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October 2003

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01. Message from the Editor
02. Night Terrors
03. Where To Begin 04. Fibromyalgia
05. Energy Medicine List


01. Message From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

In this issue, ECR is sharing with you a wonderful discussion group that works with Donna Eden’s energy techniques in “a fun, relaxed group learning experiment.” The group is moderated by Barbara Ann O’Leary, one of Donna’s advanced students.

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I’ve chosen three of the group’s threads. The first, on night terrors, shows the level of knowledge and thoughtfulness of the participants. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The second thread is an exchange around where to start when working with someone’s energy system. Its discussion of asking the body makes so much sense. And the third thread not only discusses treatment for fibromyalgia, but also continues exploring asking the body. If you’ve never done that before, be sure to read Wayne McCleskey’s description of how to have the body set priorities in the fibromyalgia thread.

The final entry in this issue gives you a way to practice having the body set priorities. Debby Vajda has put together a list of Energy Medicine‘s topics with their page numbers. So hone up your muscle testing skills and see what the body has to tell you.

Many thanks to the e-group participants who allowed us to reprint their messages.

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02. Night Terrors – Question

Contributor: Pat Burke

Does anyone have any experience or advice for trauma survivors having night terrors? It is different from a nightmare because the person can even have their eyes open but the nightmare won’t stop. Can a person who is with them help them come out by holding the front and back of their head or by sedating triple warmer? Or is it best not to touch them, wait until they come out on their own, and then do the corrections? I think it has a lot to do with working with triple warmer and also the negative mind during the day. Eventually the person has to bring themselves out of the night terror, but what is the best way to support that process in the moment?

02-1. Night Terrors – Response 1

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

I don’t know what to suggest for action at the time night terrors are happening, but if I were working with a client who suffered from them, I’d definitely want to explore what’s being held in the chakras and work to release any trapped energies. My gut tells me too that clearing the energies of the bedroom and establishing calming rituals before sleep would be beneficial. This is something I’d probably approach shamanically, journeying to explore underlying causes and release the trapped energies.

02-2. Night Terrors – Response 2

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

If the night terrors often occur at about the same time each time they occur, look on the meridian clock and see which meridian is involved. My instinct would be to sedate that meridian.

02-3. Night Terrors – Response 3

Contributor: Diane Viner

I recently worked with a young girl who had insomnia and night terrors. I used the star diagnostic (p. 213 in Energy Medicine) while she brought up her fears and then held her neurovasculars while she held those fearful thoughts until they subsided. We worked through all the various fears that would surface at night and held the corresponding NV’s. We ended each scenario with a new visualization of some image, color, smell, etc. that was soothing and peaceful to her and she would bring those images up at night as she was getting into bed. She also eliminated TV in her room and used therapeutic grade lavender on her pillow and legs. She is now sleeping through the night for the first time since 9/11. I think checking the clock is an excellent idea that I’ll try next time. Thanks, Wayne.

02-4. Night Terrors – Response 4

Contributor: Barbara Scholz

About 20 years ago a friend’s little daughter had a long standing bout with night terrors. I was studying homeopathy at the time with a group of moms and we came up with a remedy, Kali Bromatum 30c, that only required a couple of doses to totally eliminate these very horrifying nighttime disturbances. There are also some great flower essences for fears and traumas, including abuse. You can check the Flower Essence Society’s website for more information.

I love Barbara Ann’s suggestion of working on the chakras. I would also work with bladder and kidney neurovasculars, as water element relates to the emotion of fear and neurovasculars are so wonderful for emotional work. I totally agree that working with TW is great for repatterning the protective system, but it may be useful to do the neurovasucular work while in the thick of the response, if it is possible. In Donna’s tape called Freeing the Spirit she covers a process that helps to reprogram traumas by releasing them from the habit field. I have used it several times with very good results. The tapes include handouts to help you implement the process. If you want to work with deeply seated emotional issues, I suggest you purchase these tapes from

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03. Where To Begin – Question

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

I still find the whole energy testing aspect of this work somewhat challenging. If I know EXACTLY what I want to test for, I find it goes pretty well most of the time, but if I’m confronted with a situation where I’m trying to figure out what might be out of balance so I can begin to offer some assistance, I just don’t know where to begin testing. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how they do it or suggestions

03-1. Where To BeginResponse

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

I have struggled with the same dilemma and most of the time the difficulty is that I am trying to figure it out without relying on the client’s body to tell me what is going on/what is needed. When I learned to expand my questions in that way, it made things go much smoother. Like testing for what is most important to work on first! That moves around all the thinking I’ve done in the past. So simple, so helpful!

03-2. Where To BeginResponse

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

Wayne, you wrote:

   Like testing for what is most important to work on first!
   That moves around all the thinking I’ve done in the past.
   So simple, so helpful! spc8.gif (817 bytes)

Can you elaborate? If I’m following you, you’d use the general indicator test. And then you might set the intention to determine what’s the most important area to work first. Then you’d ask a few questions like… “Would it be most beneficial to work with the chakras at this time?” “with the meridians?” “with the strange flows?” Like that? That might really help.

I like the way the energy testing … the Energy Kinesiology Donna works with … can concretize something that can otherwise feel too large to tackle. One of the challenges I face when working with someone is that my intuition may tell me about a lot of different approaches, needs, etc. I’ll feel like I don’t have a clue what to do… maybe feel the magnitude of the situation and the time constraints, etc. So it makes sense to use the general indicator test to find out where to start, what to do next, etc. Just ask the body.

03-3. Where To BeginResponse

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

Yes, when I use the general indicator test, I will ask “The most important thing for us to treat first is….” Then, “the most helpful way to treat this would be chakras, meridians, strange flows, etc.” until we get a direction and a modality in which to work. After that one is cleared, go to “the next thing to treat is…”, check modality for that and then I don’t have to make a judgment call. Often the most important place to start is something neither the client nor I would have ever considered as MOST IMPORTANT, but the body knows!

03-4. Where To BeginResponse

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

Wayne, I’ve also been working with your method of asking the body to say which systems need to be addressed. Worked on a friend recently. The testing indicated chakras first and then neurovasculars. That went very well. Felt good.

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04. Fibromyalgia – Question

Contributor: Timmi Dillard

In working on a friend who has fibromyalgia, reactions have occurred that I am not sure of. Once, when balancing her throat chakra clockwise she got a really bad headache. When I reversed the motion to counter-clockwise, the headache went away. Another time, when I was working on meridian balancing, she became very nauseous a couple of times. I assumed it was lymph drainage and toxins in her system. We stopped and she drank water.

She finds the work beneficial, but I wonder if there is something else going on and what more I need to know to help her. She has very bad days where she can barely move and is in great pain.

04-1. Fibromyalgia – Response 1

Contributor: Ananaia O’Leary

Timmi, of course, people’s responses to energy can be highly individual. However, I know that I am susceptible to headaches when I get too much energy trapped in my head. Freeing up or increasing energy in the throat can send energy up into the head. It can jam up there if the crown or 3rd eye chakra is not metabolizing energy very effectively at the time. Doing the counter-clockwise motion, has been very helpful to release the trapped energy. I often do it over the 3rd eye (front & back) and the crown, as well as the throat. It often dissipates the energies that can cause headaches.

04-2. Fibromyalgia – Response 2

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

Timmi, Donna recommended the Hopi Healing Technique for Diffuse Pain for fibromyalgia (p. 285 in Energy Medicine). In fact that whole chapter on pain is great. Pain chasing might help. And you might want to work with the muscle meridian chart and the zone tapping. All great techniques.

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Don’t forget the Crown Pull for alleviating build up of energy in the head.

I love chakra clearing work but it stirs things up and sometimes I think other things need to happen first.

I like to start with the three thumps, then a spinal flush. That can help clear out some toxins right at the start and give the body the feeling that things can move out!

Working the neurolymphatics can stimulate the body to clear out junk it’s been holding onto.

There are so many helpful techniques. Wayne helped me see the value of energy testing to see which systems to work with. Thanks, Wayne. Just ask the body which systems to work with.

04-3. Fibromyalgia – Response 3

Contributor: Timmi Dillard

I used the Hopi technique once with her and have used most of the chapter on pain techniques, including zone tapping and pain chasing. I always start with the 3 thumps and the spinal flush, then we do crosscrawling exercises, the Wayne Cook hold, and again the three thumps. Then I test her, sedate her triple warmer and go on from there. I try to always end with a celtic weave or at least figure 8’s to keep the energy in place, and finish with a zip up.

Because of the research I have had access to, it seems that fibromyalgia is related specifically to the first and second chakras, and indeed, with her she will usually test weak in the second chakra. This has improved. The first time we did the chakra work, I could not get the second chakra to hold, although all the others did. The next day we got into some intense memories she had been holding onto, and I just watched the energy move. Later that day I again balanced her chakras and the second held firm. Two weeks later we found 4 of the chakras still holding strong.

I have used the crown pull. I do think the idea of energy being too strong going into the head may have some validity.

04-4. Fibromyalgia – Response 4

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

Timmi, this all sounds very good.

You wrote: “The next day we got into some intense memories she had been holding onto, and I just watched the energy move.”

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That reminded me about holding the neurovasculars while dealing with memories/emotions. I find this to be VERY powerful. And it helps to clear traumas.

What work do you do with the meridians? And do you give your client ‘homework’? Maybe a handful of exercises she could do on her own? The three thumps, taking down triple warmer, etc.

Separating Heaven and Earth and the Hook Up are great techniques for someone to do for themselves. I also think it can be amazingly helpful to hold one hand over one charka and another over a different chakra. They’ll connect more strongly. I like to do this, say, with the sacral/solar plexus or sacral/heart. Wherever it feels like the flow isn’t so strong.

04-5. Fibromyalgia – Response 5

Contributor: Barbara Scholz

During one of Donna’s workshops, one of the people receiving chakra work started getting a terrible headache. Donna was called over. She said to work from the crown chakra to the root chakra.

Energy testing the order to use for the chakra clearing might be a useful addition during the body questioning phase of the session for your friend.

04-6. Fibromyalgia – Response 6

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

I remember Donna mentioning that, Barb. Thanks for bringing it up. I’d forgotten, but that’s excellent. I am also glad you mention the idea of energy testing for the order. See, I tend to think rather limitedly when I do some of this work. I think it’s probably a reflection of the way I was taught when I was growing up that I was supposed to control and “master” the work I engaged in.

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But that’s not what this work is about at ALL. And it’s funny how often I find myself demanding a higher level of expertise and skill from myself. In fact what I require for effective work in this energy healing area is an ability to open to and engage with the life force energies … my own, those of the person I’m working with, and all the energies that are interacting with ours at that time!

04-7. Fibromyalgia – Response 7

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

I’ve thought about the fibromyalgia client and wonder if asking the body if there are meanings to the nausea and the headaches. If there are memories that directly link. I DO remember Donna saying that headaches could mean the chakras needed to be worked the other way. There is so much to remember it’s hard to keep it all intact for me! Thanks for reminding me about that.

04-8. Fibromyalgia – Response 8

Contributor: Timmi Dillard

When I start doing chakra balancing, I begin at the root chakra and work up. When I get to the throat chakra the headache starts. Do I then go directly to the crown chakra and work down to the throat chakra and stop at the throat or go all the way down to the root chakra? And what’s going on when the headache goes away when I reverse the motion of my hands? (BTW, I do acknowledge the fact that if I first asked the body what direction to move in, I might not have this problem).

About asking the body, I can do the yes/no stuff, no problem, but how do the specifics work? How does the body tell me what is behind the nausea or headache? I am stymied as to how to ask those questions you mentioned… how do you know the answer when you see/hear/receive it?

I am amazed at the way the life forces/energies work. Even when I doubt my ability, I am finding only part of the success is dependent on me, the rest on the person I am working on and with both of our abilities to open and allow the force to work. I guess energy does follow intent. Thanks for your patience. I have much to learn.

04-9. Fibromyalgia – Response 9

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

I can respond with how I ask the body questions. Since muscle testing generates only yes (muscle strong)/no (muscle weak) responses we have to ask pretty specific questions that can be answered by yes/no.

So if you want to test which direction to clear the chakras, you might say “The most appropriate way to clear the chakras today is from root to crown.” TEST. Then say “The most appropriate way to clear the chakras today is from crown to root.” TEST. There should be a noticeable difference with the muscle testing strong for one statement and weaker for the other.

As to the nausea, some suggestions for yes/no statements to test are “There is an emotional root to this nausea/headache.” “There is a toxin associated with this nausea/ headache.” “This nausea/headache is about a specific memory.” “…is about a specific person.” “…is suggesting we work with another system first.” If this final question tests strong, test each possibility (neurovasculars, meridians, etheric body, neurolymphatics) to hone in on the priority.

It is kinda like the old 20 questions game. Have fun with it. If you get stuck, ask the client, “What could this be about?” If there are any clues–TEST!

04-10. Fibromyalgia – Response 10

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

Timmi, the counterclockwise movement draws excess energies OUT and the clockwise movement brings in fresh energies. It’s quite likely that your client has excess energies in her head, so when you do the clockwise movement on the throat chakra, it’s likely that the energy is getting moved up into the head and giving her an overstuffed feeling.

spc8.gif (817 bytes)

So my recommendation with this client would be to START at the crown FIRST. Work down from the top to the root.

And really take your time, move your hands gently and slowly. Give yourself a LOT of time on each chakra. And do the counterclockwise movement for twice as long as the clockwise. I’d also recommend doing figure eights over each chakra after you’ve done the counterclockwise and clockwise movements. I find the figure eights on the chakras can be quite powerful.

And remember, as healers we’re FACILITATING someone else’s healing. They’re healing themselves. We’re just helping them move and shift and liberate. It’s never about us. And we don’t want to push someone. Your client’s been carrying these patterns a long time. They’ve served her. I think that’s important to remember. They may seem all wrong from where you look and she may be tired of it, but it’s been this way for a reason and we need to be gentle.

I’m sure you are.

Also I just wanted to say that although we as healers can have ideas, theories, intuitions, etc. about what the root causes of someone’s challenges are, in my view that’s not particularly relevant. Healing can take place without conscious awareness of what brought on the challenge.

04-11. Fibromyalgia – Response 11

Contributor: Ananaia O’Leary

This is so true. In my own healing process, one of my greatest learnings has been that I don’t always have to intellectually understand something in order to shift/release/change it. Sometimes the intellectual awareness is a valuable tool for healing; sometimes it’s just a mind game that gets in the way.

My sense, for myself at least, is that intellectual understanding usually presents itself when that understanding will serve to support future healing. For example, if the energy form being released is just one piece of a matrix of related issues/energies, then having an awareness of the piece being released can help me identify some of the other issues/thought or emotion forms in the matrix. The awareness is the pathway in for future healing and growth. Or sometimes the intellectual “ah-ha!” or awareness generates enough energy and attention that it enables the energy form to dissipate just from the awareness process.So the intellectual awareness is the pathway to healing. Is this clear? It’s hard to articulate these things some times.

When working with others I am not particularly interested in what is “behind” a condition in the energy field/bodies. I don’t really even think in those terms at this point. However, there are times when certain information or awareness surfaces, impressions or messages are received, etc. When those arise I observe them. Sometimes I’m just present with them. Other times I feel intuitively that they are surfacing in order to shape the work I’m doing. Other times I feel that it’s part of the work to share this information with the client … acting as a facilitator for the communication … translating the energy field’s messages for the client … connecting the energy pathway in a sense from the energy to the intellect.

I do this with ever increasing sensitivity and judiciousness. I don’t come into a session with the assumption that this will occur or that it’s expected or even desirable. If the situation comes up, I try to ask myself & the other person’s higher self, “Will it benefit the client if I share this information/awareness?” I wait for the answer as honestly and openly as I can. Sometimes this helps clear out the Ego-driven impulse to share information simply because it’s available. Simply because I perceive something doesn’t mean it’s valid or helpful to share it.This is a delicate process and I am continuing to refine it.

This is a thought provoking topic. Thanks for the chance to explore it.

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05. Energy Medicine List

Contributor: Debby Vajda

When I first read Donna’s book, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the options. Being an ardent muscle tester, I like lists which I can test my way through by asking yes/no questions. So I prepared the following list of interventions referred to in Energy Medicine, along with their page numbers.

The easiest way to use it is to test group by group. “Is it best to do a Daily Routine exercise now?” TEST. If weak, move to another group. “Is it best to work on meridians? [chakras, aura, five rhythms, etc.]” When a group tests strong, hone in further by testing the individual items within the group, one by one. When you get a strong response, do that exercise. Then repeat the process to determine what’s next.

Editor’s note: The wording above has been slightly changed, with Debby’s permission, to make it clearer to those who are new to this process.

  1. The Daily Routine
    1. The three thumps
      1. K-27 (p. 63)
      2. Thymus (p. 67)
      3. Spleen (p. 68)
    2. Cross crawl (p. 69)
    3. Wayne Cook (p. 73)
    4. Crown pull (p. 77)
    5. Spinal flush (p. 79)
    6. Zipping up (p. 82)
  2. Reprogramming your response to stress (p. 87)

  3. Meridians (p. 95)
    1. Tracing your meridians (p. 98)
    2. Energy testing your meridians (p. 111)
    3. Correcting Imbalances in your meridians (p. 116)
      1. Stretch and twist (p. 117)
      2. Flushing a meridian (p. 117)
      3. Neurolymphatic massage (p. 118)
      4. Holding acupuncture strengthening points (p. 118)
    4. Aligning your meridians with the earth’s meridians (p. 124)
    5. Jet Lag
      1. Technique #1 (p. 129)
      2. Technique #2 (p. 131)
      3. Technique #3 (p. 132)
  4. Chakras (p. 133)
    1. Clearing, balancing and strengthening your chakras (p. 167)
    2. Holding and cradling a chakra (p. 170)
    3. Connecting two chakras (p. 170)
  5. Aura (p. 172)
    1. Scanning your aura (p. 177)
    2. Fluffing your aura (p. 178)
    3. Aura massage (p. 179)
    4. Weaving the aura (Celtic weave) (p. 180)
    5. Celtic weaving the Celtic weave (p. 184)
    6. Rhythmic 8’s (p. 184)
    7. Celtic weaving with a partner (p. 186)
    8. Basic grid (p. 186)
      1. Restoring your basic grid by balancing your chakras (p. 193)
      2. Restoring your basic grid by cultivating inner peace (p. 193)
      3. Restoring your basic grid by using the Celtic weave (p. 193)
      4. Anyone could have a stronger basic grid (p. 194)
      5. Using this technique on a child (p. 194)
  6. The Five Rhythms (p. 196)
    1. Energy testing the five rhythms (p. 212)
    2. Establishing balance among your rhythms
      1. Stimulate the rhythm’s lymphatic points (p. 214)
      2. Reprogram the rhythm’s stress pattern (p. 215)
      3. Blowing out the candle (p. 219)
      4. Expelling the venom (p. 219)
      5. Taking down the flame (p. 220)
      6. Cradling the baby (p. 221)
      7. Human touching Divine (p. 222)
      8. A rhythm runs through it (p. 222)
  7. Triple Warmer and Strange Flows (p. 224)
    1. Homolateral crossover (p. 233)
    2. Sedating triple warmer (p. 235)
      1. Any time you feel overwhelmed (p. 235)
      2. Smooth behind the ears (p. 236)
      3. Hold triple warmer sedating points (p. 236)
    3. Reprogramming triple warmer to stop attacking friendly forces
      1. Variation 1 (p. 237)
      2. Variations 2 (p. 237)
      3. Variation 3 (p. 237)
    4. Reprogramming triple warmer to stop attacking your body (p. 239)
      1. Attitude (p. 239)
      2. Emotional overload (p. 240)
      3. Fight, freeze, flee or calm (p. 240)
      4. Easing emotional overload (p. 241)
      5. When triple warmer needs a boost (p. 241)
      6. To strengthen triple warmer (p. 242)
    5. Strange Flows (p. 243)
      1. Keeping your strange flows flowing (p. 248)
      2. Separating heaven and earth (p. 248)
      3. Drying off (p. 249)
      4. Jump starting your strange flows
  1. Hook up your yin and your yang (p. 251)
  2. Send joy through your body (p. 251)
  3. Send color through your body (p. 252)
  4. Send forgiveness through your body (p. 252)
  5. Send gratitude through your body (p. 252)
  • Illness
    1. Unscrambling energies (p. 265)
    2. Setting an intention for healing (p. 265)
    3. Opening the ileocecal valve (p. 265)
    4. Freeing the diaphragm (p. 266)
    5. Neurolymphatics (p. 269)
    6. Meridian flow wheel (p. 271)
      1. Balance the meridians (p. 272)
      2. Specific neurolymphatic points (p. 272)
      3. Inchworm meridian trace (p. 273)
      4. Specific neurovascular points (p. 273)
    7. Balancing your chakras & keeping your strange flows flowing (p. 276)
  • Pain (p. 277)
        1. Breathing out the pain (p. 282)
        2. Tapping (p. 282)
        3. Stretching (p. 283)
        4. Pinching (p. 283)
        5. Siphoning (p. 283)
        6. Sedating the pain (p. 283)
        7. Taking the teeth out of a toothache (p. 284)
        8. A Hopi healing technique for diffuse pain (p. 285)
        9. Zone tapping (p. 288)
        10. Pain chasing (p. 289)
        11. Physical and emotional pain (p. 292)
  • Swimming in electromagnetic currents (p. 295)
        1. Creating an environment that supports your health (p. 296)
        2. Fighting magnetism with magnets (p. 298)
        3. Magnets in pain management (p. 299)
        4. Using magnets to counter electromagnetic fields (p. 304)
          1. Start where you sleep (p. 306)
          2. Twirling a magnet over your body (p. 307)
          3. Taping magnets to your body (p. 308)
          4. The direction you work and sleep (p. 309)
          5. Demagnetizing your vivaxis field (p. 311)
          6. Treating the water you drink (p. 314)
  • Setting your habit field (p. 317)
        1. Clearing your habit field (p. 322)
          1. Do the daily energy routine (p. 322)
          2. Vigorously rub your neck and head (p. 322)
          3. Hold your neurovascular points (p. 323)
        2. Envisioning a new habit field (p. 323)
        3. Reprogramming your field of habit (p. 327)
          1. Diffusing traumatic residue (p. 328)
          2. Holding your neurovasculars (p. 328)
          3. Eye pattern release (p. 330)
          4. Programming in a positive feeling (p. 330)
          5. Temporal tap (p. 332)
  • Other thoughts from Donna’s presentation and videos – check for problems caused by underwire bras (don’t wear) or from shoulder bags (do cross crawl) -tap the gamut spot when afraid

  • Need something else from the book? (If so, muscle test what it is).

  • How to boxes
        1. Nip an illness in the bud (p. 19)
        2. Overcome despair through spiritual connection (p. 21)
        3. Rid yourself of a tension headache (p. 25)
        4. Restore your energies while taking a bath (p. 35)
        5. Escape the grip of fear (p. 39)
        6. Eat smarter (p. 53)
        7. Energy test an infant, a pet, or someone in a coma (p. 55)
        8. Release tension (p. 62)
        9. Pick yourself up at your droopy time of the day (p. 73)
        10. Get your kids out of bed in the morning (p. 87)
        11. Release built up stress (p. 91)
        12. Overcome nervousness about an upcoming presentation, job interview, or confrontation (p. 116)
        13. Loosen up when you are feeling stiff (p. 119)
        14. Be at your best when it’s time to greet your kids after school or your spouse after work (p. 127)
        15. Rid yourself of chronic headaches (p. 138)
        16. Calm your kids (or yourself) (p. 164)
        17. Develop abs of steel (p. 175)
        18. Siphon out your child’s pain (p. 182)
        19. Release neck and should tension (p. 198)
        20. Keep your memory sharp (p. 208 paperback version)
        21. Concentrate amid fear of stress (p. 214)
        22. Rid yourself of an allergy headache (p. 230)
        23. Get back in control if you feel hysterical (p. 246)
        24. Safeguard your breasts (p. 263)
        25. Energy bathe an unborn child (p. 270)
        26. Restore peace after a bad dream (p. 275)
        27. Feel joyful more of the time (p. 278)
        28. Overcome digestive problems (p. 281)
        29. Mend a broken arm or leg (p. 301)
        30. Relieve arthritic pain (p. 304)
        31. Relieve a cramped muscle (p. 306)
        32. Relieve pain in your hands, wrists or elbows (p. 320)
        33. Relieve low back pain (p. 326)
  • Important diagrams
        1. Neurolymphatic reflex points (p. 84-85)
        2. Meridians (p. 101-109)
        3. Alarm points (p. 112)
        4. Strengthening and sedating points (p. 120-123)

    Taken from Donna Eden’s wonderful book, Energy Medicine.
    Published by Tarcher/Putnam.
    Available through

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    The Energy Community Report is owned solely by Word Jenny, Inc., of Louisville, Colorado. It is published by Word Jenny, Inc. in collaboration with Innersource, of Ashland, Oregon, and The Energy Medicine Institute, of Ashland, Oregon. It is distributed by subscription only by Word Jenny, Inc., and back-issues are posted on the site of the Energy Medicine Institute ( This publication is ‘of, by and for’ the energy practitioner. It is intended to be a place for peer collaboration among members: sharing of insight, asking for assistance, testing ideas, and improving the profession. The report is distributed by email to its members.

    Kaelin Kelly, Editor
    Les Squires, Technical Editor
    Energy Community Report
    Louisville, Colorado USA

    Copyright (c) 2003 Energy Community Report