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June 2001

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01. Letter From the Editor
02. Jo Christi Memorial
03. Memories of Jo
04. Energy Medicine Study Groups
05. Treating Frozen Muscles, Meridians
     & Acupuncture Points
06. Where To Get a TaiChin Stick
07. Meet the Asst. Director of Energy
     Medicine Institute 08. Taking on Others’ Energies
09. Music and Meridians: Reply by Debra Hurt
10. Music and Meridians: Reply by Kathy Wilmering
11. Ethics: Response to Debra Hurt
12. Dizziness While Freeing the Diaphragm
13. Reversed Polarities
14. Energy Techniques for Prostate Health


01. Letter From the Editor

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

A month ago, we sent an email to everyone who receives the Energy Community Report, asking you what you need to move ahead in your energy practice. The response has been gratifying. So many of you wrote thoughtful responses that spoke from the heart about the challenges you’re facing as you incorporate energy techniques into your lives and into your work. It has been so pleasing to exchange communications with many of you. I appreciate the opportunity to meet some of you for the first time and to get to know old friends better.

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Due to the volume of the response plus the open-ended nature of the question, we’re still plugging away to organize your responses and to decide what ECR can do to help meet some of your needs. We look forward to sharing the results and getting the Special Interest Groups up and running. Next month’s issue will be dedicated to this topic.


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02. Jo Christi Memorial

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

It is with great sadness that I inform the energy community of the passing of Jo Christi (formerly Jo Stephens), one of Energy Medicine’s biggest supporters. Jo attended both 5-day intensives in Jupiter Beach and the Sedona conference last January.

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In a testimonial printed in the Energy Medicine Institute’s newsletter last fall, Jo spoke of a lifetime of surgeries, illnesses, and broken bones plus a long list of rehab efforts of which, she said, “the best has been Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.” We who met Jo at Jupiter Beach or Sedona remember a woman who fairly glowed with optimism as she incorporated energy techniques into her daily life. When she led us all in a lively set of energysizes in Sedona, it was difficult to imagine that this vivacious woman had been bedridden for years. Stephen Hume, our wonderful video guy, made a little 4 minute clip of it. He has agreed to duplicate and ship the video to anyone who is interested for a very reasonable $15. If you’re interested, contact It’s a wonderful way to remember our Jo.


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03. Memories of Jo

Contributor: Donna Eden

Jo Christi touched my heart SO deeply. I loved “baby Jo”. I called her that because she was such a great example of a water element. I feel so sad about her no longer coming to classes, spreading her wonder and gladness for life, and just being on the planet with all of us. But I like to think of her being cradled in the embryonic energies where there is no pain.

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At the end of the April 2000 class in Jupiter Beach, Jo read a poem she’d written for the class and then handed it to me. Here’s what she wrote:

I have had my emotions calmed
My meridians cleared
My neurovasculars held
My triple warmer sedated
My lymphatics flushed
My chakras rattled
My grid examined
My spleen strengthened
My kidney’s buzzed
My strange flows found
My mind cleared and more focused
My elements explained
My electrical points held
My aura described
My rhythms charted
My energies unscrambled
My crown pulled
My alarm points turned off
My navel and third eye hooked up
My cells spindled, pinched, and stretched
And even separated heaven and earth
And I have never felt more wonderful

Jo would periodically contact me and let me know which techniques were helping her the most and she also came up with one herself that I would like to teach to all of you.

The technique starts with the Crown Pull but continues down the neck and the top of her back, pulling out to the sides from the center. She would then reach under her arms and continue the separating motion down her back, across her sacrum, and then pulling on each side of the gluteus. Sometimes she would then sit down and continue down each leg, pulling apart at the backs of her thighs, calves, and ankles.

It is actually an excellent way of making space for yang energy to release and merge with yin. As it does, the radiant energies are activated!

Let’s call this the Jo Christi technique.

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04. Energy Medicine Study Groups

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

If you belong to an Energy Medicine Study Group and would welcome new members, we’d like to hear from you! There are many ECR members who are interested in getting together for study and exchanges. We’d like to match you up, if you’re in the same geographical area.

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Send me a response and let me know the details about your group, including the city where you meet. We’ll print your info in the next issue.

If you’re not yet in a study group, but would like to be, let us know. Be sure to include your city. Perhaps we’ll find a match for you and a new study group will be born!

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05. Treating Frozen Muscles, Meridians & Acupuncture Points

Contributor: Donna Eden

Ed. Note: At the Jupiter Beach Intermediate Intensive, Donna treated frozen muscles, meridians and acupuncture points. She didn’t plan to teach us these techniques at that time, but, being Donna, she didn’t hesitate when she saw people who needed it. Diane Grant was one of the recipients of the technique. It impressed her so much that she wrote it up and submitted it to ECR. The topic struck me as an important addition to our energy toolbox. Because of its complexity, I took it to Donna to make sure it was complete and correct.

Bless that Donna Eden! She jumped in with her usual enthusiasm and worked with me to answer our questions and fill in the gaps. Thanks, Donna! This is a wonderful addition to our energy knowledgebase.

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A muscle is frozen if you get a strong response when holding first the north and then the south side of a magnet on a muscle while energy testing. Either it’s been traumatized or the energy has been stuck for a long time and has lost its positive and negative polarities. In this situation, the muscle can begin to atrophy.

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Major stress can cause this reaction as well as physical ailments. If there’s been improvement in a major stress situation, a continuance of the Triple Warmer reaction to life (going into fight or flight reaction), can result in a TW muscle being frozen. Interestingly, when a TW muscle is unfrozen, it’s not uncommon to cry as the held energy is released.

Meridians can get clogged. People draw in a lot of energy and don’t release it, so a meridian gets full. Polarities can get botched up, resulting in a frozen energy test. A frozen energy test result can be caused by problems with the muscle, the meridian or one or more acupuncture points on the meridian being “lost”. Following are the techniques for testing and treating these conditions.

Testing and Treating a Frozen Muscle

Place a small magnet on the muscle. The Muscle Meridian Chart is on page 286 in Energy Medicine.

Energy test both sides of the magnet. If strong on both sides, the energy is frozen. To treat a frozen muscle:

  1. Lay the magnet on the belly of the muscle.
  2. Ask the client to strongly resist, then energy test using a strong push for a good 10 seconds. Repeat using the other side of the magnet.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, but moving the arm (or leg) in the reverse direction. For instance, if you’re testing the spleen, after the normal pull from the side of the body for at least 10 counts, pulling hard, draw the arm far out and push in towards the body for 10 counts, pushing hard. Repeat using the other side of the magnet.
  4. Repeat the original energy test. You should get the normal response, i.e. strong on the south side and weak on the north.

Treating a Frozen Meridian

There are two possible treatments. Try the following first, as it is less work and is perhaps all that is needed.

Treatment 1:

  1. Spin the magnet both ways at one end of the meridian.
  2. Repeat step 1 at the other end of the meridian.

If that doesn’t work, it could be because of one or more “lost” acupuncture points on the meridian. An acupuncture point can get “lost”, as if it’s sunk into the body. When this happens, the point has no more electrical juice than non-points on the meridian. “Lost” points are why people sometimes don’t get benefits from acupuncture or acupressure. When tested, a “lost” point acts frozen, i.e. the response is strong or weak on both sides of the magnet.

Consider the possibility that there may be “lost” points if you are not getting a response on the meridian from other techniques you’ve tried.

You need:

  1. A small magnet with a hole in the center that you can get at Radio Shack;
  2. An acupuncture chart so you can identify the acupuncture points on the meridian;
  3. Any thin piece of metal that will go through the hole and doesn’t have a sharp (cutting) point at the end, e.g. a blunted nail or the blunted end of a fat needle. A TaiChin Stick works well (see Diane Grant’s submission for information on where to get one).

Treatment 2:

  1. Identify the acupuncture points for the meridian that needs treatment.
  2. Place a small magnet on each point, one by one, and energy test. Flip the magnet over and test. If both sides test strong or both test weak, it could be “lost”. (It also could be just locked up in its polarities, which is the frozen state. This is less of a problem than a “lost” point.)
  3. To treat a “lost” point, put the magnet on the point and put the metal or wooden stick through the hole in the magnet. Hold for 10 seconds. The metal stick acts like a laser needle and the magnet energy goes right in.
  4. Flip the magnet over and repeat step 3.

You can use wood instead of metal in this procedure. Wood is much softer and not as intrusive whereas metal’s response can be more dramatic and quicker.

Wood combines the magnet’s power with wood’s gentle stimulation. I pulse the wood or push and turn it. Its energies do not merge until they are in the body. With the TaiChin Stick or metal, they merge quickly before entering the body.

When to use which? It really depends on whether the point is utterly “lost” or frozen, and also who it’s being used on. If the person has reactive energies or an autoimmune disease I might use wood, as it allows easier adaptability.

Wood and medal can also be energy tested. Neither will harm, although triple warmer may kick in if you use metal and the body cannot adjust quickly enough. If this happens, hook up and hold TW’s neurovasculars to calm. Then go to wood instead.

The feedback people give me is that when they take a chance on which feels right to them, they begin sharpening their intuition about all energy work.

Treating frozen meridians and muscles is a wonderful gift to offer. Frozen energy often doesn’t heal itself, resulting in symptoms ranging from a general tiredness to sore or strained muscles that will not heal to an autoimmune disease. There can be surprise releases in areas where people perhaps had no idea they had a problem until it was handled — they had simply gotten used to it!

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06. Where To Get a Tai Chin Stick

Contributor: Diane Grant

Thought I’d follow-up on my request for information on where to purchase the Tai Chin Stick. Diane Viner sent me the information, which was so kind of her!

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The company that sells it is OMS Medical Supplies Inc., 1950 Washington Street, Braintree, Mass. 02184 USA 781-331-3370 or 800-323-1839. In the catalogue, the Tai Chin Stick is called a “Tei.Shin-Spring Modulator”

I would like to mention, however, that when some of us had frozen meridans in Jupiter Beach, just using anything wood or metal really did the trick. It is not necessary to have a Tai Chin Stick.

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07. Meet the Asst. Director of Energy Medicine Institute

Contributor: Jim Klopman

I’d like to introduce myself to the energy community. I’m Jim Klopman, the new assistant director of the Energy Medicine Institute.

My objective in my position with EMI is to get more research started on energy medicine and to build an energy medicine community.

On a personal level, I am a retired businessman who decided to take his life in another direction. Somehow the universe took me step by step to this position without much effort on my part. It involved an unplanned retirement, a broken shoulder and a trip to Mexico. All of this brought me to David and Donna and their very special work. I want to do all I can to help them bring their special message to as many people as possible.

In addition to my wife, Nancy, my family consists of a son, two daughters, and a redheaded stepson. I reside in Birmingham, AL but I really belong in the mountains of Utah.

I’m looking forward to doing all I can to help all those who have worked so hard before me to make this wonderful thing called energy medicine more well known and more acceptable and prevalent in our society.

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08. Taking on Others’ Energies

Contributor: Dee Kehoe

Response To: Louise Mathewson

Louise, the insight that you offered from Julie Motz was wonderfully helpful to me. I have been dancing with this issue of taking on other people’s energies for several decades now. I have often felt debilitated or sickened as I took on other people’s energies. I even backed away from bodywork completely for some years because of it.

In recent years, as I addressed my own internal fears and resistance, I have reacted with less fear and more curiosity to the experience. But your ‘recap’ of Julie’s insight was like a last crucial puzzle piece falling into place. Suddenly it’s so obvious to me! This is exactly the same dynamic that I experience as I work with people in personal growth workshops.

In that context, I have come to actually welcome those reactions for exactly the reasons you (and Julie) stated. I think of them like a treasure map, pointing to where the gold is buried. When I have a strong reaction of anger, fear or agitation with a student or another facilitator, that’s pay dirt. I have learned that this is a place to ‘dig’, to be particularly curious. It marks the spot of some old wound or frozen energy in me. And as I focus my attention there, I begin to free myself, to grow into even more of my potential. I also increase my capacity for intimacy, for more satisfying connection with others.

It makes sense that the same principles I use in relationship/personal growth work with people are also true in bodywork, in energy work. But it took reading your article to put the pieces together in a big AHA!!! Thank you!

I heard Judith Orloff (clairvoyant psychiatrist, author of Second Sight, etc) say a very similar thing. She used the example of going into a mall and feeling overwhelmed by the energies there, noting that the type of energy that we feel overwhelmed by (anger or sadness or fear) is a clue to our own unresolved issues. When she has unresolved anger going on in her life, it is the energies of anger that she will pick up in the mall.

Dr Orloff makes the very same point: once we resolve it in our own life, we will feel and recognize the energy as it comes toward us, but we will be able to let it pass right through us without distress.

I agree with you, Louise, that this is a more empowering (and more accurate!) way to look at it. I find that I no longer wish for a ‘trouble-free’ existence. I am downright grateful these days for my traumatic life experiences and uncomfortable emotions. It is in working through them that I gain the depth, insight and compassion to skillfully assist others on their own healing journeys.

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09. Music and Meridians

Contributor: Debra Hurt
Response To: Wayne McCleskey

Richard Utt has some sophisticated techniques using tuning forks on acupuncture points (and chakras) which are quite powerful. He is located at the International Institute of Applied Physiology on Michigan Ave. in Tucson, AZ.

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10. Music and Meridians

Contributor: Kathy Wilmering
Response To: Wayne McCleskey

Wayne, I have studied cross-cultural healing and music for several years with Pat Moffit Cook, who runs the Open Ear Center on Bainbridge Island in Washington. We learn this kind of info. If you’re interested, her website address is There is also a journal; info can be found at:

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I love putting music together with therapy and energy work. Glad you are also enjoying the possibilities.

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11. Ethics: Response to Debra Hurt

Contributor: Kathy Wilmering

Response To: Debra Hurt

Debra, In your discussion of ethics, I’m so glad that you discussed discernment along with intuition. I especially like the point that since intuition often has had the wound of being ignored, it may become attached to outcome with potentially painful results to people. I think sometimes in our rush to escape the bane of completely left-brained health care practices, it is tempting to unreflectively throw out the useful along with the unuseful.

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12. Dizziness While Freeing the Diaphragm

Contributor: Angela Cole

Response To: Kaelin Kelly

Here is a medical perspective on becoming dizzy when doing ‘Free the Diaphram’ exercise. That exercise is basically a ‘Valsalva maneuver’ (to hold your breath and bear down). It is used in cardiac emergencies by trained personnel to slow the heart rate and works by stimulating the vagus nerve. It basically causes a rapid decrease in blood pressure and venous return to the heart, increase in heart rate and peripheral vasoconstriction. When you exhale there is a rebound effect, the blood pressure rapidly rises to the previous level and the vagus nerve acts to slow down the heart. This can often cause bradycardia (slower than normal heart rate) and decreased cardiac output which makes you dizzy. This should pass quickly and should be OK in a healthy person. However, I wouldn’t push it if I started to feel dizzy – perhaps do it for less time and less vigorously. A healthy person who feels dizzy with this exercise may have low blood pressure or a very responsive vascular system, like a person who gets dizzy if they squat and stand up too fast. I would assume the energetic effect might be the same if you didn’t do the exercise so vigorously and sat down when you did it.

I would never recommend ‘Free the Diaphragm’ to anyone with a history of cardiac arrhythmias or coronary artery disease as it can sometimes cause more severe arrhythmias and could possibly mobilize venous blood clots if they are present.

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13. Reversed Polarities

Contributor: Chiyomi Yoshida

I have a couple of questions about reversed polarities. How do you test for reversals and what does it mean energetically if they are reversed? How does a reversal affect the energy field?

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At the conference at Feathered Pipe, Donna showed us that you correct reversed polarities by rubbing a teaspoon over the sole of each foot. Or you could stretch each foot with 1 hand on the bottom of the foot by the heel and the other hand just below the toes, then pinch the spindle cell in the middle of the sole.

I understand the treatment, don’t recall how to test for this problem (Donna tested on me and I couldn’t see what she was doing) and what it means if the test shows reversals. Your response is appreciated, as I have a client now who has this issue.

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14. Energy Techniques for Prostate Health

Contributor: Angela Cole
I have a question. What energy med techniques would be good to promote prostate health? I don’t think I’ve ever heard Donna mention anything about this.

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