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October 2000

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01. From the Editor:
     Welcome to the Energy Community Report

02. Becoming an Energy Tracker:
     An Invitation to Boulder
03. Donna Eden’s Responses to ECR Questions:
     03-1: Comfort Care in a Hospice Residence
     03-2: Best Books on the Basic Grid
     03-3: Holding the Main Neurovascular Points
             for Relaxation

     03-4: Straightening Crooked Teeth:
             Any Advice For Me?

     03-5: One System, Many Points of Access
     03-6: Can Sedating Triple Warmer
             Too Long Cause Depression?
04. Can Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long
     Cause Depression?   Response

05. How Do You Get Energy Techniques
     To Last? Response

06. Integrating Thought Field Therapy with
      Energy Medicine. Response

07. Figure 8’s Over 2nd and 3rd Chakras
08. Calming Results with Holding Neurovasculars
09. Feedback on Energy Community Report
10. Third Annual Energy Psychology Conference –
     May, 2001


01. From the Editor: Welcome to the Energy Community Report

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

The second issue of the Energy Community Report has turned out even better than we had hoped for this early in the process. We’re pleased to have heard from so many contributors. Your submissions stoke the energy fires!

It’s our privilege this month to include a response from Donna to comments and questions posted last month. She surely won’t be able to reply every month or in so much depth, but we are grateful for this month’s stellar contribution. Thanks from all of us, Donna!

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02. Becoming an Energy Tracker: An Invitation to Boulder

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

Donna Eden is presenting a workshop in the Boulder, Colorado area the weekend of November 3-5 entitled “Becoming an Energy Tracker: Figuring Out What’s Wrong and How to Fix It.” The workshop will be followed by a study group on Sunday afternoon and group recreational activities on Sunday night and Monday. Details and registration form are available at

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Les and I would like to offer free lodging for those who would like to attend and want to keep the cost down. We have some extra beds and lots of room for sleeping bags. We’ll provide transportation to the workshops, plus a trip into Boulder if there is sufficient free time.

If you’re planning to stay at the Westin Westminster, there is comfortable and regular bus service from the Denver Airport that drops you off a mile from the hotel and costs just $8. Email me and I’ll send you the schedule and details.

Let us know by October 25th if you’d like to take us up on this offer.

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03. Donna Eden’s Responses to ECR Questions
Author, Energy Medicine, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1998

Contributor: Donna Eden

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Energy Community Report! It was so gratifying to read your first newsletter! I want to support every one of you in the important ways you are taking this work forward, personally and professionally. Things have become so hectic and my desk is piled so high that I won’t usually have the luxury of writing like this, but I am moved by this first issue to respond to some of the specific questions and comments.


03-1. Comfort Care in a Hospice Residence – Response

Jori Batcher reported on her “incomplete success with acupressure holding points for pain.” If you aren’t using the muscle meridian chart on page 286 of Energy Medicine, it may be helpful to locate where the pain is on that chart. If sedating the meridian doesn’t work, try following the sedating with strengthening. This brings a rush of fresh energy through the area. Also locate the muscle on this page that is associated with the area of the pain, go to the belly of that muscle and do a slight pinch (“spindle cell pinch”) and then stretch the area. Finally, look in the section of the book that describes the use of magnets in working with pain.


03-2. Best Books on the Basic Grid – Response

Regarding Stephanie’s frustration with not knowing the basic grid, we empathize! We are trying to figure out a date for an advanced module on the Grid which will be limited to about 20 people. We know the place, tucked away partially up Mt. Shasta. We are booked over a year ahead now, so it may not be able to fit in before the fall of 2001, but know this is a pressing priority for us.

Stephanie, you are going to be great with Grid Work. I am at least going to send you the grid points which, if you hold them as in a “cloacal correction” (as described in the papers I will send), it can jump start or recharge the grid system. Sometimes this will be enough, and it will never do harm. You can experiment with this and report as much as you want in a future Energy Community Report (this is too advanced to put into our upcoming EM Newsletter).


03-3. Holding the Main Neurovascular Points for Relaxation – Response

Jyoti Rawlinson expressed her frustration with the client who can’t relax. I’m assuming that in addition to what you mentioned, you’ve also done the hook-up with him. His energies may be frozen. Sometimes “unfreezing” the triple warmer muscle on the bottom of the scapula, teres minor, finally will relax a person. Briefly, hold one side of a magnet against teres minor, and then the other, while performing the spleen test. If it shows strong on both sides, it is frozen. Recall that in the April (intermediate) 5-day intensive at JBR, I taught how to use magnets to unfreeze frozen muscles and frozen meridian energies. If you do not remember this, perhaps someone else in the community has good notes on it or can review the tapes.


03-4. Straightening Crooked Teeth: Any Advice For Me? – Response

Kelly Dunlap wrote about the dilemmas for a wind instrument artist when wanting to straighten crooked teeth. Kelly, I have worked with children to help straighten their teeth without needing braces. For the most part, it involved sedating and strengthening the acupressure points (see page 287 in Energy Medicine to know which meridians go with which teeth). No adult has come to me with this problem. If I see you down the road at a class, we could test which meridians might be involved and formulate a plan, but you can also experiment.


03-5. One System, Many Points of Access – Response

Pat Crowe made a great comment about coming to realize that energy is systemic, can be accessed through different channels, how she can use different vehicles which affect various systems simultaneously. I really liked that observation. And then she mentioned how David appeared tired after a certain point in the thought field work. I wasn’t there, but I would imagine that what the energy psychologists call a “reversal” probably occurred at that point, which might be something to watch for.


03-6. Can Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long Cause Depression? – Response

Kaelin Kelly wondered about whether holding triple warmer sedating too long can throw someone into depression, and also commented on John Diamond’s take on thyroid and depression. Yes, it is possible that sedating triple warmer too long can cause depression if it is not balanced with strengthening spleen. Triple warmer is a powerful and assertive life force, and if you take that assertion away by holding its weakening points for too long, without harmonizing it with its balance, spleen’s life force, depression may result. But hey, at least you are getting results! But you might also consider that it may be time to lay off triple warmer and just start strengthening spleen. Anyway, experiment. Another possibility for you Kaelin, just knowing your energy, it may be that stomach needs to be sedated for short periods of time instead of triple warmer. Stomach is spleen’s mate on Earth’s rhythm. We’ll be looking forward to reading in one of your next issues what comes of this. And yes, the thyroid is considered to be governed by triple warmer. I believe that it is actually governed by the balance of spleen and triple warmer because you can strengthen the thyroid by strengthening spleen. I do, however, disagree with John Diamond about depression being the predominant negative emotion of the thyroid. Depression actually belongs more to large intestine, but still depression can come about by triple warmer and spleen both being weak. And, yes, yes, please “listen to the body” rather than do the “recommended” anything. That is what this is all about.

By the way, I will be summarizing the treatment of depression in the “Dialogues with Donna” column of the second issue of the Energy Medicine Newsletter. Sending all of you guys my love! David’s too! Love, Donna

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04. Can Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long Cause Depression?

Contributor: Beth O’Boyle


Regarding your problem with sedating triple warmer to the point where you felt depressed, my understanding is that it’s possible to take yourself past the place where you need to be. When holding strengthening/sedating points, I only hold them until I feel a pulse, or until the client sighs or takes a deep breath. That’s the signal I go by. Our body has an amazing innate wisdom in reestablishing homeostasis, or balance, and it doesn’t take long for it to connect. I would probably use the sedating points for a short time, but more frequently, if you seem to get overwhelmed quickly.

The other exercise that I find to be helpful is Separating Heaven & Earth. Just seems to put life back into perspective. You can also use the Bach Flower Essence Elm, which is great for the person who is usually capable and handles life well, but from time to time gets overloaded. Two drops in a small glass of water and sip.

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05. How Do You Get Energy Techniques To Last?

Contributor: Beth O’Boyle


I can certainly sympathize with your experiences with the client who has insomnia. When I have a client who seems resistant to change, I’m learning to ask them what they’re willing to do to get better. Sometimes there’s an underlying benefit that they’re receiving from being stuck – i.e. – sympathy, friends & family coming to their aid, an “excuse” perhaps for the massage that they don’t feel they should take time for.

You might try asking what they’re getting out of the insomnia (benefit). If there’s an unqualified “I’ll do anything to get past this and it’s not doing anything for me” and you feel like you’ve exhausted the energy work, try this.

As a Registered Practitioner for Bach Flower Essences, I frequently combine them with the other energy work I do. Cherry Plum is an essence for the person who has control issues. White Chestnut would be helpful if there’s a lot of mental chatter and the mind is too busy. The key with flower essences is defining how the personality has gone off the track. You could also use essential oils with Donna’s energy work. I use a therapeutic grade oil only (Young Living) and have had great results.

Ed. Note: we’re planning to include opportunities for our members to hang out their commercial shingles and tell us about the products and services they offer. This process will be formalized in a future issue.

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06. Integrating Thought Field Therapy with Energy Medicine

Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

Response To: Pat Crowe

I’d like to respond to Pat Crowe’s comments, talk further about the David demo in Jupiter, and describe what I am up to in integrating energy meridian psychology techniques (tapping meridian points) with work among other subtle energy systems.

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As regards Pat’s comments – certainly no criticism is taken by me. We are on the frontier and we observe many things and those observations have different meanings to each of us. Further, we are all busy making this work our own and that is quite an adventure. I applaud how Pat is integrating with Thought Field Therapy.

As to the particular demonstration with David in April at Jupiter, I regret the tag team approach and the timing of the presentation. I think demos tend to be a better learning tool for the audience than the most effective healing for the volunteer. On the other hand, I see David’s reaction quite typically in my integrated approach to subtle energy systems. After working with folks, they often report needing to go home and take a nap or go to bed early. They often have lots of dreams for a few nights. I suspect folks are integrating at multiple levels. I guess I understand David’s response differently – yes he was tired and he was finally relaxing and releasing. My energetic read on it was that he was reaching resting brain wave patterns. I don’t always see energy but I do feel it. My experience was of David out of touch with some playful aspects of himself – a kind of clinched feeling in the heart and rushing in 2nd and 3rd chakras. It would be interesting to gain his perspective on the demonstration. It had been planned for him to comment on the process the next day but it did not happen.

More generally on integrating the approaches, I am becoming less enthusiastic with the tapping interventions being used alone. I find over and over again that to make significant lasting headway on trauma, negative life beliefs, instilling positive life beliefs (the more complex and inter-woven life patterns/reactions) it requires working with multiple systems. Further the process requires a release/relief segment and then an instillation of an alternative/more life giving belief, feeling, remembering other aspects of relationships….whatever. Also I find that ending all work with checking for alarm point activation, holding neurovasculars, zipping up both Central and Governing Vessels and finally the Crown Pull is essential for the work holding.

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07. Figure 8’s Over 2nd and 3rd Chakras

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

While walking/jumping on my mini-trampoline one day last week, an idea popped into my noggin’ that I want to share with you all. The idea/message was to use both hands making figure 8’s in front of my 2nd and 3rd chakras. These 2 chakras had been giving me some trouble that day after eating something that didn’t agree with my digestive system.

I weaved small circles first (the size of my frame), then once in a while wove bigger 8’s to vary the movement, working back down to smaller circles. Periodically, I rested my arms as needed. The problems disappeared! I have a sense that the 15 minutes of weaving the energy of these chakras helped me to process something internally that I was having trouble doing at an emotional or other level because I was not even aware of an inner imbalance. As ever, I remain amazed at the power of energy work, movement and most important, listening to our inner voice!

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08. Calming Results with Holding Neurovasculars

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

One day late last spring I was working with a group of children who have lost a loved one and participate in a local hospice group for grieving children. One little girl who had been sexually abused by a relative would come into group full of uncontainable energy, causing her to be disruptive. This day she crawled under the table and I met her at the other end, suggesting that she hold her forehead and the back of her head. Then I was moved to hold it for her. After 30 seconds or so, she said to me, “I am starting to relax.” I held for a while longer, till she said,” I think I am calmer now and can go back. When I come here, seeing those boys gets me all riled up.” She went back to her seat and remained calm during the remainder of the group. The other facilitators and myself were truly amazed at how significant her behavior change was!

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09. Feedback on Energy Community Report

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

“Bless you for you time and effort in launching this wonderful newsletter. I’m grateful for it, and will use it as a resource. You may recall from the Jupiter workshop that I was hesitant to be on the list for this out of concern I wouldn’t be able to do my share of contributions with questions and responses, etc. Well, I just got a computer at home, cause I really do hate to miss any of this good information.” — Pat Butler

“What a treat it was to read the first newletter and to experience the interactive format!!! GOOD JOB!!”
— Tori Nethery

“I am so excited that the newsletter is up and running.”
— Stephanie Eldringhoff

“The newsletter looks great! I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into it.”
— Beth O’Boyle

“The newsletter is very very very wow!!”
— Margie Andre

“Congrats on the first issue! I’m sure people are finding it valuable.”
— David Feinstein

“Great newsletter you guys! A lot to read! It will be interesting to see how it develops.”
— Louise Mathewson

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10. Third Annual Energy Psychology Conference – May, 2001

Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

The Third Annual Energy Psychology Conference will be held May 7 – 15, 2001 in San Diego, California at the Hyatt Regency Islandia. May 10-12 is the main conference with the preceding and following days reserved for more in-depth workshops. The brochure will be out in December. If you are interested in receiving more information or applying to present at the conference, you can email ACEP at

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