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August 2000

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01. Letter from the Editor:
     Welcome to the EC Report

02. Visions and Insights From Members
03. Comfort Care in a Hospice Residence
04. Sedating Triple Warmer Has Become
     an Old Faithful

05. What Are the Best Books on the Basic Grid?
06. Upcoming Advanced Training from
     Donna Eden

07. Teaching with Love:
     Reflections on Donna’s Style

08. The Daily Energy Routine – Extended 09. Holding the Main Neurovascular Points
     for Relaxation

10. How Do You Get Energy Techniques To Last?
11. Straightening Crooked Teeth:
     Any Advice For Me?
12. One System, Many Points of Access
13. Integrating Thought Field Therapy with
     Energy Medicine
14. Can Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long
     Cause Depression?
15. Letter from Technical Editor:
     How the Group Works


01. Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the Energy Community

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

Welcome to the first issue of the Energy Community Report! We’ve established this name to reflect the publication’s distinct nature. It’s not a newsletter, traditionally a one-way street of information, but more like a good conversation, a two-way sharing. Similar to a bank statement, it’s a monthly report of what’s happening with our members and what’s on their minds.

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Typically when you subscribe to magazines, your role is one of reader–if you take the time to pick up the publication from the pile. Your role with this group is quite different. You’re a member of a group of committed people who are doing innovative things with body energy. And membership comes with privileges. Oh sure, you can ‘just read’ if you want, but wouldn’t you rather be a part of a lifeline where you can call on your peers to ask for assistance, to share tips and tricks, to brag about what works, to improve everybody’s energy work? The Energy Community Report is our way of keeping up with each other, a basic requirement for any collaborative efforts.

Now it’s your turn. Consider each paragraph below as a personal request from the author. Jyoti has appeared at your door looking for your advice. Stephanie is getting in touch with you to ask your help in finding relevant books. Pat is excited to share a recent experience. You have related experiences? Click on their email address and talk to them when you feel moved to speak. And be sure to send a copy of your email to so we can include your best in next month’s report to the group.

No, this publication is not a newsletter. And you’re not just a passive subscriber. You’re a member of this elite group of practitioners, with all the rights and responsibilities of membership.

Let’s hear from you!

This month we’re focusing on insights and impressions from Donna Eden’s 5 day Intensive on Energy Medicine in April in Jupiter Beach Florida as well as our questions and comments as we implement this wonderful body of work into our professions and into our lives.

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02. Visions and Insights From Members

These words from Jyoti, Diane, and Sara set the stage very nicely for our group’s reflection on the April conference with Donna and for our hopes to continue that spirit through this monthly report:

Ed. note: Sara Allen is attending the Energy Medicine intensive in Montana this week with Candace, her partner at her clinic. We look forward to hearing her latest insights and ahas in a future report.

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03. Comfort Care in a Hospice Residence

Contributor: Jori Batcher

Working as a nurse in our 6 bed Hospice residence, I have many opportunities to use some of the techniques learned at our workshops. We have a Comfort Care day once a week. Practitioners volunteer their talents to our residents: reiki, massage, reflexology, healing touch, therapeutic touch, and touch with oils. The work and results are documented. It has been wonderful to note the benefits residents receive from the one-on-one with volunteers.

As for my own use of techniques from Energy Medicine, I would say that I use the neurovascular points the most. We teach residents and families to hold the “oh my God” points for anxiousness. In seconds they see the ease come about.

I’ve worked with acupressure holding points for pain, but not with complete success. For example, when there are many different areas of pain, it seems one is relieved and another presents.

I also use counter clock wise rotation over painful areas while I am speaking to a patient about their pain and their options. If the mindset is there for pain medicine though, usually that is what it takes. Probably a course in Touch For Health would improve my skills using acupressure points.

A friend and co-worker has taught self care techniques from Energy Medicine at the monthly staff meetings. They have been well received. The hospice doctor has a copy of the book and is tolerant of our alternative methods. But her favorite saying is “more medicine, more often”. Toni, my co-worker, and I dream and scheme about one day having available to those so choosing a conscious death, a safe place for that. In love and peace we go.

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04. Sedating Triple Warmer Has Become an Old Faithful

Contributor: Jyoti Rawlinson

Using the holding points in sedating triple warmer has become an “old faithful” technique. Sometimes I feel I do this more for myself, since I’ve noticed time and again how this works on me as I hold the points on someone else. In general I’ve found myself more likely to keep using the techniques that I can easily slip into a massage session without requiring an interruption in the flow, so energy testing does not always play a large part in my work, unless the client has requested a session purely in Energy Medicine.

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05. What Are the Best Books on the Basic Grid?

Contributor: Stephanie Eldringhoff

I want to learn more about basic grid since I have seen problematic grids with several clients and positively tested for the grid problems existence on a number of occasions. I also have found that the grid problem will temporarily clear with a combination of chakra and meridian work when that work is based on the client free associating as I do that work and continue with instilling a positive life belief. BUT the grid problem re-emerges by the next time I see the client. So I want to read up on the basic grid. Where do I go?

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06. Upcoming Advanced Training from Donna Eden

Information at

Donna will be teaching two weekend classes for people who have attended a 5-day or its equivalent.

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“Becoming an Energy Tracker: Figuring Out What’s Wrong and How to Fix It”, Boulder, CO, November 3 – 5

“Freeing the Spirit: Energy Medicine for Countering Stress, Trauma, and Negative Habits and Thought Patterns”, Sedona, Arizona, January 26 -28

Both workshops will be held Friday night through Sunday morning. Information will be posted on the Innersource web site soon.

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07. Teaching with Love: Reflections on Donna’s Style

Contributor: Diane Grant

‘Teaching with Love’ was the experience that stands out for me in Jupiter Beach. I cannot express in words how beautifully we were shown everything we needed to learn. During class time, following class time, during sessions–just all the time–I felt so much love flowing to everyone from everyone. So I thank you all for sharing your gifts and your love. It was so very healing for me and it has shown me so much. I really cherish and honor all of your spirits and I look so forward to seeing you all at the next Energy Medicine course!!!

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08. The Daily Energy Routine – Extended

Contributor: Pat Crowe

I have been using the energy routine almost daily. I have found that my energy level has improved, and my stamina as well. Also, I have added a few extra steps to help me along with my insight and intuition: Separating Heaven and Earth, Figure 8’s, fluffing my aura, and the beltflow exercise.

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When I find myself procrastinating, I tell myself this is for my health and well being, and I need it to be strong for helping others. Just recently, I was at a large Native American gathering where a lot of ceremony was happening. The women needed stamina and strength. I showed them the 3 thumps, and they were delighted to use them.

I have been practicing and stretching my new skills. I am starting a practice using energy psychology (Thought Field Therapy). Actually, I teach my clients the energy routine in addition to the TFT. They seem very open to it.

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09. Holding the Main Neurovascular Points for Relaxation

Contributor: Jyoti Rawlinson

The main issues being dealt with among my clients are outstandingly stress-related, so I find myself, without even thinking, beginning many sessions by holding the main neurovascular points for stress on the frontal eminences. In fact, when the front and back of the head are held simultaneously, a very beautiful relaxation into the moment happens (for both myself and the client) and we set the tone for how we are to proceed with the session. Many times someone walks into my session room talking nineteen to the dozen, bringing with them all manner of tensions, grievances, fears. Almost without fail, when my hands find their place on these points, there is a wonderful sigh of relaxation, and suddenly the charge has gone.

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10. How Do You Get Energy Techniques To Last?

Contributor: Jyoti Rawlinson

I would like some help. I have one challenging client with whom I’ve worked for a year. He is a chronic insomniac (had a slight degree of success with stroking inside the arms and sedating TW) and very much a controlled, mind-stress type of person. No matter which energy medicine techniques I try with him (and I have tried most), there has never been any kind of major change. I feel like I’m slowly chipping away at something set in stone. I sometimes feel like I could hold his frontal eminences for the whole session and he’d be straight back with his problems the minute I let go. He fights relaxation as though it’s his birthright.

Anybody have any ideas?

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11. Straightening Crooked Teeth: Any Advice For Me?

Contributor: Kellie Dunlap

I was just to the dentist for my semi-annual cleaning, and we had the usual conversation about me having orthodontics done. Due to my trade, anything in my mouth other than the natural stuff would more than likely put me out of business. I recall Donna talking about teeth at the workshop, but no specifics were given. I thought that “how to straighten crooked teeth” may be a subject for this group. Any advice?

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12. One System, Many Points of Access

Contributor: Pat Crowe

My biggest ‘aha’ from the April seminar is that this work is systemic. It reaches numerous levels and can be accessed through several channels. The fact that the energy responds systemically is pretty powerful to know, as it means I can use different vehicles for healing and effect various systems simultaneously. How efficient!

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13. Integrating Thought Field Therapy with Energy Medicine

Contributor: Pat Crowe

My second ‘aha’ came when I witnessed David’s Thought Field Therapy session that integrated Donna’s work as well. I was in awe as I saw how the team used different assessments. They asked his body which system to work on, i.e., etheric, meridians, chakras and neurovasculars. When they found which ones to work on, then they asked in what order. Then they went to work.

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I watched Stephanie clear his chakras and do figure 8’s in a way that fascinated me, as she would be clearing and balancing 2 chakras simultaneously. Then she connected 2 chakras together with figure 8’s. Fascinating! Then, they worked on his meridian system using TFT. I found that useful, however, as a footnote, I think it was overdone. I think they team went beyond what needed to be done and David appeared tired. I could understand their enthusiasm, but I think they weren’t tuned into what David needed…to stop. The good news is that with the work they did on the first 2 systems, the other 2 were corrected and didn’t indicate they needed work.

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14. Can Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long Cause Depression?

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

So many of the energy techniques have begun to fall into place for me, but none more than the meridian work. Sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen has become a standard practice at the first sign of overwhelm.

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I’m trying to determine the healthy respect I need to have for this technique. Recently, my husband held my triple warmer sedating points for quite a while, as I asked him to continue as long as I felt a lot of energy movement. We did not strengthen spleen that time. About three hours later, I fell into a deep depression which lasted about 12 hours. I don’t recall Donna making a connection between triple warmer and depression, but John Diamond (Life Energy) calls depression the predominant negative emotion related to the thyroid (triple warmer) meridian.

Sedating is removing excess energy. Could we have sedated so long that it threw me into a deficit, resulting in depression? Is it wise to stay with the recommended holding period for strengthening/sedating or is it okay to listen to the body? Any opinions on whether there was a connection between the sedating and the depression?


15. Letter from Technical Editor: How the Group Works

Contributor: Les Squires

  1. Speak when you feel moved to speak. Speak authentically from your own experiences. Above all, think of yourself as writing a personal note to an individual, rather than the whole group.

  2. Copy Be sure to send a copy of your email to us so we can capture significant points of conversation for the group. Keep in mind that your copies go only to the editors, not to the entire group. The editors will then boil down everything into a suitable monthly report.

  3. New Threads. If you’re interested in something that goes off in a whole different direction, create a “New Message” in your email browser and send it off to Who knows when a single comment might be so insightful as to take our group off in an entirely new direction!

  4. Personal Resource. Use the group as your personal resource. Ask! Prod! Be generous! Any topic that benefits you will likely benefit the group. Questions may involve any aspect of the energy practitioners profession. They need not be limited to energy issues. They can involve how to starting a business, how to run your practice, billing, taxes, etc.

I look forward to working with you!

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