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July 2003

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Part A:  The Energy Community Report   01. Message from the Editor
  02. Energy Testing Question and Responses
  03. Another Tip On Accurate Energy Testing
  04. Strong Radiant Circuits Overcome
       Evolutionary Programming
  05. Innersource Update from David and Donna
  06. The Monkey 07. Radiant Circuit Work Zeros In On
     Blocked Energy

08. Radiant Circuits Change Stress to Joy
09. Child’s Intuition is Right On!
10. Chakra Realignment
11. The Power of a Daily Energy Routine
12. Memories of Isla Mujeres Feb ’03 Part B >>  Special Issue:   Menopause and Getting Off Estrogen Part C >>  Special Issue:   Introducing Your Energy Medicine Practice to Your Community

01   PtA 
spc3.gif (813 bytes)PART A

01. Message From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

It has been almost 6 months since the last issue of the Energy Community Report. During that time, my husband, Les, and I cared for my Mom in our home until her passing. Although she was 93 years old, she did not die from any specific health problem but rather because she ran out of life energy. Our time together became an ongoing energy session, with multiple opportunities daily to use these precious techniques to balance all three of us so we could bring our best to the process we were sharing.

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At some point during this time, energy work changed from being something that I did when I remembered it to an integral part of who I am. It changed the quality of that time for us, bringing a peaceful winding down to my Mom and the ability to hold an expansive and compassionate presence to Les and me.

The Energy Community Report is all about stories like mine. Each item is written by someone like you and me: a seeker of wellness, eager to move beyond the 5 senses to find the mysteries of our energy that our bodies already know. What a wonderful exploratory journey we all share!

This issue of ECR is testing some new ground.

Let me know your thoughts on these new additions.

Point of clarification: There are a number of references in this issue to Radiant Circuits. In Energy Medicine, Donna called them Strange Flows. She has since renamed them Radiant Circuits to more accurately reflect how she sees them. If you are not familiar with Radiant Circuits, treat yourself to the Strange Flows chapter in Energy Medicine. They are truly a remarkable energy system.

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02. Energy Testing Question

Contributor: Kathy Chambers

I am beginning my Energy Medicine practice gently and slowly. I have had a few clients who always test strong, i.e. when testing for homolateral with the X and ll, they are equally strong on both. After doing all the exercises, they still stay strong on both. Same with chakra testing. A couple have had all strong chakras but I KNOW that would be unlikely given their stories. It’s awkward for me. What am I doing wrong? If they are “frozen”, how do I unthaw them?

02-1. Energy Testing Response 1

Contributor: Pat Crowe

My initial response to your question about energy testing is this: Are your energies disorganized? And do you have an investment in their outcome? Sometimes our own energies will interfere with our clients’ and we need to make sure we are energetically sound as well.

02-2. Energy Testing Response 2

Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

I sure support Pat Crowe’s response and want to offer another suggestion. I just taught a course on Applied Kinesiology and there is one thing I included that gets missed in most “energy testing” trainings.

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You first have to determine if a muscle can be weakened before deciding it is really testable. So do the spindle cell pinch in the belly of the muscle that corresponds to that particular energy test, hold the north side of a magnet in the belly of that muscle, or tap the sedating point (the point on the same meridian in the first set of points used in sedating) about ten times. The muscle should test weak. Then count to ten and retest the muscle. It should test strong. You have kind of reset the circuit with any of those interventions.

If that doesn’t change the test, hold the sedating points (both sets), then just briefly hold the strengthening points. This does a deep flush on the meridian which helps normalize its functions. I usually follow this with holding the beginning and ending points of that meridian and slowly alternate pressure – first point, end point, first point, end point. It is another way of getting into the meridian memory and resetting it.

If a test stays strong after all the different interventions to reset the meridian/muscle to a normal state, then choose a different indicator muscle/meridian energy test.

02-3. Energy Testing Response 3

Contributor: Vicki Matthews

Are you making sure that the person you are energy testing is looking away from you? If they are looking at you, or even worse, you are making eye contact with them when you muscle test, it will very often throw the test.

Basically, if they are looking at you, the muscle test might be testing what they think of you (good that it is strong!) rather than what you are trying to test.

02-4. Energy Testing Response 4

Contributor: Dorothy Lamb

The Energy Psychology CD has great information about energy checking. And you can always switch to another indicator muscle if you can’t get your first choice to give you correct answers. Also both of you doing the basic things – Daily Energy Routine, Hook up, Figure 8’s, being grounded, breathing, etc can help.

Donna has a Q&A called “Energy Testing – If Everything Tests Strong” on her web site in
Energy Medicine Q & A’s“.

02-5. Energy Testing Response 5

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary

  Here are a few more thoughts along the same lines.

  1. Are the tester and the testee both sufficiently hydrated? Energy testing relies on adequate water in the body to carry the signals properly. Both people could drink some water, relax for a moment and test again.

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  1. BREATHE. The body assesses its condition with each breath. When we’re holding our breath, energy testing is unreliable.

  2. Invite both people to be present in the moment. We can’t test accurately if we’re not present. I think it might be helpful to take a break to hold neurovasculars while thinking about the testing process (or anything else that may be causing stress) and then resume testing.

  3. Have you confirmed that the muscle itself is testable? Sometimes I switch to a different muscle to see if it’s just that one muscle that’s not testing well at the moment.

  4. The mention of the situation being “awkward” and wondering what “I’m doing wrong” are hints that the tester is feeling stress that might be impeding the testing process. Try slowing down and coming at the process from a different point of view. Perhaps there’s too much testing happening. I like to incorporate energy testing in a low key way rather than making it the emphasis of a session. Perhaps that’s a reflection of my own preference for not being judged or evaluated, but sometimes I’ve had a strong sense of what’s happening with a client’s field and that alone can impede a clean test. I’m already committed in my mind to the result and need to step back and let things unfold. If I feel inclined to persuade someone in one direction or another, the testing will start to send confused signals. Or if I feel that I’m “proving” the validity of energy testing to someone new to the process, that can cause tension as well. It helps me remember that our body is communicating and we need to listen on many levels. Energy testing is just one way.

  5. I’ve become more and more aware that it is not my job to FIX anyone. So in fact it may be that someone’s energy field is out of balance in some way, but it might not be in their overall best interest to have that imbalance “corrected” at that time. There may be other factors at play. So perhaps the energy test is not co-operating as a protection for the client. After all each person’s energy system adapts creatively to the challenges and opportunities in life. I attempt to invite my clients to resonate with life’s energies freely at their own pace, without blame or judgment.

Maybe a nice relaxing chakra clearing session without ANY energy testing would be nice. Or a session of neurovascular holds, again without any testing at all. Just an invitation to rebalance without any evaluation. Those are a few possible options I’d consider.

02-6. Energy Testing Response 6

Contributor: Bev Shook

One way I find works for me is to test with my hand palm down on the upper chest and test to see if the muscle is strong (which it should be) then turn my palm over and test again and the muscle should be weak. Like testing negative and positive energies. If the muscle is strong on both I tap the K27 points a few times then reverse my hands and tap again with my hands crossed over the K27 points. I end with my hands uncrossed and tap a few more times. This always produces a good energy test for me after the tapping.

02-7. Energy Testing Response 7

Contributor: Janee Chandler

I have little more to add except this; practice, practice, practice!! I have been doing this work with Sandy and Donna for 5 years now, and it took me years (too many I thought) to really feel at ease with muscle testing people, especially anyone new. Even now when I do an initial polarity test on someone I am so relieved when it works, but nowadays I am so much more confident than I ever thought I’d be.

02-8. Energy Testing Response 8

Contributor: Diane Viner

I have sometimes found that when someone’s central meridian is off and they are in a very vulnerable place that using the arm to test is unreliable. I clear the central neurolymphatics, flush central meridian then trace it forward 3 times and that usually does the trick. I also have them unlock their knees, relax their shoulders and ask them to come to the energy check with a beginner’s mind.

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03. Another Tip On Accurate Energy Testing

Contributor: Pat Crowe

At Donna’s Advanced Class on Energy Testing and Radiant Circuits, someone was trying to energy test another person while assessing the radiant circuits. They had difficulty reading the test, as it turns out, because the woman being tested was having her moon time. This interfered with the accuracy of the test. Donna confirmed that to be a consideration. Good information to know, isn’t it?

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04. Strong Radiant Circuits Overcome Evolutionary Programming

Contributor: Given Bliss

Something occurred at the Advanced Class on Energy Testing and Radiant Circuits that somehow managed to tie together the whole workshop for me. The first exercise I participated in was testing for neurological scrambling and cross over energies. I tested very strong on everything – even X and ll – and I instinctively knew that it was right. However, we had been taught that testing strong on both meant that there was something going on that needed to be ‘fixed.’ I felt strongly that I did not want or need to be fixed, so I cheated on the test and allowed my tester to believe that one set of cross crawl had done the trick.

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Maybe not the most honest thing to do, but it felt like protecting myself. On the last day of the workshop Donna talked about neurological complexities. She said that if someone tests strong on both X and ll AND their radiant circuits test strong over time then there is no need to ‘fix’ them. They are in good shape.

Thinking about this led me to think about the way we evolved – in an organic universe where tree branches cross against the sky and paths meander through woods in which the tree trunks are never parallel. Even in the desert or at the seashore there are no parallel lines – so our energies learned to be strengthened by the curves and crosses of the natural world.

Now fast forward to 2003. We sit in rows of parallel chairs on airplanes, in theaters, in classrooms. We drive down mostly straight roads between parallel lines painted on the surface of the earth. No wonder we are neurologically confused.

But why would strong radiant circuits allow us to overcome all of the evolutionary programming? I don’t know. I am still mulling that one. It seems to me that there may be a connection between our eyesight and having two eyes which see in parallel lines and at the same time cross over (ie, have an overlapping area of sight which they share).

Ed. Note: I sent Given’s submission to Donna and asked for her comments. She replied:
Given is quoting me correctly and her comments are very interesting.

The process of evolution is to build new neurological complexities. Among many other things, this can provide protection against being thrown off by parallel lines. Having all the radiant circuits connected supports the building of new neurological complexities.

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05. Innersource Update from David and Donna

Contributor: David Feinstein & Donna Eden
DavidDonna_th.jpg (6491 bytes)

As we write this, we just this evening made our 321st appearance since Energy Medicine was published, working with over 200 staff from Orlando Regional Health Services (second visit), which includes a branch of the renowned M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, set up by Patricia Butler, who is on the ORHS staff. Our audiences keep increasing in size and are as enthusiastic as ever.

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Beginning January 2004, we are finally going to begin our long-planned but never materialized writing Sabbatical to earnestly and playfully tackle The Energies of Love. We will not, however, totally disappear. We will be teaching two 5-day basic intensives in 2004 (February in Costa Rica, August in Miami Beach), several weekends at centers such as Esalen and Omega’s new Austin Center, some keynotes, and doing a smattering of other presentations (all will be listed at, but the focus will be on the forthcoming book.

One big achievement is that the final version of the Energy Psychology Interactive CD, along with a companion book for professionals and a self-help handbook, are all scheduled for publication in October. A prototype of the program won the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and its endorsements are wildly enthusiastic, coming from a who’s who of the pioneers and leaders in energy psychology as well as some highly prominent clinician’s from outside the field. Energy psychology applies energy principles and methods to psychological issues and is one of the most exciting developments in psychology for decades.

Innersource is also very pleased to introduce you to two new members of our team. Kate de la Grange is pulling together a home study series in Donna’s brand of Energy Medicine and will be bringing it to nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and others in the healing profession. Lynne Hoss will be bringing Energy Psychology Interactive to psychotherapists and other health care professionals, plus introducing the general public to psychological self-healing through the Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Handbook. Both Kate and Lynne are gems, with fabulous achievements to their respective credits, discovered during our national search several months ago. We are delighted to have them on the team. You will be hearing from each of them. Meanwhile, Lori, Leslie, and Katrina continue to serve us masterfully.

We are behind on our “Meridian Tuning” DVD, but are working on it actively. It will be a great resource. More on that when it is available. Sounds True is after us to do an audio program, which we are trying to fit into our schedules. We will have all our major classes and modules on video tape by the end of the year. The October advanced class, Special Topics, will cover areas Donna feels are important but that none of the other classes have adequately addressed. It will be a great reunion and much more.

We know we will be seeing many of you there. Until then, we send you our love and blessings.

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06. The Monkey

Contributor: Mo Wheeler

The Monkey is used with children (or willing adults) when they are frightened, or in pain–when fear is involved, as it usually is. You know, the monsters in the closet, falling off the swing kind of thing. It involves sedating stomach meridian, strengthening spleen meridian, strengthening the thymus, and sedating triple warmer.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Take your index and middle finger and press in on your cheek bone, under your eye (ST-1). Pull down on these points while you make a monkey face with your mouth and make a monkey sound. Let those strange flows rip! “Oooo oooo oooo oooo OOOO!”

  2. Tap under your arms, about 4-5 inches down from the armpits (SP-21). Make more monkey faces and sounds. Ham it up!

  3. “Here comes Tarzan!!!” Thump your thymus. Use your fingertips. (The knuckle side of your hand will weaken your energy!) Make a Tarzan sound. Eeeee ahhhh! (For some children you may need to explain who Tarzan is. You could ask them who their favorite Pokemon good guy is and tell them Tarzan can do just as much, only he does it in the jungle. Do this prior to doing The Monkey, so that the flow of your performance is not interrupted.)

  4. Run your fingertips from your temple, over your ears and down to your shoulders, saying, “Whew!” as you drop to your shoulders. Tap the top of your hand between the bone to your little finger and the bone to your ring finger (TW-3) and say, “We’re safe!” or “It’s gone,” or or simply pat the top of your hand in a reassuring pat and say, ‘Everything is going to be OK.'”

That’s The Monkey. Enjoy!

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07. Radiant Circuit Work Zeros In On Blocked Energy

Contributor: Mary Bauman

What a wonderful learning experience the Advanced Class on Energy Testing and Radiant Circuits was for me! As a bodyworker who works with repressed emotions through gentle touch, I was amazed beyond belief how testing and balancing the subtle radiant circuits not only zeros in on the blocked energy, but exponentially deepens the treatment.

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Thus far, all my clients whose core issue stems from a “broken heart” have had imbalanced Bridge circuits. Consequently, “anchoring and wandering” the “heart” around their chest before I actually begin the session is pure magic. This one tool alone convinces them to allow me to alter the routine so that I am now beginning each session with energy testing (which was the other part of the workshop). All in all, my clients are ecstatic by being empowered with tools to facilitate their own healing, and the new client referrals are amazing.

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08. Radiant Circuits Change Stress to Joy

Contributor: Barbara Challman

I am grateful for learning about and practicing the joyful, radiant circuits. Now I am more tuned in to finding numerous ways to sedate Triple Warmer and strengthen spleen.

I was in the dregs of an old negative pattern with my beloved one night. I decided to watch a Donna Eden tape on the radiant circuits and take notes. I did the exercises as I went along and found my energy changing to joy. I was hooked. I now practice the radiants as part of my daily routine. I do them with my husband also.

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09. Child’s Intuition is Right On!

Contributor: Donna Kemper
DonnaKemper.jpg (5324 bytes)

During an unexpected 6 hour layover on my trip home from the Advanced Class on Energy Testing and Radiant Circuits, I observed a 3 year old child perched on her father’s shoulders. My mouth dropped totally open as I watched her do crown pulls on his forehead. And as if that wasn’t enough, while holding on with one hand, she used her other hand to trace from his temple around his ear and then rested her hand on his shoulder, instinctively sedating his triple warmer during a very trying time at the airport! I told her mother she was going to be a healer!

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10. Chakra Realignment

Contributor: Anna Belle Fore

It has been my experience that people who have been involved in auto accidents have had their chakras knocked completely out of alignment, sometimes as much as 2-3 inches off center. The energy work I was doing did not hold until I used Donna’s magical trick of balancing the chakras with the flashlight and colored stones.

Donna has taught how to balance chakras using colored “celluloid” paper or cloth and shining a light through the colored material onto the corresponding chakra. I use a set of Tachyonized Chakra Stones instead and have found this to be a quick and effective way of balancing the Chakras. (You can use any clear stones that allow the light to shine through.)

The light shining through the stone connects with the energy center that is misaligned, then gently glides it back into place. Both my clients and I have been able to feel the chakra slipping back into position. It usually takes only about one minute per Chakra, sometimes a little longer. These realignments have held and we then have been able to continue the healing process using other energy techniques. I have often wondered about the effects of amusement park rides on these energy centers but have not had the opportunity to explore this issue.

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11. The Power of a Daily Energy Routine

Contributor: Lila Henry

Ed’s note: Recently Lila wrote the following to me:

When I started energy medicine work, I thought, well, maybe I won’t get so sick so often  and maybe things won’t be as painful, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t realize that one  could actually feel good! I am feeling good and joyful and energetic and creative — even  with all the craziness in the world right now. How spectacular! : )

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I wrote back to Lila and asked her what energy techniques she used to bring her to this place of peace. Following is her response.

I don’t think I did anything special, just kept at the basics. I do the 10 minute energy routine every day. I do my lymphatics almost every day. I do an equivalent of “toweling off” or trace my meridians some days more than others. I do Separating Heaven and Earth, Heaven Rushing In, and some stretches. I do the belt flow and sometimes I clear the gait reflexes. I work the Ileocecal valve. At first I held my forehead a lot and held it in conjunction with the fear points. I balanced 3W and Spleen for a while. If I feel I’m getting sick, I check the alarm points and balance the meridians. While I was writing every day (and I’ll be getting back to that) I did most of the eye exercises before writing. After I taught a class in Energy Medicine I started clearing chakras more — it was the energy the class could feel the best, so it encouraged me to do more of it.

I used the temporal tap quite a bit. The one I remember the most is to stop waking up fearful, to start waking up ready to be one with the day. I do three zip ups with the affirmation “Today is a very good day. Today is a day of many blessings and gifts given and received. Today is the day that is.” I’ve started to feel some of the meridians and some of the strange flows. I do the hook ups when I’m feeling off. Also, knowing the seasons is helpful — other people don’t stress me out as much. I say, “oh, they’re a wood” or whatever. I also live on a beautiful ranch in a healing valley and try to go for a walk every day.

Things could be so much easier if people knew this stuff. But most people won’t apply it even if they know about it. Even friends who are into alternate modalities will call me about a sick friend and ask about herbs or something. I’ll say, Did you do the three thumps? Are they homolateral? Did you hook them up? Did you clear their chakras? And they’ll sort of sputter. They don’t do it. Everyone seems to want to swallow something or have someone do it to them. One of the things I find so wonderful about Energy Medicine is how much it empowers each person to find their own health. But it’s hard to get people interested, and harder yet to get them to practice. Any ideas?

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12. Memories of Isla Mujeres Feb ’03

Contributor: Donna Kemper
DonnaKemper.jpg (5324 bytes)

Was it really 7 days ago when we stepped off the ferry
To learn energy medicine from one so extraordinary?

A woman so giving, so charming, so knowing,
Who needs fluorescents when Donna’s aura is glowing?

But wait – Donna without David -it doesn’t seem sane
WHAT? She left him in Florida writhing in pain?

spc8.gif (817 bytes)

So from our hearts we send him healing from afar
And think of him fondly as we sip marguerites at the bar!

Donna, ever joyful, is undaunted as she teaches her stuff
But why does she still buzz K27 when I scream “THAT’S ENOUGH”!

Luckily there are a bevy of beauties to help and support her
Including the lovely Dondi, her talented daughter.

And gifted Kim with her beautiful flowy long dresses
Who coos as she inflicts pain on each point she presses

And Sandy, an amazing healer, of whom I’m quite fond,
Her name so apropos, that magical Wand.

Bambi, your fire, your zeal, your bikinis are great,

The rest of us came from near and far away,
Like Canada, Japan, Australia, Greece and the U.K.

I leave here with my Vivaxis intact
Chakras are clear but more important than that

This feeling, this bond, this gift we all share,
I’m tapping it in, I’M TAPPING IT IN HERE.

I can’t wait til I can get my NEXT Energy Medicine fix,
Fellow Donna Eden groupies, I’ll see you in Phoenix!!!!

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