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March 2004

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01. Message From the Editor
02. Acid Stomach
03. Hypertension
04. Negative Emotions
05. Melanoma 06. Ovarian Cysts
07. Debilitating Trauma
08. Energy Medicine Directory
09. Invitation To The Next Donna Eden Class


01. Message From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly
This issue of the Energy Community Report contains energy suggestions for a variety of physical and emotional issues. Each one was written by one of Donna Eden’s advanced students and references techniques found in Energy Medicine.

Notice the thread that runs through each response. Even though the presenting issues are different, each person is advised to commit to a basic daily energy routine to bring balance to the body’s energies. This is a wise commitment for each of us to make. We can feel better after doing energy work on ourselves but the results might not last. It’s in the ongoing repetition of energy exercises that we make lasting changes to our energy system.

An important point was omitted from each response due to space constraints. It is critical for the overall picture, so I want to emphasize it here. Understandably, it is not possible to get a sense of someone’s energy without seeing that person and doing an energy assessment. There are advantages to consulting an Energy Medicine Practitioner for a serious health concern. A qualified practitioner can evaluate a particular energy system’s strengths and vulnerabilities and formulate an individualized energy treatment protocol that builds on strengths and makes corrections where there are vulnerabilities. Energy medicine practitioners can see someone with the same presenting issue but the energy system needing the most attention can vary dramatically from person to person. Because of not being able to evaluate the questioner’s energy systems, each response is by nature more general.

Turning to other topics, don’t miss the notice of Donna Eden’s next class at the end of this newsletter. And if you’re an energy practitioner and have not yet signed up for the free listing in the Energy Medicine Directory, be sure to follow the link in the “Energy Medicine Directory Listing” description at the end of this newsletter. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to extend your visibility as an energy practitioner.

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02. Acid Stomach – Question

What energy techniques can I use to relieve an acid stomach?

02. Acid Stomach – Response

Contributor: Barb Scholz

Acid stomach can be a stubborn and painful problem. Having worked with clients with the same problem, I have seen Energy Medicine help substantially with this condition. Experiment with the following to see what works best for you.

  1. Using food combining principles can help tremendously. Everyone responds uniquely to food, so I would look at Chapter 2 of Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine. She discusses principles of energy testing in this chapter which may prove invaluable in finding out which food combinations are most agreeable for your system (pp.52-54). If you do not have someone to help you with the testing, there is a self test called the “human pendulum” (p.52).

  2. Here are a few things that will support the biomechanics of the stomach. Eating smaller quantities at any given meal reduces the pressure on the muscle at the bottom of the esophagus where it joins the stomach. Large amounts of fluids with a meal can bloat the stomach and this can put pressure on the muscles at the bottom of the esophagus. If symptoms are worse at night, some people have been helped by avoiding eating after 7-8pm (or about 3 hours before you go to bed) to assure that food has left the stomach before you lie down for the night. Additionally, drinking plenty of water can help acid stomach, as long as it is between meals.

  3. The Daily Routine, from Chapter 3 of Donna’s book, is important for balancing and strengthening your whole system. These simple movements are deep and powerfully healing exercises. When used daily, the effect is quite remarkable.

  4. Additional energy exercises that have been helpful for others with this condition are: flushing stomach meridian (instructions for flushing a meridian are on page 117 and a description of stomach meridian is on page 108 in Energy Medicine). This can be repeated throughout the day to keep stomach energy flowing freely. Opening the Ileocecal Valve (p.265) will reset all the valves in the digestive tract so that they have a coordinated rhythm for moving food. Freeing the Diaphragm (p.266) is very important to make sure that the relationship between the diaphragm, stomach, and esophagus is balanced and well positioned.

  5. One of my clients has had a very persistent case of acid stomach and we have made huge progress. But he wants to be totally free of this problem, no matter what he eats. He wrote to Donna and here are the particular exercises she sent to him:

    “Massage well the sternum up and down, pressing hard. Then do the diaphragm breath (p.266) and end it with your fingers wrapped around the bottom of the rib cage as if to pull the ribs apart, breathing out and bending over. Hold this position, pulling, bending as long as you can. Then stand up breathing in deeply. Sometimes this begins to build up the muscle at the bottom of the esophagus. Finally, hold the Small Intestine sedating points (description p. 118, diagram of sedating points p.121), followed by massaging the small intestine lymphatic reflexes along the bottom of the rib cage (p.84).”

Healing acid stomach takes daily commitment to your healing process but the result can be significant. Energy medicine is about establishing new habits in your energy system, so persistence in your daily practice really pays off.

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03. Hypertension – Question

I have hypertension. I regularly sedate triple warmer and hold my neurovasculars, Are there other energy techniques I should be doing?

03. Hypertension – Response

Contributor: Chiyomi Yoshida

You’re off to a good start. Since stress is a contributor to hypertension, holding neurovasculars and sedating TW is great. There are several additional exercises you can do to strengthen and regulate your energy system as well as address hypertension specifically.

Kidneys play a key role in helping to purify the body of toxins and balance pressure so it is important to work with Kidney Meridian.

Begin with the Daily Energy Routine (p.86), focusing on the 3 Thumps (especially K-27), Cross Crawl and Crown Pull.

Next, Trace Your Meridians (p.98) to keep them balanced and flowing. With hypertension, Kidney Meridian is probably congested so it’s important to Flush Kidney Meridian before Tracing (p.117). Also, it would be beneficial to massage the Kidney and TW Neurolymphatic points (p.84).

Then move to Separating Heaven and Earth which releases accumulated energies and brings in fresh energies (p.248).

End with Rhythmic 8’s which activate the Bridge Circuit, one of the Strange Flows (p.184). Doing the Figure 8’s with gratitude in your heart will jump start your strange flows (or Radiant Circuits as Donna now calls them) and enhance your healing.

It’s important to do these exercises with consistency. After an initial learning curve they take about 15 minutes tops.

In addition, clear your chakras at least weekly, moving your left hand counterclockwise to remove stagnant energy and your right hand clockwise to add fresh energy (p.167). It would be wonderful to have a partner do this for you but you can certainly clear your chakras yourself. This is especially important for charka 4 for the heart and chakra 3 where the kidneys are located. These address hypertension in general.

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04. Negative Emotions – Question

How can I use energy techniques to change my negative emotions towards someone? I feel angry at my mother who is actually a very nice person or I feel uncomfortable with people. I believe somewhere inside me that they will not like me, I feel obligated to entertain people and when I do not feel like it, I become depressed. I want to change those things. How can we change subconscious beliefs with energy medicine?

04. Negative Emotions – Response

Contributor: Vicki Matthews

Holding neurovascular points is very useful for reprogramming an emotional response loop. As described on page 90 of Energy Medicine, hold the “Oh My God” points with your fingers on your forehead and your thumbs on your temples and think of a particular situation where you had the feelings you want to address. For example, if you could remember a particular time when you felt worthless or inadequate as a specific situation unfolded, bring that memory to your mind. Replay that scene in your mind as you hold the points for at least a few minutes. As you relax, you will be releasing that memory’s hold on you.

It is important to note that this is not a “one time” technique. You will need to do this technique daily, using the same memory, for some time (possibly weeks or months). You will know that it has worked when you bring the memory to mind and you no longer feel the worthlessness or sense of inadequacy. Then you can select a different memory and work with it until your emotional response to it changes, as well. Over time, you will successfully reprogram yourself to remove the feelings you desire to change. An alternate position for your hands which some people find more comfortable is to place one hand on your forehead and the other across the back of your head. This is described on page 323 of Energy Medicine.

There are several other successful techniques for reprogramming emotional responses covered in Chapter 12 of Energy Medicine. This chapter deals with habit fields. Three easy techniques from this chapter include: the eye pattern release procedure (p.330); a technique called “tapping it in” which is useful for programming in a positive feeling to replace the ones you want to change (p.331); and a powerful technique called the “temporal tap” which is great for changing a psychological habit (p.332). All of these techniques and procedures are easy to learn and use and will give good results addressing the specific emotions you want to change.

There are also some general Energy Medicine techniques that are very effective in working with emotional issues, and I would like to suggest those next.

Chapter 5 of Energy Medicine deals with energy fields called the chakras. Often, when someone has emotional issues, the energies contributing to this can be found in the chakra system. Repeated cleansing and balancing of the chakras will release these old emotional patterns. The technique for this is covered on page 167 of Energy Medicine, and as stated, can a very powerful way to alter emotional patterns. You can work on your chakras yourself or have a friend do this for you so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. Many people believe that chakra work is some of the most powerful work in Energy Medicine.

Another important tool for emotional release is working with the neurolymphatic system. The spinal flush is a wonderful way to work with this system (p.79) This is another fantastic technique to have a friend do with you, as it is very relaxing. Many people arrange to exchange spinal flushes with a friend, which is a great way to help heal each other. If you do not have someone to work with, there are ways to do neurolymphatic work on yourself as discussed on page 81.

An important point about changing emotional patterns is that the more your total energy systems are supporting your health, the better you will feel and the easier it will be to make the changes you want to make. To that end, you might want to consider making the Daily Energy Routine a part of your life. This wonderful series of energy exercises is summarized on page 86 of Energy Medicine, and the specific exercises listed there are all described in Chapter 3. You might want to add “Separating Heaven and Earth” (p.248) and “Heaven Rushing In” (p.21) to this list. These exercises activate the Strange Flows (chapter 8). They can be fantastic to alter states of hopelessness and despair and bring more joy into your energy systems. There is great deal of information here. Probably the best way to work with it is to start with a little at a time, e.g. holding the neurovascular points, and stay with it. Do this on a regular basis, along with the exercises in the Daily Energy Routine, until you begin to feel a difference. Then you might add an additional routine or two as you feel up to it. The most important part of this work is to do whatever exercises you select on a regular basis. In Energy Medicine, persistence pays. It is usually not a one-time treatment. Instead, it requires repetition, as you are establishing new habits in your energy system. With most of the methods, you will probably feel at least some subtle changes within a few days, but that is not the time to stop. That is the time to continue until the new pattern is established.

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05. Melanoma – Question

I am prone to developing melanoma (I’ve had two) and all of the stages of mole change leading up to melanoma. What is your energetic take on melanoma and what exercises can I do to reinforce my energy fields as preventative medicine?

05. Melanoma – Response

Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

I’m going to provide you with some suggestions that will strengthen your immune system and harmonize your different subtle energy systems so that the infrastructure of your energy systems is strong and vibrant. I’ll also suggest particular interventions aimed at supporting the largest elimination system of the body – the skin.

Here are ways to utilize what is in the book Energy Medicine and some of the other video products offered by Innersource to support your caring for your energy systems:

  1. To get your energy systems strong, vibrant and operating well as a highly successful interdependent team, do the daily energy routine every day and add to it “Separating Heaven and Earth” (pp.248-249) to get your strange flows flowing. The Strange Flow system (Donna also calls them the “Radiant Circuits”) are a powerful system that organizes all of the body’s systems (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic) to promote health through cooperation and easy harmony. I suspect you are carrying excess energies that erupt via the skin’s elimination system and this will both expel toxic energies and stimulate fresh energy to flow. Also add the “Celtic Weave” which weaves your protective auric field and connects all of your energy systems together.

  2. It is important to establish a daily routine because when it comes to the subtle energy systems you are creating a new habit field of coordination and optimization of functioning and that requires doing the exercises on a regular basis.

  3. To strengthen your immune system, read chapter 8, “Triple Warmer and the Strange Flows”. There are lots of suggestions in this chapter, and I encourage you to do what you are drawn to. Do the exercises regularly for 2 months to establish a new habit pattern and then any other times when you are facing prolonged stress.

  4. I recommend specifically that you work with the Triple Warmer and Spleen meridians by holding the Neurovascular Reflex Points for those meridians (pp.274-275) and immediately follow with holding the strengthening points for Spleen meridian (p.120). Triple Warmer probably needs further work but since I cannot test to see if it is under-energized or over-energized, I am recommending working with it by holding the Neurovascular Reflex Points which can be a very deep and gentle way to reset the meridian system without having to assess for specific problems in the meridians.

    If you want to add to your subtle energy system knowledge, Donna’s video on the Strange Flows is excellent. It is a six hour advanced training called The Radiant Circuits – Freeing the Spirit.

  5. Since the skin is the biggest of our elimination systems, it is important to strengthen other body elimination systems, so teach someone how to do the “Spinal Flush”(p.79) on you or massage the points yourself. I find that I can easily reach the back points with a device called a “Theracane” (found at most massage supply stores). It is a hook with all sorts of knobs on it so that you can do a spinal flush on yourself. Another alternative is to use a door frame. Just back up to it and use the corner of the frame to massage down either side of the spine, applying as much pressure as you are comfortable with. Rock back and forth for 20 – 30 seconds in areas that are tender. The Neurolymphatic Reflex Points act as circuit breakers to the lymph system which produces antibodies, carries proteins, hormones and fats to all cells, and acts as a drainage system to the cellular system. If you find tenderness at any point, do as deep a massage as comfortable for 20 – 30 seconds before moving on to the next point.

Open the Ileocecal and Houston Valves (p.265) and “Freeing the Diaphragm” (p.266), to enhance elimination processes and cellular functioning.

Finally, problems that show up on the skin often indicate problems with the Lung and/or Large Intestine Meridians (again it is more about elimination). So flush both of those meridians by slowly tracing (with your fingertips or palm) from meridian end point to beginning point two times and then beginning point to end point one time. Start with the Lung Meridian and then the Large Intestine Meridian (illustrations on pages 107 – 109).

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06. Ovarian Cysts – Question

My 17 year old daughter had emergency surgery last November where fluid was removed from her right ovary. The cyst was left in her ovary with hopes it would dissolve. Last December once again she had emergency surgery where doctors removed the cyst (8.5cm). For the past 2 months she has been in great pain and a recent ultrasound shows a nodule in her left ovary. We have been told to wait 6 1/2 weeks and then have another ultrasound. Can you please give me ideas that might help my daughter?

06. Ovarian Cysts – Response

Contributor: Jeff Harris

Ovarian cysts may be associated with an imbalance in the energy of the Spleen/Stomach, Kidney, or Liver systems, as understood by Chinese medicine. I suggest that she do the following exercises daily (page references and instructions are from Energy Medicine):

  1. Hold triple warmer sedating points (p.122, middle row, right hand column), 1st and 2nd pairs

  2. Hold spleen strengthening points (p.120, middle row, left hand column), 1st and 2nd pairs

  3. Pain chase the kidney meridian (p.289)

  4. Hold the 1st pair of the kidney sedating points, then the 1st pair of the kidney strengthening points, then the 1st pair of the kidney sedating points, then the 2nd pair

  5. Hold the liver neurovascular points (p.274)

I would also recommend that your daughter review the suggestions regarding the use of magnets for pain in Chapter 11.

I recognize that there is a fair amount of work here. It reflects the severe and chronic nature of your daughter’s condition as well as the fact that, without being able to assess her energy, these recommendations must cover multiple systems.

While the above suggestions address her concerns, energy medicine also provides methods for working with the body’s energies as a total system. The more the body’s overall energies are supporting its health, the better your daughter will feel and the easier it will be to bring about the specific changes she desires. For this, she might want to consider making the Daily Energy Routine a part of her life. This wonderful series of energy exercises is summarized on page 86 of Energy Medicine and the specific exercises listed there are all described in Chapter 3. If no one is available to do a spinal flush, she should pay particular attention to doing her own neurolymphatic reflexes, especially those of the spleen, stomach, and liver. In addition to that list, two exercises that are particularly valuable are “Separating Heaven and Earth” (p.248) and “Heaven Rushing In” (p.21).

She should do these exercises regularly. In energy medicine, persistence pays. It is usually not a one-time treatment like surgery, but rather requires repetition as she is establishing new habits in her energy system. With most of the methods, she will probably feel at least some subtle changes within a few days, but that is not the time to stop. That is the time to continue until the new pattern has been established.

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07. Debilitating Trauma – Question

I suffered “Global Trauma” ten years ago and subsequently made a complete physical recovery. However, every day since then I have had 4-6 hours of extreme lethargy/fatigue, where I can’t walk, talk or even hold my head up. My breathing is extremely labored. I have been given many prescription meds (mostly meth) over years, with multiple side effects. My quality of life is very questionable. More than a dozen doctors have been unable to find any physical problems. Can energy medicine help?

07. Debilitating Trauma – Response

Contributor: Sara Allen

Your body has suffered a deep and penetrating trauma. Despite your physical recovery your cells are still very affected by this event. The lethargy and fatigue sound absolutely devastating. Here are some thoughts on how to get your energies up and running again.

To begin, when you do have energy to move, embrace the Daily Energy Routine (DER) on page 86 of Energy Medicine. To the six steps already listed, add the Hook Up (p. 119) bringing your personalized DER to seven daily steps. The Daily Energy Routine slowly and deeply builds strength and corrects imbalances in the field. It is a staple for anyone in recovery.

Next, make friends with the Triple Warmer Sedation points and the Spleen Strengthening points as shown on pages 120 and 122. These points are very easy to hold on your own body, but it is always wonderful to have someone else hold them for you. Weakened Spleen energy is often the culprit in the kind of fatigue you are experiencing. Triple Warmer and Spleen meridians share an energy loop. When spleen is strong the body has energy. When Triple Warmer is way too energized it robs energy from Spleen. It is a great idea to hold the Triple Warmer sedation points first and pull out excess energy from that meridian. Then hold the Spleen strengthening points to add energy to Spleen. Holding these points sends balance to these energies and eases fatigue in the body.

The kind of trauma you have described has a tendency to completely overload your electrical field. Our bodies can blow fuses. Most of the time with help and time we can slowly turn our blown fuses back on. With the kind of extensive overload you have experienced, the electrical system may need intervention. You will need someone to help you with the next suggestions that will help correct electrical overload.

There is an energy in the body called the Penetrating Flow. One of the many wonderful things Penetrating Flow does for us when it is activated, is it protects us from trauma from penetrating too deep into our bodies and psyches. When one has already experienced deeply penetrating trauma, it can retrieve and release this trauma from deep within our systems. One way to activate the Penetrating Flow is to lie on your stomach on either the floor or a bed. Have someone place one hand on your sacrum and their other hand on the top of the spine just below the neck. Have your partner gently rock you back and forth for 3-10 minutes. Another Penetrating Flow activation exercise is to lie on your back. Have someone slip one hand under the sacrum and place their other hand on top of the second chakra (midway between pubic bone and navel) and, again, rock your body for 3-10 minutes. This would be excellent if done several times during your fatigue hours.

The other very simple exercise, that would be very beneficial during your fatigue hours, is to have a partner hold your neurovasculars, both front and back (p.89). Hold one hand over the forehead and one hand on the back of head at the base of skull. You can also hold your own neurovasculars. However, because the neurovasculars technique is very important to do during your fatigue hours, you may not be able to do for yourself during your down hours. There needs to be a new and reassuring message sent to your system when you are at your low point. When done over time, this will begin to reprogram your body’s stress response.

The other issue that needs to be observed is the time of day when you are experiencing your fatigue. If it is usually the same time of day, take a look at page 127 and note what meridian time of day it is when you are crashing. For instance, if your fatigue begins between 3-5 pm, that would mean you are initially getting fatigued during Bladder time. That would probably indicate that Bladder is either blocking the flow of energy or is just not running as it should. As a result, the energies following Bladder on the meridian clock are burdened as well. Sedating and then strengthening the Bladder meridian using the point system found on pgs. 120-123 may be very helpful. So first determine the time of day according to the meridian clock when you usually crash and then sedate and strengthen that meridian. It is very important to note that it is never advisable to sedate the Heart meridian. If your fatigue begins during Heart time strengthen only, do not sedate heart meridian.

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08. Energy Medicine Directory Listing – Free!

State-by-state and international listings for Energy Medicine practitioners who have completed verifiable courses with Donna Eden. The free listing includes your description, photo, address and phone number, email address, and website link. Visit the website using the above link for more information.

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09. Invitation To Next Donna Eden Class

Contributor: David Feinstein
Donna and I  want to invite you to the next advanced class. It is renamed to “Energy Medicine for Women: Cycles, Hormones, and Health” and also welcomes men who have hormones or are involved with women who do.

In addition to what you would expect–Donna demonstrating on people, clear concepts and methods, chance to practice–each person will select an area related to health or cycles or hormones where you would like to see a change (either focusing on yourself or a specific client), and over the course of the class you will be developing a plan, a routine, for bringing this change about. This work will be done in threes, along with close contact with the teaching staff. This class will help you consolidate what you already know and apply it to issues that affect your health and happiness. It will build on the Tracker Class, possibly even including a supplementary Tracker Chart focused on guiding you through the maze of issues dealing with cycles, hormones, and health.

Like all of our advanced classes, it will be a powerful community experience as well as a great learning opportunity. This class will not be taught again by Donna in the foreseeable future. The next advanced class (besides the very advanced Grid and Regression classes in November) will not be for at least a year as Donna’s schedule has become so stretched. See (click “Classes”) for details and prerequisites.

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