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November 2000

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01. Letter from the Editor:
     Energy Medicine and Beyond

02. Letter from the Editor:
     Professional Development Issue
04. Energy Medicine in Detroit Michigan
     Masters Program
05. Sample Curriculum & Notes on
     Teaching Experiences
06. Bringing Energy Medicine Into Massage Class 07. Energy Medicine in Adolescent Psychiatric Ward
08. Using Electrical Points at Base of the
     Occipital Ridge
09. On Waiting ’til the Client is Ready
10. Can Energy Medicine Reverse Structural Loss?
11. Energy Medicine Institute Newsletter Available
12. Integrating Psychotherapy with Energy
13. I’ve seen the Grid!
14. Using Magnets For Wrist Pain


01. Letter from the Editor: Energy Medicine and Beyond

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

Oh what a weekend it was!

Twenty people from our April Jupiter Beach group joined 50 other Eden enthusiasts in Colorado in early November for ‘Becoming an Energy Tracker: Figuring Out What’s Wrong and How To Fix It’. Donna and David put together a flow chart for tracking the energies in a session. During the weekend, we moved step-by-step through the chart, pulling together the information we’ve learned in previous conferences into a comprehensive energy session. Aha! Now it’s all coming together!

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For those of you who missed this wonderful experience, there’s another weekend event coming up! In late January, Donna will teach ‘Freeing the Spirit: Energy Medicine for Countering Stress, Trauma and Negative Habits and Thought Patterns’ in Sedona, Arizona. Full information is available on the Innersource web site ( If you’re thinking about going, register soon! The event is filling up quickly.

During last weekend’s workshop, David announced that he and Donna are going to be cutting way back on their training in order to write another book. This might take as long as two years, so there is no Intermediate course in the foreseeable future. We remain the most highly trained group in Energy Medicine. What an exciting challenge we face to keep the energy fires burning and the word expanding while Donna pulls back for a while! She has carried her message almost single-handedly, with the burning desire to ‘get the message out’. Now it’s time for us to step up to the plate and keep this work growing.

How are we going to do that?

We are in a unique and exciting place right now. Our hallowed leader is stepping out of her active role for a while. How devastating for Donna if her work stops when she does! I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’ve got the knowledge, the excitement, and the spirit to pick up the baton. All we need is the organization.

So let’s talk right here, using ECR as a way to bring us together across the miles. As we state in our purpose at the end of each issue, this publication is ‘of, by, and for the energy practitioner. a place for peer collaboration among members.’ Let’s use this forum to talk, plan and dream about carrying the torch right up into the Olympic stadium!

Note. If you missed the Boulder weekend, Innersource is making a videotape available entitled ‘Becoming an Energy Tracker’. The tape will include the flowchart for tracking the energies, and will be available within 3 months. Advance orders are being taken now for $175, a savings of at least $20 over the final price.


02. Letter from the Editor: Professional Development Issue

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

In this issue, the Energy Community Report focuses on how our members are implementing energy techniques personally and professionally. A number of members responded to the ECR invitation last month by submitting descriptions of what they are presently doing (or planning to do) with their energy skills. Thanks to those who replied!

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The ECR publishes these member responses with several goals in mind:

  1. We are able to catch up with each other and are stimulated by what others are doing.

  2. Contributors benefit from hot-linked replies from other ECR members with suggestions, answers to questions, insights, etc.

  3. As a group we step back with a gestalt eye to define what kind of ‘energy professional’ is emerging among us. A necessary step in the development of any profession.

To refresh your memory, members were asked to submit a description of how they bring energy practices into their life and work: working with their families or on themselves; offering services to clients; ideas being considering for which they’d like to have member feedback; strategies for working with public schools or health organizations; a synopsis of a curriculum they’ve created; an article recently published or scheduled for publication; a copy of their ad or brochure; the contents of the dust cover of their upcoming book, etc., etc. ANYTHING that shows that they’re moving beyond being a simple consumer of energy ideas into actively creating things that work for themselves and others.

You couldn’t get to it this month? No problem. The invitation remains open at all times. The membership wants to hear from you!



Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

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Here are the innards of my new brochure in plain text. I have made a pretty version in Microsoft Publisher. Publisher does a great job with color. I’d recommend that you try out this software if you’re ready to make your own brochure.

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Balancing the subtle energies changes your life

This is a new way of working in psychology but an ancient way of working to resolve physical and spiritual disease. The origins include Chinese Medicine’s acupuncture meridian system, 5 elements & rhythms theory and India’s yogic traditions of chakras and biofields. The intention is to balance these systems and maintain that balance through the ups and downs of life. Successful balancing means that your curiosity, compassion, creativity and courage in the midst of change reaches new levels. Your core beliefs become positive and your self esteem grows resilient. Working with more than 10 systems the goals are to:

  • Identify blocks to a balanced energy system;
  • Find the energy systems out of balance around an issue;
  • Re-establish balance while focusing on the distressing situation, emotion, or negative belief;
  • Repeat the balancing process with the focus on the desired state and
  • Lock in the results.

Subtle Energy Systems

We are electrical and magnetic beings. Our western science has documented this truth. The magnetic and electrical fields are subtle and the treatment of those fields can be subtle and yield significant results. We can influence and heal those systems via direct touch, without touch using hands above the body, use of essential oils through application and inhalation, or even with thought. Thought is energy too and it produces changes in many systems of the body simultaneously. I work from the belief that the energy systems are but another major system of the body as is the skeleton, nervous, endocrine systems etc. The energy system’s interlocking sub-systems have been virtually ignored in psychology. When disturbed, the energy systems start a domino effect throughout the mind-body-spirit.

This means that psychological or physical problems can have their beginnings and solutions in the energy systems. It is the subtle energy systems that provide the basic nutrients of the whole mind-body-spirit continuum. be your own healer! I am committed to teaching you how to work with your own energy systems.

You can learn to evaluate and balance many of the subtle energy systems without my presence. Our bodies naturally heal themselves when they are provided with the assistance they need. I admit sometimes it is easier to accomplish that with an expert orchestrating the process but it may not be essential. In my work, I teach and provide healing therapy in the same session because the results grow and strengthen if you use the techniques between sessions. It is not unlike muscle building. It takes more than one weight lifting session to get strong. Also it is helpful to have a trainer with you until you are proficient at the exercises and then available on an as needed basis. This is the way I look at my role in subtle energy work. We will figure out how I can be the most helpful for you and design our relationship and work accordingly.


Stephanie Eldringhoff, M.A. is a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology national board of directors member and northwest regional coordinator, clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and Universal Life Church minister. She maintains a private practice in Bellevue and Issaquah, Washington and has a special interest in trauma, anxiety disorders, changing negative core beliefs and enhancing personal/professional success. She works with individuals, couples, families and groups. She is committed to life long learning, presently as an advanced level student of Donna Eden, author of ENERGY MEDICINE. She is the co-founder of Rapid Relief Trainings offering energy psychology trainings to psychotherapists. She offers subtle energy training in many forms. Call for a class or group brochure. She is available for public speaking engagements. Since 1996 she has been focusing on applying subtle energy system interventions in her counseling practice, integrating them with systemic, cognitive, interpersonal, object relations and hypnosis theories. Her work is also greatly influenced by 25 years of meditation practice and a focus on cultivating the present moment.


04. Energy Medicine in Detroit Michigan Masters Program

Contributor: Beverly McGurk

I introduced Energy Medicine to some teachers in the Detroit Michigan area who are in a Masters Program. They were fascinated especially with Wayne Cook and the Cross Crawl & some of the exercises to help children and teachers focus in the classroom. I was involved with a group who was writing a manual for teachers in the Detroit Public Schools and introduced some of the Energy Medicine techniques there.

I am also going to introduce Energy Medicine to some advanced Feng Shui students in October and November.


05. Sample Curriculum & Notes on Teaching Experiences

Contributor: Dorothy Jean Lamb

Until now I have been doing only stand-alone drop-in classes. You don’t have to know the meridians to learn chakras! Just last week I started my ‘5-week series’ starting from the beginning again (since I have just finished the book, well almost). I like it much better because taking one group of people through it together is more focused and continuous–and they are serious people. However, I’m continuing the stand-alone classes. Some people just can’t make a long-term commitment.

Lesson Plan for Stand-alone Drop-in Classes

  • Daily Energy Routine & other basic exercises

  • Announcements – I don’t begin with announcements because someone is always late and so they would only miss the Daily Energy Routine.

  • Topic of the class–usually a chapter in Energy Medicine but Strange Flows can be separated from TW/SP, etc. First I talk, then I explain and demonstrate the exercises from the chapter. Students then stand up and do the exercises. Then they get a partner and practice the exercises that are best done with partners. Then I go around and help them.

      • Lengths of Classes. Recently I’ve increased the time of the classes from two to three hours. I tell the students that the last half hour is just for practicing anything they want to practice. I had noticed that often people would do that anyway, especially if they got a partner who really needed something that wasn’t from the current chapter. Two hours was always a bit rushed anyway.

      • Experimenting with Practice Sessions. I’ve started ‘Practice Sessions’. However, only two people have come to the sessions. So we’ll see.

      • Pacing Sessions so Students Can Gain Mastery. The main criticism I’ve received (I always ask for feedback) is that I try to cover too much in one class. I especially go too fast with the meridians. Now I’m tracing them slowly, teaching only two (one rhythm) in each class. After awhile they will know them all. People want to go away from a class having mastered something they can take home and use. I wanted to give them something for their time and money but sometimes all they got was overwhelmed!

    I’ve found that I can’t assume people have read the chapter beforehand, even though in my email announcements I always give the chapter and the location on the videos. Many learn by doing and hearing and just don’t read the book very thoroughly.

      • Handouts. I use the handouts which I handed out in Florida. By the way, please put this footnote on them: ‘Adapted from the teachings of Donna Eden by Dorothy Lamb and presented with permission. All rights reserved. Not for resale.

    For further information about the topic, see ENERGY MEDICINE by Donna Eden or visit Probably a good idea to put that on your handouts too. I will sell a packet of handouts at the Colorado weekend with additions and updates.

      • Making Styrofoam Posters of Curriculum. I found a business that will enlarge my computer printouts and put it on a styrofoam backing, which is invaluable for teaching. So far I just have DER and Basic Exercises. But I’m planning to do neurolymphatics and neurovasculars and others. Have to check out the legality first.

      • Video Presentations. I’m starting to play a bit of a video at each class (when there is a video available) and people seem to like this. In a 2 hour class though it was difficult to find the time.

      • Group Management Skills. I’m working on my group management skills. The biggest hurdle is letting people add comments to what I’m saying and ask questions without my letting their talking get out of hand–one person taking up too much time especially with something that others are not interested in. Finding the balance is tricky.

    I’m pretty strict about bringing in other practitioners though. I’ve got my approach down pat and sometime I say it to my students: ‘I teach what Donna teaches. I’d be happy to talk to you about Carolyn Myss, Brain Gym, etc. after the class.’ When I say something that is not strictly Donna’s teaching, I identify it–‘In Polarity Therapy, the right hand is yang, the left is yin.’

      • Teaching Out of My Home. I’ve started teaching mostly out of my home, which I like. I can hold about 20 people in my living room. More outside in good weather. That way I don’t have to load my massage table into the car. I can print something from my computer. One of the most successful things I’ve done is having a potluck after Esalen and invited people who attended that to share their experiences. In the classes there often isn’t time to hang around and especially to let other people talk.

      • Outside Presenters. Linda Christian on ADD and Debra Hurt on Energy Testing were very well attended. Both of them are coming back to do longer presentations and take appointments. I’m lucky living close to Ashland. I plan to continue having out-of-town presentations.

    So there you have it. I hope I haven’t been too long winded. I haven’t made a lot of money for the time I’ve put in. But now I’m really trained, I have my lesson plans all done, and it is pretty easy to give a class with just a little review. I always watch that part of the videos and read the chapter again because I know they will hopefully be doing that also. I’m starting to give treatments too although my own health sometimes prevents that. That is when I will be making more money.


    06. Bringing Energy Medicine Into Massage Class

    Contributor: David Sherwin

    I was recently accepted into a massage therapy program at a school named ‘Healing Spirits’ in Boulder, CO and just completed my first 3 days of class! I’ve introduced the class to the 5-minute routine along with a few extra exercises from Donna’s book. Result, they are a hit. Everyone was energized after we finished and ready for more instruction. And though we only ran through the routine 2 of the first 3 days of class, two people have requested that we incorporate the routine into our daily schedule. They are hooked! I can hardly wait until we reach the Energy component of the curriculum. I have so much from Donna’s book to share with my classmates.


    07. Energy Medicine in Adolescent Psychiatric Ward

    Contributor: Tori Nethery

    My youngest sister works as a tutor on the adolescent psychiatric ward of our local hospital. I have encouraged her to offer a few of the most basic energy exercises to her kids, who range from being severely depressed to schizophrenic to the hopeless street smart angry ones. We are all so moved by the way she loves these kids and they absolutely think she is crazy when she has them doing the tibetan figure 8s and the homolateral test and exercise and the holding of the frontal neurovasculars.

    spc8.gif (817 bytes)

    One little boy who gets easily inundated is now able to immediately put his finger pads up to his nervovasculars when he gets wigged out. He wildly calls for Jackie to have her acknowledge his moment of attempting to soothe himself as he struggles. Even though the kids think this is all strange they are fascinated and you can usually see them with great curiosity in their eyes attempting the movement whatever it is.

    I’ve taught my sister a lot of the basic exercises. Zipping up has helped her tremendously. Although I am currently on retreat from my body work practice and my daily exposure to clients is minimal, it has brought me great pleasure to share Energy Medicine with my family and those who ask for my services.


    08. Using Electrical Points at Base of the Occipital Ridge

    Contributor: Tori Nethery

    I have found it meaningful to use the electrical points at the base of the occipital ridge at hands-on sessions. What has been happening for me as I hold these points is that important information for that person has been revealing itself. I just sink into those points for however long or short feels right and as in my experience with certain cranial moves the images and information forms into words in my head. Usually simple but very pertinent for each person. I have yet to hold those points for a really long time to totally log into the person’s electrical system but this experience that I am having is really sweet and important.

    spc8.gif (817 bytes)

    I usually pose the words that I hear in the form of a question or inquiry that very gently offers an opening and sinking into the deeper realms of what it is that their body is calling for.


    09. On Waiting ’til the Client is Ready

    Contributor: Linda Palmer

    As you well know, Energy Medicine is an integral part of my daily living. It continues to feed and improve my energy level, providing me with the strength and well-being I need. This month I’d like to share the following experience.

    I have a good friend and neighbor who suffers from anxiety and who doesn’t trust any of the alternative/holistic method. The other day while visiting and relating a story that obviously caused her great anxiety, I convinced her to try the Wayne Cook. To her surprise she immediately felt calm and asked me for more information. Today she has Donna’s book and often calls asking questions. The moral of the story… try one modality at a time and allow them to discover the benefits. It feels terrific. It’s like watching your own child discovering the world. It brings a smile to one’s heart and soul.

    Linda Palmer, Publisher and Editor-in Chief
    Natural Awakenings Magazine, Miami Florida


    10. Can Energy Medicine Reverse Structural Loss?

    Contributor: Teresa Giacomini

    I have a client who has had bone removed from her collar bone and is suffering from a lot of pain, losing strength in her arm and is extremely fearful of losing the use of her arm. I have been working mostly on an emotional level with neurovasculars and trying to improve energy flow of the meridians in the arm. This work is valuable, but I am uncertain about what to do about the structural problem.

    Can energy medicine reverse the effects of this loss, which includes loss of normal muscle attachment and function? My gut tells me yes, because I believe that consciousness is causative. Any ideas about how to approach this problem?


    11. Energy Medicine Institute Newsletter

    Contributor: David Feinstein

    This inaugural issue of the Energy Medicine Institute, dating back to Spring 2001, is a classic with a wealth of information that is still as relevant as it was when it was first published. This exciting and professional publication contains ‘Dialogues with Donna’, a guest column by John Thie entitled ‘Touch for Health Founder’, and submissions by our own Jo Christi (formerly Stevens), Sara Allen and Teresa Giacomini. The first newsletter (2001) can be downloaded here.

    The Newsletter has evolved into the Energy e-letter, published by Innersource but with continued support from EMI. EMI no longer has the membership category described in the 2001 Newsletter — anyone may subscribe to the Energy e-letter for free.


    12. Integrating Psychotherapy with Energy Medicine

    Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

    I am having fun in my psychotherapy practice integrating Donna’s work with the Energy Psychology that I had fairly well in place before I started studying Energy Medicine. These approaches are soulmates in my opinion. Often when one modality isn’t working the other will loosen up something else, and it all begins to flow once again. Clients find it is so empowering to have something they can do at home that really helps.

    I use it daily in my own life and find it immensely helpful. I find when I regularly treat the little irritations, anxieties, fears, etc. that life just goes more smoothly, and the BIG crises seem not to happen anymore. Hmmm. I have a morning energy routine that I do along with the chi machine that includes the basic ‘keep your energies humming’ routine, separating heaven and earth, and checking my chakras to make sure all is well there. I do some electrical points I got from Sandy Wand on a visit to Ashland where I had a treatment from her. I would strongly recommend that if anyone gets anywhere close to Ashland, that you make an appointment to see Sandy. WOW!

    Editor’s Note. Perhaps we can hear from Sandy next month.


    13. I’ve seen the Grid!

    Contributor: Diane Viner

    I was recently working on a client, doing a mental treatment–a la reiki–and I saw thick cords tying her to traumatic past life events which were surfacing and causing her a lot of pain in this lifetime. It seemed that I needed to cut the cords, which I did with white light, and when I did so I began to see gridlike sheets lying down one on another, along her spine.

    After the session I was quite excited at having seen a grid for the first time! I realized what I was seeing with this person was probably a grid damaged from past life trauma, perhaps, and also as an infant she fell out of a window and she was probably saved by the grid taking the blow. I don’t feel the work has held or fully repaired the grid and would also love to know more work that I could incorporate with her now.


    14. Using Magnets For Wrist Pain

    Contributor: Louise Mathewson

    I have used Tectonic magnets, sold by Magnetherapy Inc., for wrist pain from sitting at the computer and for other painful muscle problems. The relief is incredible! I think these are the kind of magnet (unipole) that Donna recommends. The brochure reads, ‘They send forth a negative (unipole) field that counteracts the positive fields associated with pain. I would be curious to know if they are the kind Donna recommends. I have had very good results with them.

    Contact them at: 1-800-625-9736 for a catalogue. I believe they are located in Riviera Beach, Florida.

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