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March 2002

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01. Letter From the Editor
02. Overview of the Five Elements
03. Message from Donna: The Water Element
04. Videotape of the Five Rhythms Conference
05. Treating Low Energy By Treating “Heart
06. Energy Treatment for Tinnitus
07. Time to Spread Our Energy Wings and Fly!
08. Balancing One Element Balances Others
09. Thanks and Insights from the 5 Rhythms Class
10. Cell Phone Radiation Shield
11. Bringing Energy Techniques Into My Practice
12. Cleanse and Detox the Liver with Herbs
13. Sept. 11 Effect on our Belt Flow
14. Connecting a Grid Calms Triple Warmer
15. Donna and David as Models for the Elements
16. Great Results From Treating My Primary Element
17. New Knowledge Brings Up Lots of Questions
18. The Use of Sound in Healing
19. Upcoming Advanced Classes With Donna


01. Letter From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

In late January, 130 energy enthusiasts gathered in Portland, Oregon for a 4 day course on “The 5 Rhythms” led by Donna Eden. As always, Donna gave us lots of tips and techniques interspersed with laughter, practice and comaraderie.

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This issue of ECR is “The 5 Rhythms” issue. It contains an overview of the 5 elements by Debra Hurt, one of Donna’s topnotch TAs; a description of the water element by Donna herself; and insights and questions from a number of people who attended the class. And don’t miss the special offer of “The 5 Rhythms” videotape and Donna’s up-and-coming classes.

We offer a special welcome to those of you who are new subscribers to ECR: “The 5 Rhythms” and Mexico attendees as well as recent contributors to the Energy Medicine Institute. We are delighted to have you with us and look forward to your submissions as you learn and grow in this exciting field.

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02. Overview of the Five Elements

Contributor: Debra Hurt

The ancient Chinese derived the bulk of their understanding of energy flows from careful observation, both of the human body and of Nature. Much of their transmission of what they learned was passed from generation to generation through metaphor which was continually corroborated or adjusted by continued observation.

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Donna and David mentioned that the names “elements,” “elemental energies,” or “rhythms” could be used to describe the five “types” of energy discussed in the workshop. Another translation from Chinese for these energies is “phases.” I point this out because it may be helpful in understanding one of the basic premises of this system. Just as steam, liquid and ice are all “phases” of water, water, wood, fire, earth and metal are all “phases” of what the ancient Chinese considered to be the underlying energy of creation. Each “phase” represented a different process in the evolution of energy; whether in a simple or a complex system. And, of course, each phase would manifest in both yin (feminine, inward-turning) or yang (masculine, outward-moving) expressions.

They used the following metaphors to describe the interactions among the phases or elements in both “creation” and “destruction” (entropy or control) cycles.

The Creation or Flow Cycle (Shen):

Water flows and the Wood of plants and trees are nourished. The Wood of plants and trees fuels Fires. Fire produces ash which contributes to Earth. From the Earth spring the ores and minerals of Metal. (And here’s where the metaphor gets a little tenuous….) A Metal bowl left under the moon collects the morning Dew of Water.

And it all begins again….

The Destruction or Control Cycle (Ko):

Water thrown on Fire douses it.
Fire applied to Metal melts it.
Metal, in the form of tools and axes, chops down Wood.
Wood, in the form of living roots, breaks up the Earth.
Earth, in the form of a dam, prevents Water from flowing.

We have all observed Nature create and destroy, as necessary, so these metaphors have meaning to us even after thousands of years. They’ve been very helpful to me in understanding the relationships among these wondrously complex energies and I hope they will be helpful to you, too.

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03. Message from Donna: The Water Element

Contributor: Donna Eden

It was wonderful to have so many of you attend the 5 Rhythms class. I was pulling together some of my thoughts about how people can restore themselves and this leads directly to Water/Winter. Since this issue is about the 5 Rhythms, I thought I would share these thoughts with you.

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Once years ago when I was working on too many clients, and felt absolutely drained, a woman came in who was really needing resources I didn’t have to give. An intuitive flash brought me to the bottom of her feet where I held K-1 (I actually did the “wave”, pressing in, pulling out, pressing in, pulling out in a slow rhythm with my own body weight for quite some time). The interesting outcome was as she began to be restored, so did I.

Understanding water element helps explain why this would be. Water symbolizes the resources that support life. You don’t plant a tree (Wood) without water. You don’t start a project without the idea, the seed of its beginnings. And you have nothing to give to a client when you’ve used up your own resources, when your well is dry. K-1 is called the “Wellspring of Life” point. It is the very first point on Water element (and therefore, the first point on the entire meridian system). By getting into rhythm with it using the “wave”, both the client and I were given a surge of life force. The principle is that you would look for that primary resource by going to a Water element meridian. In this case, I went to the very first point on the very first water element meridian. Using the rhythm of a wave to communicate with K-1 (and this then reverberates to everything on Water element and eventually to the whole body), both the client and I were given a surge of energy, of life force

If this hadn’t worked, I could have instead gone to spleen (Earth) acupressure strengthening points. Earth dams water (Earth is the control cycle for Water, it helps balance Water). If K-1 didn’t get the Water/life force flowing, I would break up the dam to get the primal energy flowing again.

So there is a logical progression. Life force is low. Look to the first rhythm, Water. Stimulate. If nothing happens, go to Earth, the element that controls the balance of Water. If neither works, then you would go to the flow cycle. The flow cycle for Water is Metal. If Metal has not done its job of releasing the impurities in the energies that have come into it, then the energies that flow from Metal to Water will be polluted or blocked (it is an intuitive as well as logical process about whether you would go to the control or the flow cycle first).

Water element people often have issues about having enough energy to see something through, or enough energy to even be “out there” in the world. They must retreat like a hibernating bear in Winter to restore and build up their energy to be able to take themselves, their ideas, their gifts out into the world. Without enough resources, they can feel like they are swimming in the waters alone and tend to feel afraid, the primary out-of-balance emotion of Water/Winter. Without the resources of friends, parents, money, energy; health, they can feel deserted even by God.

Regardless of our constitutional core element, we all have the issues of Water. To examine how these issues play out in your own life, look at your support systems:

  1. Who or what resources you?
  2. Do you have all the resources you need?
  3. Do you give away your resources?
  4. Are you exhausted at the end of the day because you spent too much of your resources?
  5. Or do you give so little out of yourself that life is stagnant and does not flow like water?
  6. Do you resource yourself?
  7. Are you resourceful?
  8. What are your important resources spiritually, physically, emotionally?
  9. If someone needs more of your resources than you have, do you give your last cup of water or give from a well that’s almost dry?
  10. And what resources do you bring to the table?
  11. What is your contract with life? Water element is about ancestral and past-life energies-so there is something you know already that can resource you, that you are bringing forth.

Kidney and bladder meridians are on Water element. A way to work with the energies of the body is to focus on how these energies need to be strong and healthy to resource you. Sedating and strengthening these meridians are crucial to keeping our waterways pure. Sedating does not take power away, but relaxes and releases stress from the meridian so that it can restore in the same way that Water element people need to rest.

Here are some of the most important Water/Winter points to remember:

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04. Videotape of the Five Rhythms Class

Contributor: David Feinstein

We are pleased to announce that a videotape of the 5 Rhythms class will be available, hopefully by the end of April. We are extending to subscribers of the Energy Community Report a pre-publication price of $199 plus $4 S/H, a savings of $50.

spc8.gif (817 bytes) Orders must be submitted by April 1 to take advantage of this special price.

For more information, go to (see classes, training sequence, advanced training).

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05. Treating Low Energy By Treating “Heart Lacking”

Contributor: Maryann Beck

For several months before the 5 Rhythms workshop, I experienced such low energy that I sought conventional help from my internist. He ran 75 blood tests and sent me for c-t scans. Still there were no clues about the source of the problem. Finally, my intuitive suggestion was to check out the heart. After an echostressgram and negative findings, I knew it was time to see Donna. (Long gone are the days when I could see her in Ashland in her practice and “get fixed”).

In the workshop with 110 others, I had few expectations about a personal healing – but hoped to emerge with an insight. True to form, Donna saw my problem from the stage. She made an assessment for all to see then identified the problem as “heart lacking”. With elbows bent and palms forward, I simply had to imagine any confusion and loss as running off my little finger. After an immediate and tearful release, I walked joyfully away, my energy restored. The restored energy held through the workshop and is still strong. Though she directed me and gave me a reinforcement exercise to practice, I felt empowered to continue the work on my own…with new enthusiasm. In fact, when I got to the airport for the return trip home, I bypassed buying magazines for “mind candy”. Instead, I opened the Energy Medicine book and read deeply, as though finding more clues to a great mystery.

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06. Energy Treatment for Tinnitus

Contributor: Mary Ann Triebwasser

I’m working with someone who is dealing with tinnitus, a constant and annoying ringing in his ears. Does anyone know any energy techniques that will help this condition?

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07. Time to Spread Our Energy Wings and Fly!

Contributor: Pat Crowe

Donna’s work is incredible. I’m finding more and more how Energy Medicine integrates into our everyday lives with such grace. What I learned at the 5 Rhythms workshop is that I know a lot more than I realized, and I’m ready to spread the work. I also became aware that the advanced students are in a place of “spreading their wings”. The gathering was an indicator of that because Donna’s “kids” could hear what she had to say and say, “I know that one.” So, my insight is about growth. What a great place to be! In Jupiter Beach, David and Donna told us they wanted us to take this work into the world. It’s time for us to follow their teachings and do just that!

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08. Balancing One Element Balances Others

Contributor: Patti Kessler

I still have insights from the 5 Rhythms workshop – and probably will for a long time to come. I benefited both personally and professionally from the workshop.

I have come into my wood, which was lacking and contributing to depression that has plagued me for over a year and a half. I recognized relationships throughout my life and experiences that have been trying to bring to my attention that I was not balanced in wood. As soon as I began claiming wood and balancing this element, water and metal came into balance for me, which have been continuously going out for 2 years. What Donna said during the workshop is exactly what is happening for me – my perspective of myself and my relationships as well as understanding family members continues to expand and deepen for me AND changes the way I relate!

The advanced techniques taught Saturday night were exactly the reason I came to the class. The star diagnostic on the back and deep hookup of central and governing were techniques that I immediately recognized were what I needed for myself and to incorporate in my healing practice.

I made new friends and contacts that helped me expand in new directions. I was very lucky to experience healing work from Mary Alice Gettens – a gifted healer who was also participating at the workshop. Her amazing intuitive healing abilities were the other reason I was meant to be in Portland in February. I came home charged up, refreshed, stimulated, and excited about putting my new knowledge to work! Thanks to Donna, David, Lori, and everyone who helped bring the 5 Rhythms Workshop to Portland!

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09. Thanks and Insights from the 5 Rhythms Class

Contributor: Lila Henry

I would like to thank Donna and David and all the teaching assistants for putting this workshop on and continuing to teach. Every day I see people who need this information desperately. Some are interested in it, many are not. Only by educating ourselves and practicing will energy techniques come into general knowledge. I think perhaps energy medicine is about where yoga was 40 years ago in terms of acceptance.

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I was very impressed with all the ways in which people are using and extending this information. Art, books, games, handouts, approaches for kids — it was very empowering for me. Like, “Oh, I could do something with this!”

Personally the most important change for me from learning more about the 5 rhythms was understanding on a deep level not to take things personally. Many times actions that feel as if they are aimed at me aggressively are really only that person’s rhythm. So triple warmer can calm down.

I am curious. What season is: aggressive worrying? damming rivers? artists who can put in every hair in a picture?

Did anyone copy the comments that people put on the posters of the elements at the conference? They were really helpful.

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10. Cell Phone Radiation Shield

Contributor: Lila Henry
Donna mentioned a cell phone radiation shield that really works. Does anyone have any information on that?

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11. Bringing Energy Techniques Into My Practice

Contributor: Carol Scharfer

I thought the whole 5 Rhythms workshop was awesome. I feel especially pleased to be in an environment of healers who are open to growth and sharing ideas and problem solving techniques. I usually live day in and day out with folks who have little or no awareness of all this alternative wellness/healing information. I was so terrifically impacted by the atmosphere I have been significantly better “tuned in” to myself and others since attending the workshop.

The Five Elements Workshop clarified the interconnectedness of emotions and behavior with physiological functioning of the body. I had always before viewed energy mainly from looking at the chakras but that viewpoint was limited. In my practice the last few weeks, I have used exercises for crossing midline and doing the figure eights to help disturbed/unbalanced kids and have taught the Wayne Cook Posture to aphasic adults. I now realize that even if the client doesn’t suddenly recover speech, it is the balancing of his energy that puts him in the best possible position to benefit from speech/language therapy and to tap into his own healing energy. I have used the Wayne Cook Posture for more than two years but the 5 Rhythms workshop increased my appreciation for how it works.

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12. Cleanse and Detox the Liver with Herbs

Contributor: Stephania Livchak

I am looking for the name of that herb Donna mentioned that is good for the liver, not in the form of herbal tea but as a foot soak.

Response from Donna:

In the 5 Rhythms class, I could not remember the name of the herb that is so good for cleansing and detoxing the liver. It is comfrey. Pick it and boil it until the water is infused with the comfrey. Then soak your feet in the solution. Pierre Pannetier, who brought Randolph Stone’s polarity therapy to the United States, was considered perhaps France’s most renowned herbalist and strongly recommended soaking the feet instead of drinking comfrey as a tea. Pierre used to get so excited seeing all the wild comfrey growing in Ashland that he would frequently get me to go on comfrey-picking expeditions with him.

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13. Sept. 11 Effect on our Belt Flow

Contributor: Maryann Beck

At the Rhythms course, a participant who is also a body worker noted that since Sept 11, all but four of his clients have had belt flow problems and have profited from the belt flow exercise.

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14. Connecting a Grid Calms Triple Warmer

Contributor: Helga Holtmann

Since Donna’s Boulder workshop in October, 2000, I have been working on strengthening my energy system with Energy Medicine practices and sessions. I also lie on the earth, releasing and taking in energy, hoping to mend my grid, which probably has been out since early childhood. After this last workshop, I had a session with Shanti Duree. With amazing skill and a loving heart Shanti held the points and guided me through an emotionally painful but freeing process of grid work until it was done. What I want to share is the experience of Triple Warmer being turned off for the first time in a long time. It’s like suddenly being out in a landscape where fresh snow has fallen and everything is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. It seems I can also think more clearly.

I always leave these workshops with feelings of gratefulness for the passion, warmth of heart, and care that shines through Donna and David and everyone there.

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15. Donna and David as Models for the Elements

Contributor: Maryann Beck

At the five rhythms workshop I gained many insights by simply watching how Donna and David work with one another. They are models for fire/earth energy (Donna) being able to hold its own while working with metal/water (David). This living example of opposite energies creating a “whole” instead of a “hole” is a great inspiration and model.

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16. Great Results From Treating My Primary Element

Contributor: Dr. John La Tourrette

Donna always talks about how Spleen 21 are her points and if anything is wrong with her, thumping those points will fix her. She then always states, “and if you find _your_ points, life will be much better”.

I actually thought I knew what she was talking about, but now it’s clear to me I didn’t. What Donna has been continually referring to is the Morphogentic field that she is dominant in. Donna is primarily Fire Element and strong Earth Element. Fire/Earth Element has 6 major Meridians that are affected for good or bad by those two elements.

So, since I am not Fire/Earth element primarily, but Wood Element, the points that affect Donna are probably NOT the points that really affect me. And no matter how hard I thump Spleen 21, the results will be much less dramatic than what Donna gets.

So, what do I do instead? Well, since I’m dominant Wood Element I went to the chart and noticed Gall Bladder Meridian and Liver Meridian are my two primary Meridians. I looked at the chart of “problems” that happen to Wood Elements and saw that I had many of those problems.

Then I remembered the drill that Donna gave for the “gait” reflexes on the top of the foot that correspond to many of the Meridians, especially the Liver Meridian. When that Meridian was deeply massaged, I screamed with pain. That was a good clue to me that I needed to work on Liver Meridian. So I did. Twice a day I’ve added Liver Meridian drills and “gait” massage to my daily routine.

Increased Visual Acuity

Two days after returning from the 5 Elements conference, I had an appointment with my optometrist. I made the appointment 3 weeks ago because my vision was becoming blurry. With just three days of doing those drills, my vision is clear again and is much better than it’s been in 3 years. Down from 20/50 to 20/30, and still improving.

Increased Sexual Drive and Performance

Now the “forbidden” topic, SEX. I’ve had decreasing interest the last several years, BUT after doing the additional Liver Meridian points my sexual drive has definitely increased – so much so that my wife asked me what medication I was on. When I told her I was just massaging the tops of my feet and the Liver points under my pecks, she looked at me in disbelief. Thanks, Donna.

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17. New Knowledge Brings Up Lots of Questions

Contributor: Mary K Hausladen

During the 5 Rhythms class, Richard Duree said that the enteric system in the gut makes 80-90% of our seratonin. Wow! Never heard that before.

Questions that came up as I reviewed my notes:

It was said that crossing legs tonifies stomach. Is that just a general statement which is always true? Or does it relate to some special circumstance?

What is the test for a disconnected aura? I know that you reattach it by spinning a magnet close to the body, but what is the indication that this is needed?

When fixing a frozen meridian, how long do you hold the magnet with the metal object through the middle at each point on the meridian?

When shouldn’t you sedate triple warmer?

What is a good source to identify forbidden acupressure points?

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18. The Use of Sound in Healing

Contributor: Jeanne Nicholson

The importance of sound in healing was a big insight for me at the 5 Rhythms conference. Donna spoke about playing sound into the body at a space on the stomach – just above the Sacral Chakra. During a break Dr Sara Allen demonstrated toning on me by toning ( singing or chanting) two different tones (musical notes) into my stomach. There was definitely an intense feeling of release with the lower tone. Later when we partnered up to work the neurovasculars, my partner made a lot of “noise” with her breath and toning when she worked the lymphatics along my spine. When I asked her about it she said that she was making the noises that I should be making- so I tried it…

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What stood out for me was that the toning/sound experience is really funny and made me feel totally JOYFUL. I am just reading about and learning more about tones and healing through sound. I understand that there is a frequency and vibration to the sounds but I also think there is an enhanced vibration for the level of fun and joy experienced. As we know, disease can’t exist at the higher frequencies. I think that incorporating sound into the healing process is effective due to the potential to raise the frequencies not only through the sound but through the fun of making the sounds!

FYI there is some good free information on Jonathan Goldman’s web site: He’s the director of the Sound Healers Institute and there are several interesting articles. There is a great description of a daily exercise you can do involving specific vowel sound for each chakra. His CD “Chakra Chants” won the 1999 visionary award for best healing- meditation album. I’ve been using the CD for about a year – but only recently realized how powerful it is. I was doing some energy work at a friends house and I brought the CD with me – I checked her chakras with a pendulum and found three of them “out” or running backwards and weak. I turned the CD on and we were interrupted by the pizza delivery man. After dinner we continued with the energy work I started by checking her chakras again and I found that all of her chakras were now running good and strong. Do you think it was the pizza or the healing sounds????

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19. Upcoming Advanced Classes with Donna

June 21- 23, 2002, Hilton, Portland, Oregon

Registration: You must register early for lowest rates.

This lively interactive class is a response to your requests for “supervision-style” education. It will in part be focused around the actual cases of class participants ( if you wish, describe a tough case in writing in advance; a few that best lend themselves for learning will be among Donna’s jumping off points in teaching the class) plus there of course will be demonstrations as well as review and new information on the best pain techniques and “how-tos” for working with illness.


Required: 5-day Intro Class or equivalent in shorter classes and study plus Intermediate 5-day or the Energy Tracker class or to have viewed and practiced with at least one other person the Energy Tracker Video Program and submitted the Certificate test.

Strongly Recommended: Knowledge of how to energy test for each of the 14 meridians. There will be a class on this topic taught by one of Donna’s top students on Friday from 9 to 5, immediately preceding the workshop. Completion of the “Freeing the Spirit” class or video program is also recommended.

Where: By popular demand this class will be in a “great energy” luxury hotel rather than a more rustic setting, yet we have been able to keep the price to within $25 of the Boulder and Sedona modules ($360 includes tuition, shared room, reception, lunch, and breakfasts).

More details and registration information will be posted at by this Monday, March 11.

5-day Advanced Intensive

Where: Fabulous Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina

January 16 – 21, 2003

This will be two classes in sequence. One will be “The 5 Rhythms, Part II”. The other is still being decided upon.

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