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March 2001

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01. Letter from the Editor:
     Join the ECR Advisory Committee

02. Music and Meridians
03. Taking On Others’ Energy
04. The Power of The Smile
05. Hair Dryer Tip
06. Energy Medicine Parallels with
     Emotional Freedom Technique
07. Supplementing Objective Information
     with Interviewing
08. Trio of Electronic Broadsides
09. “Shushing” Triple Warmer
10. Checking Alarm Points
11. Two Reasons for My Continued Sedona Smile
12. Two Analogies to Understand How Energy Works
13. Omitted 14. Third Annual Energy Psychology Conference
15. Spot an Inch Above the Belly Button
16. Tai Chin Stick
17. ‘Healing by Intuition’
      Response by Debra Hurt
18. ‘Energy Techniques for Facial Tics’
      Response by Debra Hurt
19. ‘Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons’
      Response by Debra Hurt
20. ‘Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons’
      Response by David Sherwin
21. ‘Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons’
      Response by Estelle Voeller
22. ‘Free the Diaphram’ Causes Dizziness
      Response by Claudia Gehlhaart


01. Letter from the Editor: Join the ECR Advisory Committee

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

I’m looking for ECR community members who would like to be on an ECR Advisory Committee to plan the direction for the newsletter. We’ll put our heads together to come up with ways to make the newsletter increasingly useful to all of us in the energy community.

Meetings will be by email. The only requirement is to donate your ideas and help us process each other’s contributions. If you’re interested, click on the link above and let me know.

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02. Music and Meridians

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

I’m curious about the potential for incorporating playing my flute into the treatment process. I want to find out if particular sounds influence meridians. I know Kay Gardner and others have written about how sound influences the chakras, but haven’t run across anything about meridians or maybe even radiant circuits. I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

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03. Taking On Other’s Energy

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

In Julie Motz’ book, Hands of Life, she says we are mirrors for each other. When working on another person, people occasionally say it feels like they have taken on another’s energy. It sounds like we are a victim of our client’s energies.

According to Julie, what has happened energetically is that we have been offered a gift/mirror/opportunity to transform and be healed in an area of our energy body/physical body–an area which we were previously unaware of. It gets “stuck” because we have a block of that same energy or we are out of balance in that element/organ, etc. So if it feels like we have become depressed, sad, angry or whatever, it is because this is a person issue that is being brought up for our awareness and healing. The client then is merely a mirror for us to see what we need to work on in ourselves.

Julie also says we will just let the client’s energies run through us when we have worked through our issues, stuck energies, etc. They will not get stuck in our body because we are not blocking the energy flow. A much more empowering and certainly important way to look at our work!

Let’s keep that energy flowing by working on our own energies and thank our clients for the mirrors they provide us on our healing journeys!

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04. The Power of The Smile

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

I have recently learned the Chi-Kung practice called, “The Healing Smile” or “Inner Smile.” This practice appears to stimulate the Penetrating Radiant Flow Circuit, because it uses the two points Donna referred to in teaching this Strange Flow.

The practice: At the corners of our mouths are two acupuncture points that are activated when we smile. With eyes closed, let the corners of your mouth go up slightly into a smile, gather that energy for a few moments, then direct it to the third eye and hold for a few moments. Send that energy down to the heart and hold it there for a few minutes until it builds, then let it overflow and send it down to the lungs. Hold it there for a few minutes and then send it to the liver. Repeat the same process at the kidneys and finally the spleen. When each of the yin organs is nourished with a smile, the companion yang organ is also nourished. It is a really good feeling to smile down at your insides and I suspect it does enhance the Penetrating Flow.

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05. Hair Dryer Tip

Contributor: Debra Hurt

Dr. Jimmy Scott, developer of Health Kinesiology, has discovered that hand held hair dryers can magnetize the auric field around the head, neck and shoulders in very detrimental ways. His “quick fix” for this problem is to turn the hair dryer around and move it around the head as if you were drying your hair backwards! This reverses the negative effects. Just be careful not to let your hair get sucked into the back of the dryer; especially if it’s long!!

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06. Energy Medicine Parallels with Emotional Freedom        Technique

Contributor: Jeanne Nicholson
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The Sedona workshop was a wonderful weekend for me and I feel that I stepped up a level in my knowledge and skills.

A major “Aha” for me was when Dr Sara Allen described the visualization she uses for the throat chakra–seven dwarfs vying for the microphone–and how she sends them to their rooms and tells them we will hear their stories one at a time.

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A friend of mine lost her voice two years ago. She tried every treatment western medicine has to offer and still sounded like a duck when she talked. When I returned home I told her I needed to use her as a test subject. We did Sara’s visualization and only a partial (due to time constraints) clearing of the chakra’s. Her voice (which goes in and out on occasion) was back and normal for a whole day. I am continuing Energy treatments and we are both excited about the results.

The second “Aha” was noticing the parallels Donna’s approach has to the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that I’ve been studying. EFT was developed by Gary Craig (a Stanford engineering grad) who studied with Roger Callahan, the developer of the “Callahan Technique” in Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT identifies the energy field (meridian) a “problem” (emotion, habit, fear) is stored in and clears it. Gary’s approach comes from an engineer’s prospective, i.e. why spend hours pinpointing the location and clearing–why not simply clear them all. He has the person focus on their “problem” and clears ALL of the meridians by tapping on an end-point of each meridian. He also incorporates different eye movements and humming.

I’ve found that the different aspects of the issue seem to come up when tapping on a problem. For example, I started out tapping on the anger I was feeling toward my sister and as I was tapping I realized I was angry at my daughter and my mother, and then most of the women in my life and then anger at the role of women in this society and then “why do I have to be a woman anyway!!!”. Good issues to clear out of my system–don’t you think?

It’s interesting that when you really stop and look at the different approaches and techniques, there’s a common element: the basic truth that we store our “traumas” in our energy fields and that is where they need to be treated.

For more information on EFT, check the website The manual that explains the approach can be downloaded for free. (Can we ever have too many tools?)

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07. Supplementing Objective Information with Interviewing

Contributor: DuWayne Steele

One of the methods of information gathering that TCM practitioners rely on is the interview. I know we all do this instinctually. It is my feeling that we can gain an insight into valuable interview questions by sharing experiences.

Let me relate an example. I was talking to a potential client prior to an initial assessment. She felt diffuse pain in the upper left portion of her back. A doctor had diagnosed her with fibromyalgia. She related to me she had severe cravings for sweets. I thought that this makes sense. A craving for sweets would indicate an earth imbalance, which could affect Stomach or Spleen meridian. A possible scenario is that Triple Warmer could be hypervigilant drawing energy from Spleen resulting in an immune deficiency disorder such as fibromyalgia.

I had heard of an emotional connection to fibromyalgia so I inquired about any emotional traumas that she felt may have a connection to the pain. She told me about two incidents of severe emotional pain involving loved ones, traumas involving the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra feeds energy to the thymus which is the master immune system gland. Coincidence? Maybe.

I think it is useful to use interviewing to gain information that may be helpful in developing a treatment plan. However, it is critical not to let that information prevent you from getting objective information from the energy tests during the initial assessment. The mental affirmation, “I’m looking for the truth” seems to really help.

I feel I gain a deeper understanding of the results of the initial assessment from the interview. I would be interested in hearing other’s comments.

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08. Trio of Electronic Broadsides

Contributor: Barbara Ann O’Leary
I’ve been exploring the connections among dreaming, healing and creating in my work. I’ve launched a trio of Electronic Broadsides at (website closed)

An Electronic Broadside on Dreaming

spc8.gif (817 bytes) BUBBLING SPRING
An Electronic Broadside on Healing MANIFESTATIONS
An Electronic Broadside on Creating

The electronic broadsides feature conversations with dreamers, healers and creators; articles; resource recommendations and reviews; art, music and literature and action plans to help you deepen your relationship to the powerful energies of dreaming, healing and creating!

The March 24th issue of Bubbling Spring has a review of Donna’s Energy Medicine and some suggestions for incorporating energy medicine into the pauses between other activities in a busy life. There’s also a transcript of a conversation with Kellie Jo Dunlap about energy medicine, the BodyTalk System and healing with the power of the bassoon.

There’s also information about how I’ve been sharing Energy Medicine in the workshops I organize and with clients, etc. It’s been very exciting.

Please stop by the Earth & Sky Energies site. I look forward to hearing your response. Let me know what you’d like to see in future issues. If you have thoughts about ways you’d like to contribute, I’d like to hear them.

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09. “Shushing” Triple Warmer

Contributor: Pat Crowe

I really resonate with what Donna has been saying about our culture keeping Triple Warmer on overdrive. I find myself wanting to “shush” Triple Warmer in a very loving way. Rather than looking at what is happening in my environment and frowning, I feel like cradling Triple Warmer and gently telling it to take a break. With that insight, I don’t feel like fighting, but stroking Triple Warmer. Triple Warmer doesn’t have to be punitive, just redefined and balanced…like turning down the volume to a manageable level.

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I loved the music and dancing in Sedona. I missed Tanya. Wayne’s flute music was so soothing. I tapped it in!

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10. Checking Alarm Points

Contributor: Jackie Reed, D.C.

I’ve found that checking alarm points, and in particular Triple Warmer, is critical. Sometimes a check doesn’t show any weaknesses, but I still sense that something is not right. I’ve been checking the Triple Warmer alarm point on these people and finding it active 9/10 times. After sedating Triple Warmer, I re-check and now I can find weaknesses. The other thing I have noticed is that when checking the radiant energies, I have found most of them out initially. Then I sedate Triple Warmer and recheck the radiant energies and now there may only be one that needs correcting.

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I really got a lot of wonderful tools from Sedona and I’m gradually putting them into practice. Did a lot of healing work myself, too.

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11. Two Reasons for My Continued Sedona Smile

Contributor: Pat Butler

First, I loved Donna and David’s premise, that we are born with a natural propensity for joy which has been repeatedly trampled on by our over-taxed triple warmers. Happily, this sense of joy can be regained by rebuilding the body’s radiant energy system that we all studied during this workshop. Based on what we’d been taught about energy anatomy in earlier workshops, it made perfect sense. Huh! What a great gift! It felt as though I’d been let in on another marvelous secret, except that it’s no longer a secret, but rather a healing system with a fairly easy access code. It’s a way to transcend the “woundology” mindset that Carolyn Myss observes many people in our society use for developing emotional intimacy and friendship. How can you not love that?

Second, I felt glad to see so many of my new friends from past workshops. What a lovely network of people there are from all around the country who are learning, teaching, and practicing energy medicine “a la Donna Eden.” Each of these souls, I realized, are spreading the news of this new paradigm, and planting seeds in the social consciousness regarding the power of working with the body’s energetic blueprint. Our collective work, added to that of others working towards a similar goal, will help to bring about a kinder, gentler mode of healing that so many, including myself, seek today. We are all contributing to the birthing of this new movement, and that thought simply makes my radiant energies dance. How neat to be a part of it, right gang?

Thanks again to Donna and David for sharing these invaluable teachings with all of us.

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12. Two Analogies to Understand How Energy Works

Contributor: Sara Allen

File Cabinet Analogy

I have file cabinets in my office full of info, bills to pay, articles to read, patient charts and so on. If someone came into my office and opened the cabinets and threw all the files just anywhere, my office system would be terribly weakened. In order to strengthen my office, I would have to gather the papers, put them in the proper file and file them back in the cabinet. All the same stuff would still be there, but my office system is greatly strengthened by simply putting everything where it belongs. Then I can go to a file, pull out a problem and try to resolve it.

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This is what needs to be done early on in energy treatments. Organize the body’s energies. When someone is sick there is such disorganization in the system. Usually the body has been trying to communicate that there is a problem, however, we have a hard time understanding, due in part to how discombobulated we become when we are sick. The body speaks to us all the time; listening and interpreting its message is the problem. When we organize the energies, the problem meridian or chakra becomes very clear. Then we ask the communication center (the throat) to tell us what is causing the imbalance. Very simple. We get it. We know where to concentrate.

Letting the Energy Tell Its Story

In Sedona, I mentioned another analogy I use. This one is about 7 dwarfs, all vying for the microphone at the same time. We need to send them to their rooms and tell them they can come out one at a time and tell their stories. Then each story has our full attention and can be heard.

I have a patient who “flunked” a heart echo and was faced with angioplasty and/or open heart surgery. She had recently recovered from leaky gut syndrome, which is a condition that can affect the small intestine and can create food intolerances. She was feeling O.K. until the heart echo problem. Some chaos was noted in the upper heart and lower throat chakra, so we “sent the dwarfs to their rooms”. Her heart energy seemed fine, however, her spleen and small intestine energy were off. When the energy told it’s story, we learned that the big career decision she had to make, but couldn’t seem to decide which road to take, was upsetting small intestine. She was mildly unhappy in her work, but could not make up her mind to move on to something else. She is multitalented, with lots of great options, but was stuck in the decision process. This state of indecision was not normal for her. She had always had a clear vision of what she wanted to do but felt muddled. We worked on small intestine and spleen (don’t’ forget that heart is sandwiched between SI and SP and was probably getting a bit squeezed). She eventually felt clear and changed jobs Feb 1st. Just today, she left me a message that she passed a 2nd heart echo with flying colors. Something about being able to finally make an important decision freed up her energies. And so it goes!

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13. Omitted

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14. Third Annual Energy Psychology Conference

Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

The Third Annual Energy Psychology Conference will be held May 7-15, 2001 in San Diego, CA. Wayne McCleskey and I are doing a 2 day post-conference workshop that will include Donna Eden styles of energy work plus meridian-based work and how to interweave tapping with Donna’s approaches. It should be fun. David Feinstein is presenting Myth and the  Energy Body. There are lots of opportunity to pick up Continuing Education Credits for a very reasonable amount of money.

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The conference brochure is very explanatory and available at Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s web site – The web site will have more detail on the presentations by April.

There are over 60 presenters and a conference manual that will have handouts from all the breakout sessions and bios. There will also be audio tapes of the presentations available. Details on how to order will be available on line and at the conference.


15. Spot an Inch Above the Belly Button

Contributor: Lila Henry

On my own body I found a spot about an inch above the belly button on the inside kind of deep. When it is contracted it sends up to me messages of fear. When it is released it sends up delight, which I take to be strange flows. It also connects with the center back of the pelvis. I just released it for maybe the first time in my life. When it is unknotted I can breath freely. A little while after it released, my chest felt clear, light and spacious, also probably for the first time in my life. Does anyone know what this point is? Does it send up fear to me because I’m a winter, and it would send anger to a spring person, etc., depending on the seasons?

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16. Tai Chin Stick

Contributor: Diane Grant

Last month, Diane Viner mentioned using a Tai Chin Stick in her practice. Where can I purchase a Tai Chin Stick? I phoned all over here in Canada, including all the Acupuncture Colleges and NO ONE knows what I am talking about! So I made my own with some wood and a metal nail driver. It really worked to unfreeze my meridians but it’s not professional enough to use on anyone else. So if anyone knows how I could purchase one online or through a catalogue, I would be very grateful.

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17. Healing by Intuition

Contributor: Debra Hurt

Response To: Diane Viner

I enjoyed reading Diane’s comments and her interpretation of the frozen Central meridian.

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There is one issue that I’d like to comment on and open to discussion. It’s an issue in the ethics area. I have been writing about ethics in Energy Medicine for over five years now and try not to miss opportunities to bring up ethical areas for discussion. Diane wrote: “…then we enter the radiant channels and are set free to move into our intuitive nature and believe whatever it tells us. And Donna reassures us that we can’t go wrong here.”

Unfortunately, I have been the recipient of harm in this work and have had to deal with the “fallout” of less experienced practitioners, so I don’t agree that it’s not possible to do harm. It is a basic law of this “land of polarity” in which we live that anything that has the power to create benefit (and I think we would all agree that EM has that power) has an equal power to do harm.

I encourage everyone to develop their intuitive abilities! And to do so with pleasure and playfulness! AND DISCERNMENT. This means you engage in the work while being accountable for all that the work is capable of. To believe whatever your intuition tells you without reflection, or without a process of ongoing self reflection can be dangerous. And it can diminish the accuracy of your testing, because as soon as you get attached to “an intuitive hit,” you’re no longer testing the energy system for its innate truth, you’re asking it to verify your intuition. Who does that serve?

“For those of us who operate much of the time in this realm, it is real liberation to have Donna so strongly validate intuition.” Yes, yes, yes! I couldn’t agree more…AND …because our intuition HAS been invalidated for many of us at different times of our lives, it constitutes a wound that can have a tremendous amount of power over us if we don’t pay close attention to our motivations.

So thanks for your interesting comments, Diane, and for giving me this opportunity to keep our ethical responsibilities fresh in our minds. I would appreciate hearing comments from ECR readers about this topic.

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18. Energy Techniques for Facial Tics

Contributor: Debra Hurt

Response To: Louise Mathewson

In treating a facial tic, look to the meridians that pass through the immediate area of the tic. Often these need to be sedated. Don’t overlook Kidney.

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19. Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons

Contributor: Debra Hurt

Response To: Lila Henry

Yes, Lila, you are exactly right! The brain selects for INTENSITY not CONTENT. So if you’re suppressing emotion of a certain intensity or greater, ALL the emotions that have that intensity are suppressed, not just the “bad” ones. And that suppression creates, I believe, a limited view of the world that then modifies our perceptual biases and recreates our view of reality in a more and more limited way. The radiant circuits can give us at least a momentary respite from this confining view and restore our commitment to expanding our realities. Like the appearance of a rainbow in a dark and threatening sky!

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20. Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons

Contributor: David Sherwin

Response To: Lila Henry

Wow, Lila, I think you’ve struck the entire chord and not just one string. Nice insight. For me, your analysis rings true and also falls into the category of finding balance. We are spiritual, feeling, physical beings that are often out of balance with our own rhythms and that of our surroundings. And how can we know joy if we ignore sadness, grief, or anger. Becoming numb to our “negative” emotions also numbs us from our joy. Thanks for the thought, it has changed my day, and believe me, it needed a boost.

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21. Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons

Contributor: Estelle Voeller

Response To: Lila Henry

I just read the Energy Community Report, Lila, and am so sad to hear of your dog’s death. I recall your deep kinship with him. Please, feel free to share more of your feelings about your grieving process. It makes total sense to me that in being so open after the workshop, that you felt the grief even more intensely. I hope that you have been able to keep the flow going, and have experienced the kind of shift I was so honored to witness with you at Sedona. May your memories of your friend warm your heart and bring you peace.

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22. ‘Free the Diaphram’ Causing Dizziness

Contributor: Claudia Gehlhaart
ClaudiaGehlhaart.jpg (5787 bytes)

Response To: Kaelin Kelly

In response to the question about getting dizzy after doing the diaphragm release, I suspect it is because the amount of circulating oxygen in the system is increasing. If we have become used to lower levels often due to inadequate respiration, shallow breathing etc., when we actually get a “full load” of O2 on board, it can make us feel lightheaded. In breathwork trainings, many people experience this sensation, and it passes quickly.

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I would ask how long this effect lasts. If it’s brief, then the cause is likely the increase in oxygen or perhaps that the breath is being held too long while doing the exercise. If this is a consistent response, I would do it on dry land! No need to slip in the shower!! Doing more regular deep breathing might help reduce the effects of the light headedness.

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