

Many people have pain on the inside ankle bone. This is the kidney meridian path. Massage the painful area. You may want to do additional work on kidney meridian, such as flushing it (pp. 117, 104), holding the neurovasculars (pg. 274), holding kidney sedating points (pg. 121), and/or working on kidney neurolymphatics (pg. 84). A good kidney neurolymphatic to work on is located on the front of each shoulder, just inside the bone at the arm seam, not far below the turn of the shoulder. Massage deeply.

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03. Gaits

The Gaits are about your coordination in walking. When they are off, the energy has backed up and doesn’t move off your feet. You become clumsy on your feet and can have hip problems. Clearing the gaits removes toxins from your body and allows the energy to flow again. It’s a good exercise to do daily.

When the gaits are off, energy tends to collect in the reflexes on the top of the feet and the side of the big toe.

Procedure: Massage the tendons on the front of the foot, between the bones and on the side next to the big toe. They tend to hurt if your gaits are off, but reach the point while massaging where they no longer hurt. When the gait on the outside of the big toe is off, it clogs spleen meridian which is about your everyday vitality, affecting your energy. When energy builds up in the gaits, they become painful. If it hurts too much to massage them, tap on them.

Finish by doing the Bladder/Spleen Booster:

Bladder meridian runs outside the foot and spleen meridian runs inside the foot. To give them a boost, put a hand on top of each foot and squeeze the sides, repeating all the way down the length of the foot. This is a great maintenance for bladder and spleen.

Massage your own gaits daily to keep them clear. It hurts when someone else clears them.

Coordination can be off on a child who has just had a growing spurt. Work the gaits.

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04. Glasses

Put your finger on the nose bridge of the glasses (where they cross your centerline) and muscle test. If you test weak, be aware of that ongoing drain on your energy and cross crawl frequently to compensate. If it’s really draining you, you can hold your hand away from the face, anywhere near the eyes, and it will still test weak. Stomach and kidney meridians are both affected, as they are being taxed whenever you wear these glasses.

If you park your glasses on top of your head, touch the nose bridge of your glasses while they’re on your head and test. If weak, find another place to park them as this closes off your crown chakra. You also don’t get all the inspiration you could get.

Metal glass frames are more likely to be a problem but won’t be problematic for everyone. They may actually help those who have a lot of metal element but may throw the energies off for everyone else.

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05. Heart

Exercise: Heart sends blood to all parts of the body, so holding the heart neurovasculars is very powerful. To strengthen all meridians, put one palm over the heart and the other palm over the main neurovasculars on the forehead with fingers on the baby soft spot on the top, center of the head. This is the heart neurovascular. This exercise makes everything start flowing, as it gets the blood moving everywhere. It is a good exercise to do with someone if you don’t know how to help them. You can also do it on yourself.

Exercise: Put hand over opposite arm and push fingers into the arm while moving down the heart meridian (pg. 102), which runs down the arm in line with the baby finger. If you find painful points, massage them until the pain dissipates.

Exercise: Cup fingers of both hands inside each other in front of the chest, with elbows bent out to the side. Pull arms apart as you move them further out in front of you, so one hand is really pulling on the other. Notice where you feel this. You will feel it in different places in your body at different times. If feel it on the back of your shoulder, it is not only affecting the heart but also central meridian which is also a strange flow. When it hits a strange flow, it’s going to go all over your body, not just to the specific organ or meridian. Whenever you do an exercise or movement and feel it in that area, the effect is going everywhere. Massaging the central neurolymphatics up and down the torso at the arm seam also activates the strange flows.

For heart arrhythmia: cough. The heart constricts for a moment and then frees up.

Exercise: Expel the Venom (pg. 219) is a great exercise for the heart.

If your heart is off at all or to help it get into a better rhythm, do the following variation of the Cross Crawl. It is a great exercise if you’re homolateral.

Exercise: Reach your arms straight out sideways from your shoulders, then bend at the elbows and drop your hands straight down like a scarecrow. As you lift each leg, move the opposite hand forward and up, keeping your elbows stationary. Then do figure 8s from that posture. This is very good for the heart. Makes the energy go right through the heart and helps it start balancing out. It is also good for the lungs and all energy that moves through your chest. It opens the diaphragm.

Notice how this exercise is one that would be automatic in the work of an orchestra conductor. And sometimes they do figure 8s while conducting. Interestingly, they generally live to a ripe old age.

Exercise: Place your fingers at the centerline above the breasts and rake across your chest a few times. Move your hands down your sides to the hips, back up, and down again. Cross over to the inside of the leg, down the leg, and off the big toe. Finish by tracing spleen meridian (pg. 102) 3 times.

Spleen feeds the heart (see Meridian Flow Wheel, pg. 126). The heart can’t do all of its jobs if there’s nothing going on in spleen. If you’re working on heart meridian and it’s not getting strong, look to spleen. Donna thinks many heart attacks are not because of the heart but because spleen is so weak. If you look at the meridian flow wheel (pg. 126), you’ll see that the spleen time comes right before heart time and therefore feeds energy to the heart. If spleen doesn’t have any energy, it can’t feed heart so the heart gets into trouble. Whenever there’s a heart condition, strengthen spleen and keep it strong.

Exercise: Inhale. As you exhale, imagine you are exhaling through your heart. This uses the mind along with the heart to move the energy. A person who tested weak on the heart meridian tested strong after doing this visualization. This is a good exercise to do when you feel heavy hearted.

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06. Neck

To help with neck problems:

  • Hold the neurovasculars point that is on the jaw bone, under the jaw joint, level with the mouth.
  • Sedate stomach meridian (pg. 120). All of the neck muscles in the front and some in the back are governed by stomach meridian.

Exercise to move the energy in a tight neck or tight shoulders

  • Straighten your arms and make a fist.
  • Keeping your arms straight, lift your shoulders up towards your ears.
  • Rock your head to one side, across the back, and to the other side, on your lifted shoulders
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times, then drop your shoulders.

Don’t do it too long at first. After a while you can do it longer. It moves energy very quickly. If you feel soreness while doing it, you really need it.

This exercise starts to change a habit of holding in this whole area. It helps people who have to have a lot of adjustments between C7 and T1. The vertebrae start learning to stay in place.

Neck exercise: Do orthobionomy on the neck. With your partner lying supine on the table, put your finger on the area that hurts. Lift the head with your other hand and tilt it backward so the chin is extended upwards, then turn the head so the neck curves around the place where you’re holding the pain. Now you can press the pain area harder but it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing at all. This starts to disperse energy that gets caught in the body. Hold it until the pain goes away. The objective of orthobionomy is to take the pressure off of the area. It can really release something that’s trapped.

Neck pain can have an emotional component: The following table shows the meridian pathways across the neck and the emotions related to each. If someone often has a sore neck, sometimes emotions will come up as you deal with the meridians that go through that area of the neck. When working on the neck, note which meridian is involved as well as the emotion associated with it.

The meridians are listed in the order in which they occur on the neck, beginning with governing at the spine and moving clockwise to central at the center line. All meridians except central and governing are bilateral.

Governing courage Bladder fear, doubt, hope Gall Bladder anger, both expressing and suppressed Triple Warmer overwhelm, panic Small Intestine choices, loss of joy Large Intestine grief, letting go Stomach worry, trusting the universe Central centered, confidence

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07. Sleep

Calm TW by smoothing behind the ears (pg. 235) and hanging on the shoulders. Repeat a number of times.

Turn your hand over so the palm is up and move the topside of your fingernails very gently down the inside of the opposite arm, from elbow to wrist. Used frequently in South America to get to sleep. Very calming. Great for kids.

To slow the mind, do Separating Heaven & Earth (pg. 248).

Inositol (B vitamin derivative) can help quiet the mind. Muscle test to see if it agrees with you.

Do the hook up (pg. 119). This exercise also helps get you going in the morning.

Hold the neurovasculars on the forehead and on the back of the head (pg. 274). Also great for kids.

Crown Pull (pg. 77) and Take Down the Flame (pg. 220) are great exercises to facilitate sleep.

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08. Teeth

Toothache: Look at the tooth chart on page 287 to determine which meridian the painful tooth is one. Sedate the meridian for that tooth (pp. 120 – 123).

A cavity can be eliminated by working with the meridian for that tooth.

If you have teeth or mouth issues and can’t get them to heal, work with the Penetrating Flow, which is one of the strange flows. Put the sides of your hands in your groin and hold. Sometimes just holding that area for three minutes will help the energy come up to the mouth and teeth. You want the energy to move through there.

If you’re having problems keeping a meridian strong and you have metal fillings, look at the tooth chart to determine which meridian the teeth are on that have metal in them. Problems in that meridian may be caused by the metal.

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09. Throat

Triple warmer and spleen govern the throat.

Triple warmer neurovasculars are at the notch at the bottom of the throat. Hold there gently. This affects the throat.

Some people’s energy really breaks between the throat and the neck. The following exercise is good for that. It is also good for neck problems or when you know the energies aren’t flowing in that area. Opens the space if you’re caught in your heart or in your throat channel. You can do this to yourself.

Test: put a finger on the throat, just above the clavicle. Test. Move all along that area and test each place that you touch. Correct if any test weak.

Correction. Put finger on the same starting point and have partner slowly turn her head to the opposite side. Hold. Don’t press too deeply, although it may feel deep to her. Have her bring her head back to center, then move to the next point and repeat.

There are 7 chambers in the throat and each one connects to one of the chakras, so working on the throat affects all the chakras.

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10. Upcoming Classes in Energy Medicine

THE CONFERENCE WORKS! is sponsoring David and Donna in 6 cities in 2005. Coming up are Portland, OR (May 20 – 22), Houston (June 24 – 26), St. Louis (Sept. 30 – Oct 2), Irvine, CA (Nov 11 – 13), and Cap Cod (Dec 2 – 4). These are high-powered classes that electrify people. On Friday night and Saturday the topic is Energy Medicine. David teaches Energy Psychology on Sunday. If you have friends or family who live near any of these cities, encourage them to attend. They will thank you!

There are still a few spaces available in the Donna Eden Energy Practitioner Conference which is being held in Miami Beach on May 26 – 29. This is a class taught by some of the top practitioners in Energy Medicine, plus Donna has just announced that she will be teaching a class on “Polarities, Gaits, and Cloacals”.

Stephanie Eldringhoff, one of the Energy Practitioner Conference instructors, is beginning a monthly study group/class/practice session in Bellevue, WA. It will be held on the 2nd Saturday in April, May, June and July from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM, cost $50. Space is limited so sign up in advance by contacting Stephanie at or 425-228-2382.

Stephanie is also teaching The Radiant Circuits are the Body’s Joy Generators on June 18 and 19 at the SeaTac Holiday Inn, across from the Seattle Airport. Saturday is an introduction to the circuits and how to assess and activate them. Sunday is the day to learn how to work them deeply and strengthen the meridians, chakras and the body’s biofield. You can attend either or both days. For more information, visit and click on “Workshops and Classes”.

To publish your Energy Medicine classes in the Energy Community Report, send the information to

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11. Past Issues of ECR

Past issues of the Energy Community Report are available on the Energy Medicine Institute website at

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